Chapter 45 : Patron, Please Keep Me (25)

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Xi Mo hadn’t expected this. He went into a mild trance staring at those pictures. Though he knew that Xia Xuan wasn’t as kind as she portrayed herself to be, he had thought it was just because she was as arrogant as other children of rich families. He had never even entertained the thought that she might be a murderer.

“President Xi, Chairman Xi is calling.” His assistant brought the phone in, his tone careful. ‘The boss is scarier now than he was before.’

Xi Mo shut the laptop forcefully before taking the phone from his assistant’s hand. “Dad.”

“Hold a press conference. Announce that your engagement with Xia Xuan is off.” His tone was very hard and unyielding. “I don’t care what you’re trying to do but right now, Xia Xuan cannot be your fiancée. Do I make myself clear?”

“I understand.”

Xi Mo hung up, his expression slightly dark. “Go and arrange for a press conference.”

#Dongfang Entertainment’s CEO Declares A One-Sided Dissolution to His Engagement with Xia Xuan. Does This Mean Xia Xuan Really Has Killed Someone Before?#

The moment the news came out, Xia Xuan called Xi Mo.

Xi Mo didn’t even look as he turned off his phone. He could only give up on Xia Xuan. Dongfang Entertainment was at a critical junction so he could not ruin his plan for Xia Xuan.

Xia Xuan didn’t dare to go out. There were reporters and angry internet users waiting for her outside. If it hadn’t been for the fact that the security measures in the little neighbourhood she was staying in were good, those people would have probably charged in by now.

But Xia Xuan wasn’t the only one staying there. Other celebrities were too. With so many people crowding the place, they were inconvenienced whenever they entered or left.

In the end, the police had to start investigating.

Ding dong! Ding dong ding dong!

The sounds of a doorbell being pressed repeatedly could be heard. The people in police uniforms outside the door cast a look at each other. They went to get the property owner to open the door.

The moment the door opened, a bloody stench assailed their nostrils. Xia Xuan, who was wearing a strapped nightgown, lay on the sofa with one of her hands hanging off the side. On the wrist was a long cut. Fresh blood trickled down her fingers to drip on the white sheep fur rug, staining it red.

“Officer, did Xia Xuan commit suicide to avoid punishment?” When the ambulance came, the reporters circled them.

“Was Xia Xuan’s death a homicide or a suicide? Was she really the perpetrator of the 211 University mutilated corpses case? Officer, please say something.”

“I’m sorry but it’s not convenient to reveal anything right now. Please make way.” The police held the reporters off to escort Xia Xuan onto a waiting ambulance.

#Xia Xuan Commits Suicide to Avoid Charges#

#The Perpetrator Behind the 211 University Case#

The 211 University case became the most searched topic on search engines.


“The people who offend you are really pitiful.” Lu Qingyun’s gaze swept over the screen of the phone in Shi Sheng’s hand. The smile on his face was peculiar, emphasizing that prominent ill-intent.

“Pitiful people must be terrible human beings1.” Shi Sheng put away her phone before narrowing her eyes at the man beside her. “Mr Lu, hearing the word ‘pitiful’ from you is quite…” ‘…A mockery!’

Lu Qingyun smiled brilliantly. Those ink-like eyes seemed as if they contained the universe in them as they were filled with sparks of light that looked like stars. “I’m just a normal person.”


‘Normal person… have you ever seen such an ethereally beautiful “normal person”? Have you also seen a “normal person” who is so rich he’s pretty much a god? …Forget it. He’s the patron, what he says goes. I(bbb) won’t argue with him.’

“What did you bring me to the airport for?” Shi Sheng asked as she looked outside doubtfully.

“To fetch grandpa.”

“Eh? Grandpa Lu’s coming back?” Shi Sheng blinked before speaking in a serious voice, “I’m very busy you know. And you only give me that much per month in maintenance. I’m raising the maintenance fees!”

Lu Qingyun was speechless. ‘Even if I’m rich, you don’t have to wring me out like this!!!’

The number of times the ‘maintenance fees’ had increased was exactly the same as the number of times the two had met.

Seeing the airport get nearer, for the sake of not being bothered by his grandpa, Lu Qingyun could only spend his money. Besides, money was the last thing he was lacking in.

‘Though…’ Lu Qingyun suddenly drew closer to Shi Sheng. The scent unique to men enveloped her. “As my girlfriend, shouldn’t you give me some benefits?”

Shi Sheng was wondering what Lu Qingyun wanted when he suddenly drew closer. Hearing him mention ‘benefits’ her face sank. “Mr Lu, I’m only selling my skills, not my body.”

Lu Qingyun “…” ‘What kind of skills are you selling again? The only thing you do is to: Spend! Spend! Spend!!!’

As if she knew Lu Qingyun’s thoughts, Shi Sheng spoke in a righteous tone, “Spending money also requires skill, you know? All the money I spent recently may have come from you! ”

Lu Qingyun silently moved back. ‘The woman I’m keeping has such OP money-making skills I don’t have any hold on her! Bad reviews!’

People were coming and going at the airport. As a famous celebrity, Shi Sheng didn’t act like one as she openly waited at the arrival terminal for Grandpa Lu while holding on to Lu Qingyun’s arm. The two girls next to her had been staring at her for a while now.

“That seems to be… Little Meatball?”

“That’s impossible. As a celebrity, how could Little Meatball show up here…” Though she said that, it was obvious that girl also thought the person standing next to them was their idol, Little Meatball.

“Should we go up to ask?”

“Er… okay!”

They took a deep breath before sidling up to Shi Sheng. One of the girls tugged on Shi Sheng’s sleeve with a red face. “Excuse me, are you Jiang Wan?”

“Un?” Shi Sheng was confused for a bit before she nodded her head. “Yes, I am!”

The eyes of the two girls lit up as they excitedly pulled on each other. Their inner thoughts went something like, ‘We actually saw a real live Little Meatball! Aah so excited! We can die content now!

Calm down, calm down. As Meatball fans, we have to be classy.’

Forcing themselves to calm down somewhat, the two looked at Shi Sheng with an infatuated expression (imagine hearts in their eyes)2.

“Uh… We’re your fans. Little Meatball, can you give us an autograph?”

“Being able to sign an autograph for such adorable fans is my honour.” Shi Sheng spoke while taking out the pen Lu Qingyun brought with him. “Where do I sign?”

Shi Sheng’s teasing caused their minds to enter a jumbled-up state. They woodenly took out a book from a bag and passed it over before continuing to stare infatuatedly at Shi Sheng. Meanwhile, they were going ‘Little Meatball is so cuuute! Little Meatball is hoooot! Wuuuwuuu, we want to be married to Little Meatball!!!’

Shi Sheng signed the books before handing them back. “It seems like you girls are students? Are you here to fetch someone? The weather’s been very warm recently, be careful not to get heatstroke.”

“Little Meatball also has to take care of your body. Don’t tire yourself out acting, our hearts will ache.”

“Little Meatball, the female general you’re acting in 《Emperor’s Book》 is so awesome {kakuii!!!}! Are you going to play similar characters in the future?”

《Emperor’s Book》 was the TV show she was acting in recently. She wasn’t the female lead but the supporting female lead; A female general, and a very handsomely awesome one at that.

Every time she appeared, she caused the audience’s faces to turn red from how awesome she was. And the background music every time she appeared was awesome too- To summarise, no matter how you looked at it, she was freaking awesome! Awesomer  than the male lead and definitely awesomer than the female lead!

“Perhaps I will!” Shi Sheng raised a brow wickedly.

The two nearly hugged each other and screamed. However, they forced themselves not to for they knew if they did, they would attract more Meatball fans who would fight them for her attention. ‘We’re not as dumb as other celebrities’ fans who scream upon seeing their idol and give up the opportunity to get close to them!’

The two girls even deliberately used their bodies to block off other people’s views. With Lu Qingyun blocking another side and Shi Sheng’s front being the arrival hall, no one noticed Shi Sheng.

What scheming fans! How utterly terrifying! {This is narrator-san}



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  1. … I would take this with a grain of salt. In the raws, it’s ‘可怜之人必有可恨之处’ which translates to pitiful people must be detestable. However, usually it isn’t written like that (I think). Usually it’s translation would be that even pitiful people can be terrible human beings. Shi Sheng is just an extremist, but we already knew that, didn’t we? Anyways, this can be used the other way around sometimes where a detestable person might be worth pitying, ‘可恨之人必有可怜之处’.
  2. The author didn’t actually put this here but I figured it would probably make the story flow better. Let me know what you think about it.

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