Chapter 47 : Patron, Please Keep Me (27)

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Xia Xuan hadn’t made the attempt on her life; Someone else had. The one who attempted the murder was Zhou Yi. He was the son of a civil servant1 and was the one who Shi Sheng ‘obtained’ the photos and videos from.

After that case that year, Zhou Yi brought these with him when he went overseas. Though he had never come back into the country, he was just that kind of person in his bones; He couldn’t help the dark and demented thoughts that popped up. At first, he only used those photos and videos to relieve his desire.

But as time went on, these were no longer enough to satisfy his cravings. In the end, he could not resist those dark impulses any longer. After his first sweet taste, he couldn’t help but fall into an irredeemable abyss.

All these years he had never gotten caught. He had even managed to find several like-minded people to join him in his ‘pursuits’. Yet not long ago, he started receiving some inexplicable curses from people online. Only after he saw the name ‘Xia Xuan’ in their words and search it up online did he know the secret was out.

Even he himself didn’t know why he wanted to kill Xia Xuan. It was as if there was a voice in his head telling him to do it.

When Zhou Yi was arrested, he confessed to everything. He even had several videos in his possession documenting the mutilation of the bodies from back then. It was very bloody and cruel.

He testified that everyone had been high on drugs back then. They had discovered the couple in that old building and relied on their superior numbers to subdue them. However, just as they were about to begin their torture session, those two struggled fiercely and the girl had been pushed by someone in the chaos. Her head rammed into a sharp object, causing instant death.

Seeing this, the boy fought even harder. Everyone back then had been stoned to the point they didn’t even notice someone had died. Instead, they began torturing the boy, causing him to have been tormented to death.

Zhou Yi couldn’t remember who it was who suggested mutilating the bodies. With videos and plenty of evidence, Xia Xuan was sentenced to jail amidst much clamour. Everyone who participated in this matter back then was arrested.

This matter had been blown so big even those influential families didn’t dare to make any obvious moves. They just hired lawyers and followed procedures.

Under the guidance of their respective families, all the people claimed they were under the influence of drugs and so it could only count as manslaughter.

However, from the video evidence gathered, the police determined that they had been of sound mind back then. They were clearly thinking straight as they even disposed of the evidence after splitting up the bodies. Hence, the police deemed it to be an intentional homicide case.

The police also approached the victims of abuse and attempted to persuade them to testify in court. Perhaps the others were afraid of being retaliated against for only one person stood out.

Yet even like this, these people had still been charged with deliberate harm and intentional homicide. Because of the special circumstances surrounding this case as well, their sentence was quite heavy. However, not long after they were sentenced, Xia Xuan and Zhou Yi were sent to a mental asylum.

When Shi Sheng saw the report, she laughed soundlessly. ‘Did you guys think you could get off easy by entering an asylum? In that kind of place, even if you weren’t sick before, you’d turn crazy after a while. How long will you be able to last, Xia Xuan?’

It was really thanks to Zhou Yi that Xia Xuan was brought down so quickly. Had it not been for him ensuring that Xia Xuan stayed for such a long time in the hospital, things would’ve been made slightly more difficult.

‘Now that Xia Xuan’s questline is complete, I think I’ll just hand Xi Mo to Lu Qingyun for him to deal with. Next up: Walk to the peak of success!

…Oh and there was that group of trashy relatives too!’

Lu Qingyun didn’t let down Shi Sheng’s wishes; It wasn’t long before he made a move on Xi Mo. Xi Mo’s company, Dongfang Entertainment, took the brunt of the attack. Though the Xi family’s other assets didn’t suffer much.

He seemed to only be targeting Xi Mo. The change of ownership of Dongfang Entertainment was the second hottest topic after the 211 University Case.

Lu Qingyun then gifted Dongfang Entertainment to Shi Sheng under the reason of being a wedding present. Shi Sheng didn’t hold onto it for long before selling it off.

And hence Dongfang Entertainment once again made the headlines for being a company whose ownership had changed so much  in a short period of time.


The wedding date was fixed for the 9th of September. After Shi Sheng had finished with all her previous acting tenures, she didn’t pick up any new ones. Because the wedding was being held out of the country, there wasn’t much for Shi Sheng to busy herself with. Aside from heading the company every day, the only thing she did was to eat, sleep and buy buy buy!!!

Meanwhile, people online were expressing their grievances at Shi Sheng getting married soon. Their Little Meatball was getting married to someone!

[Although Little Meatball is going to get married off soon, I’ll still love her; like how rats love rice. Hey Patron-sama, you better treat our Little Meatball well, super well in fact!!!] [Little Meatball is going to get married off… I don’t want this! Little Meatball belongs to everyone, how can she just get married off!] [*sobs* Little Meatball, don’t get married off! Are you abandoning us?]

Of course, there were fans of Lu Qingyun who didn’t want to let him marry Shi Sheng.

[How is Jiang Wan good enough for the almighty Patron-sama? What else does she have besides a few works in her portfolio? Our patron-sama is a true member of the high-class!] [If Jiang Wan knows what’s best, she’ll give up on Patron-sama!] [Jiang Wan is not good enough for Patron-sama +10,086] [I was bored so I went to investigate Little Meatball. Guess what I found? She actually has two companies under her name…] [What companies? Please show us.]

That person immediately posted two pictures. The first was Mantian Entertainment as well as the documents that showed Jiang Wan was the lawful owner. The second was an investment company. It was simply called ‘S’ and was also owned by Jiang Wan.

Though they weren’t familiar with the investment company, they were familiar with Mantian Entertainment!

That was the company Jiang Wan working as an artist under as well as the company the four ‘elves’ in the band King belonged to. Quite a few familiar looking celebrities also belonged to this company.

‘That company was actually opened by Little Meatball?’

[Those people who said she wasn’t good enough for Patron-sama just had their faces slapped, didn’t they? Does it hurt? Our Little Meatball opened a company on her own without the support of a family!] [Haven’t heard of that investment company before… But if it was opened by Little Meatball, it must be awesome!]

All the Little Meatball fans agreed to this. In their hearts, no matter what she did, Little Meatball was the best. They were Little Meatball’s diehard fans.

That investment company was used by Shi Sheng to cover up the large movements of funds though that company did exist, and it was doing quite well to boot.


“Little Meatball, you’re actually getting married off! *sobbing* Are you abandoning me? I thought we were going to have a loving relationship?” Fang Liqiu hugged Shi Sheng as she cried her lungs out.

“When did we ever have any love?” Shi Sheng calmly shot back a question.

“You… you…” Fang Liqiu clutched at her heart as she received a blow. “You aren’t going to admit it? I didn’t think Little Meatball was actually that type.”

Shi Sheng rubbed Fang Liqiu’s head. “Be good. Go find your Su Yixiu.”

These words immediately stopped Fang Liqiu’s crying. She put on the airs of a queen as she smiled darkly. “If he still dares to show up in front of me, you’re going to be able to watch me tear apart a Su Yixiu with my bare hands.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Su Yixiu, just what did you do?’

“I don’t care, I want to be your bridesmaid!” Fang Liqiu started yelling again. “I feel like my net worth will go up if I become your bridesmaid! You can’t give this opportunity away to others!”

‘When did I(bbb) have such an OP skill? How come I(bbb) didn’t know?’

Hence it was that Fang Liqiu used her shamelessness to secure a bridesmaid position. Besides, Shi Sheng didn’t have many other friends so she didn’t really care who the bridesmaid was.



Author’s note:

This arc is going to end soon~

*sobbing* Please vote! 1,000 votes will get you two more chapters! Are you tempted yet?

If you are, hurry up and put it into action…



Translator’s Corner:

Okay, Xia Xuan’s ending might have been a bit confusing (at least it was to me pretty much every time I read it in the raws), but I think she didn’t actually die (surprise surprise). Instead, she was hospitalised for ages then sentenced for her crime where she then spent the rest of her days in a mental asylum.

Also, who else is a diehard Little Meatball fan?

  1. In China, if your father owned a government position, it’s a pretty big deal. So big a deal this fellow could be considered a Young Master.

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