Chapter 46 : Patron, Please Keep Me (26)

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Shi Sheng had a lovely chat with the two young ladies. They even exchanged handphone numbers. Only when Grandpa Lu arrived with some bodyguards did people notice Shi Sheng, causing quite a ruckus.

Fortunately, Grandpa Lu’s bodyguards were good enough at their job that they weren’t harassed as they left, causing quite a few broken hearts amongst these fans.

#Was At The Same Airport As Little Meatball But Didn’t See Her#

#Little Meatball And Her Patron Acted Lovey-Dovey in Public- I Want Chicken-Flavoured Dog Food1#

#Got An Autograph. She Was So Hot I Think I’m Turning Gay#

The last post was viewed and shared the most. Not only were the pictures taken up close, there were even group selfies and autographs. Many fans wished to express their envy, jealousy and hate. ‘How come we didn’t see our idol?’

While the fans were being tormented online, Shi Sheng and Lu Qingyun were accompanying Grandpa Lu for lunch.

“Xiaowan ah, you’ve already been dating this brat for a long time, when are you planning on holding the wedding?” Grandpa Lu gazed at Shi Sheng amiably.

The hand that was holding onto a spoon shook. Shi Sheng gave a dry laugh. “Grandpa Lu… we’re still young.”

‘A long time? Long time my foot! And all I wanted was to spend Lu Qingyun’s money, not get married to him! Grandpa Lu, don’t just arbitrarily tie red strings2!’

“You two aren’t young anymore, not young at all! Why, when I was as old as this brat, his dad was already old enough to buy soy sauce on his own! Grandpa’s getting old. My last wish is to see some great-grandchildren before I go…”

Shi Sheng kicked Lu Qingyun under the cover of the table. However, he merely cast a calm gaze at her before looking back at Grandpa Lu and speaking, “Grandfather, why don’t you pick a date? Xiaowan and I will listen to your arrangements.”


Lu Qingyun and Grandpa Lu looking in unison at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng hurriedly covered her mouth. “Er, that is… I just feel it’s too soon. I feel like I could still stand to cultivate more feelings with… Qingyun first. Right! We should definitely work on improving our relationship first!”

Shi Sheng nodded her head forcefully towards the end.

“Hahahaha. It’s all the same if you cultivate feelings after your marriage. And Grandpa here thinks your relationship is already quite good!” The wrinkles on Grandpa Lu’s face increased as he smiled. “Then it’s settled. In a bit I’ll help you check for auspicious dates.”

He had come back especially because he had seen the news on the internet.

“Hey, no, wait a sec-”

“Xiaowan, do you have any other family members? Come tell grandpa. Grandpa can arrange things properly then.”

“I’m-” ‘-not getting married to this guy, ah!’

“Little brat, you better plan the wedding properly. Don’t you dare let down Xiaowan, otherwise I won’t let you off!”

“Don’t worry grandpa.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Can you guys actually let me finish?! I(bbb) haven’t actually agreed to this though? Is it really alright for you guys to just decide on your own?!’

And this was how Shi Sheng got married. After Grandpa Lu left, Shi Sheng went to settle scores with Lu Qingyun. Before she could do anything though, Lu Qingyun quickly offered her a check. The number of 0s on that cheque immediately bought Shi Sheng over.

“I mean it’s just getting married, right? It’s up for discussion. Though… Mr Lu, I feel like the number of zeroes should be increased. I’m such a lovely young lady yet you want to use just this amount to buy me over? I think it’s a bit cheap.”

As you can see, Shi Sheng was rather skilled in the art of increasing the price without offering more consideration.

“If you got married to me, what’s mine would be yours, no?”

Shi Sheng blinked. “Sounds logical. But I haven’t been married to you yet! Don’t change the topic!”

Lu Qingyun “…”

He suddenly regretted his actions before.

‘Is it too late to tell Grandpa to call off the wedding?’


Recently Shi Sheng had been busy keeping up her image of being in love with Lu Qingyun in front of Grandpa Lu. These two were pretty much stuck to each other except for when it was time for her to film. More and more news about the two started to appear on the internet and Lu Qingyun’s identity was finally dug up.

He was Youjian Entertainment’s biggest boss as well as the heir to the Lu family’s company. This shiny status pretty much blinded the bunch of single fans. ‘Did Little Meatball save the Milky Way in her previous life or something?!’

Shi Sheng was so busy that she nearly forgot where her own company was. Only when she received Xia Man’s call did she remember she was still a boss… and she needed to pay salaries!

She met the four ‘juicy’ youths when she returned. They were doing quite well for themselves recently. They had just released an album and the sales figures were looking promising.

Shi Sheng had the deepest impression of Jiang Ming; Because he was the one who brought food with him everywhere.

“Xiaoming, gimme something to eat.”

Jiang Ming “…” ‘Why is Wan-jie asking me for food the moment we met?’

With black lines on his head, Jiang Ming took out a packet of jelly beans from his pocket.

Shi Sheng revealed an ‘as expected’ expression. ‘Dude do you even know what you’re wearing? It’s performance clothes! The hell… what if those jelly beans just popped out while you were acting?’

“Jiang Ming!!!” Han Ling ground her teeth and glared at Jiang Ming. She had already told him countless times not to hide food in his pockets.

Jiang Ming’s head lowered as he looked pleadingly at Shi Sheng. However, she just took the jelly beans before waving at him. “Ganbatte pretty boy!”

‘Wan-jie, does your patron-sama know how… special you are?’

When she got to the CEO’s office, there was only the CEO inside. Tang Yin and Xia Man were nowhere to be seen. Our CEO-sama here had quite a deep impression of this boss of his that only knew how to give money.

Shi Sheng gestured for him to ignore her as she went to sit on the couch and watch a show. Tang Yin and Xia Man only arrived just when Shi Sheng was starting to get impatient. Xia Man didn’t look so good. Tang Yin looked even worse; He seemed like he had been beaten up just now.

“Just what… were you guys doing?”

“What nonsense is in your head?” Tang Yin glared at Shi Sheng. “Xiaoman met Xi Mo just now.”

“Oh, I didn’t though.” Shi Sheng brought her phone with her as she buried herself deeper into the sofa. “You’re the one thinking too much.”

‘Trying to blame me even when you were the one thinking dirty? I’m not taking the blame I tell you!’

Xia Man sat next to Shi Sheng with a lowered head. She cut quite the sorry figure.

“Three-legged frogs might be hard to find but two-legged men are everywhere. Miss Xia, what are you worrying about?” Shi Sheng made a suggestive whistle in Tang Yin’s direction. Tang Yin pushed up his glasses and ignored Shi Sheng’s impropriety.

Xia Man laughed bitterly. “He was the person I liked for so many years, how could I stop liking him just because I want to?”

‘Yet what did he say about me?’

“Then go abroad to recuperate.”

Xia Man gazed incomprehensively at Shi Sheng.

“Tang Yin, wasn’t Hollywood looking for some Asian faces in some of the new films? You go bring Xia Man over to try out.” Shi Sheng patted Xia Man’s shoulder. Suddenly, she asked in a serious voice, “Do you still want to make up with Xi Mo?”

Xia Man was stunned for a brief moment before she shook her head resolutely. Xi Mo had long stopped being the person in her memories. They couldn’t go back to how they were.

“Then go. Don’t come back within half a year. Don’t ask why. Trust me.”

‘Very good, managed to break this ship too. Add another one to my list of achievements.’

Xia Man left together with Tang Yin. Shi Sheng had to take up the mantle of being the director for their company’s artists temporarily.

And the consequences of making Shi Sheng take that job was that now the company was filled with a bunch of good-looking newbies. If you weren’t good-looking, you’d feel embarrassed just to enter the premises; Even the janitors were good-looking.

Need some random faces? Go to Mantian Entertainment!

Our friend the CEO was feeling a bit distressed. ‘Are you sure this is an entertainment company? Why do I feel like we’re opening a brothel? And I’m… the brothel owner? No that’s not right, boss is the brothel owner. Then I’m… a pimp? At most? …I feel like resigning!’

#That Mantian Entertainment Has All The Good-Lookers As Their Well-Known Trademark! Only One Store, No Branches#



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Translator’s Corner:

I only just realised (well, not really, I’ve known for awhile now) my formatting skills suck. Should’ve put translated chapter->author’s note->footnotes->translator’s notes… I’m such a scrub… Oh well.



  1. People usually refer to themselves as ‘single dogs’/‘单身狗’ so public displays of attention are ‘dog food’/‘狗粮’
  2. Red strings represent one’s destiny in love. So, tying them together means the two are destined to be lovers. Here’s the wiki page for more info:

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