Chapter 48 : Patron, Please Keep Me (28)

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Jiang Zhenzhen only learned of Jiang Wan’s impending wedding from her classmates. She had already noticed Jiang Wan on the TV a year ago, but at that time, she had just been a support character. Jiang Zhenzhen had expressed her disdain and contempt, thinking that she was overestimating herself.

‘If she manages to become famous, I’ll write my name backwards!’ Were her thoughts then.

However, in these few months, news about her steadily flowed in. Jiang Wan had clearly become famous. Some acquaintances would ask her about Jiang Wan when they met and tell her how lucky she was to have a celebrity as a big sister.

There was intense jealousy in Jiang Zhenzhen’s heart. ‘She actually made it!’

And now she was going to get married. And to someone rich too. How would Jiang Zhenzhen not be jealous? Marrying into a rich family had always been one of her dreams. However, while she was still stuck wondering how to achieve this, the Jiang Wan who she had always looked down on was about to achieve it!

The thing that caused the most jealousy was the fact that Jiang Wan had companies under her name.

‘If I had money, would I still need to marry into a rich family?’

“Daddy, look at Jiang Wan. She’s famous now and owns companies. I asked a friend and she told me that the lowest estimate for the value of that entertainment company is $200 million. She also has an investment company too. Can you even guess how much money she has now?”

Jiang Yuan looked at his daughter, not completely believing her words. “Does she really have that much money?”

“Dad, you don’t know this but the entertainment industry is the place to make money.” Jiang Zhenzhen nodded. “Just one advertisement could get you a few million.”

“But… With what we did back then, will she even admit to knowing us?” Jiang Zhenzhen’s mother was a bit hesitant. If she had known that Jiang Wan was so skilled,  would she have wanted to marry her off to an old man?

“I’ll see if she dares! We’re her only family members. Besides, she stayed at our house for so long, it only stands to reason she should show her gratitude, no?”

“Exactly. We raised her for so many years yet now that she has some money she doesn’t want to recognise us? In her dreams!” Jiang Yuan agreed with Jiang Zhenzhen.

Jiang Zhenzhen was already imagining her life of luxury after getting money. She would buy all those things that had once seemed so far out of reach.

This wasn’t the first time Jiang Zhenzhen had attempted to get her parents to extort Jiang Wan but they had always felt a bit awkward about that matter after wanting to marry her off earlier. Now that her companies were revealed though, the lust for money suppressed that awkwardness in Jiang Yuan’s heart.

‘Jiang Wan is just a girl. When she gets married off wouldn’t those things become her husband’s? How can my Jiang family’s possessions be given to outsiders?’ Was what Jiang Yuan was thinking.

Hearing her husband’s and daughter’s words, Mama Jiang  felt more confident. She had already been a greedy person so how would she give up on Jiang Wan, this fat piece of meat?

Hence, the family of three set off to the capital to find Shi Sheng. Because they didn’t have her number, they only managed to find Mantian Entertainment after much effort.

But by the time they got there, they were informed that Mantian Entertainment was no longer located on the premises. Only after Jiang Zhenzhen had spent a lot of effort online did she dig up the current address of Mantian Entertainment.

By the time they finally managed to find Mantian Entertainment’s premises, it was already dark out. But after seeing how opulent and brilliant the building looked, they no longer felt tired. This whole building was Mantian Entertainment’s! How much must it have cost?!

Jiang Zhenzhen was so excited her heartbeat quickened and her face reddened as more blood was pumped into her face. It was as if she could see an endless stream of money flying towards her.

“May we know who are you looking for?” The three were stopped from entering by the security guards.

“I’m looking for Jiang Wan.” Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but puff up his chest as arrogance was written in his eyes. “I’m her uncle, hurry and get her to come down.”

One of the security guards wrinkled his brow but he still handled it professionally. “Ms Jiang has not informed us that any relatives of hers would be arriving.”

‘If you guys are her relatives, how can you not have even her phone number? Did you think I was wasting away all these years as a security guard?’

“She doesn’t know that we’re coming here. This big brother here, we really are Jiang Wan’s relatives. If you don’t believe us, you can call her to check.” Jiang Yuan’s wife was more civil.

“My apologies. Ms Jiang has already left the company. You can go to her house to look for her.” If he bothered Ms Jiang for everyone who came looking for her, then he didn’t need to be a security guard anymore.

Madam Wu “…” ‘If I knew where her house was, would I go looking for her at her company?’

The security guards didn’t chase them away; they simply prevented them from going in. They were doing their jobs so even if they really were Ms Jiang’s relatives, she shouldn’t make things hard for them.

The security guards didn’t allow them inside no matter what they said. In the end, Jiang Yuan was aggravated to the point he started yelling that once he saw Jiang Wan, he’d make her fire them.

The security guards were rather exasperated by now as you can imagine. By now, the commotion had attracted the paparazzi waiting outside. They gathered around once they heard the name ‘Jiang Wan’.

Jiang Yuan was a bit nervous at first but afterwards he thought, ‘If these reporters publish my relationship with Jiang Wan, can she still deny it?’

He had heard about quite a few stuff that happened online from Jiang Zhenzhen.

Clearly, Jiang Zhenzhen was thinking along the same lines. She teamed up with Jiang Yuan to describe about how they had painstakingly raised Jiang Wan all these years and had come over when they heard she was going to get married.

Though they said they were here to attend the wedding, their underlying intentions were to slander Jiang Wan by calling her ungrateful.

Seeing this matter was getting too big for them to handle, the security guards quickly called for their chief. The chief security guard brought {dragged?} the three into the company, ending their little play.

Helpless, the chief could only report this matter to his superiors. If this matter made the news tomorrow it would cause quite the ruckus.

Shi Sheng and Lu Qingyun had already reached their destination when they were forced to double back when Shi Sheng received a call from her employee {pet?} CEO. She had already guessed those relatives of hers would come looking soon, she just hadn’t thought it’d be this soon.

“Where are they?” Shi Sheng and Lu Qingyun entered the company.

The security guard pointed at a room located off to the side of the reception hall. “Chief was afraid they’d cause more trouble so he invited them to his office.”

Jiang Yuan’s trio were currently in a heated argument with the chief of security when the door opened, causing the room to fall silent. Jiang Zhenzhen’s gaze was attracted to the man standing behind Shi Sheng, whereupon she gazed entranced. She had never seen such a good-looking man.

“Ms Jiang.” The chief could finally let out a sigh of relief. ‘These people are really bothersome! How does Ms Jiang have these kinds of relatives? They’re on a completely different level. I simply refuse to believe that they were the ones who brought her up like they said.’

“Xiaowan, look at what kind of people you hired. They don’t understand manners at all!” Jiang Yuan spoke like it was natural. “How can these kinds of people remain in the company? Hurry up and fire them!”

The chief of security nearly vomited up blood.I don’t understand manners?! Just who’s the one being unreasonable here?!’

“Let’s go out and talk. I’m sure you guys don’t want to let outsiders know, right?” Shi Sheng looked smilingly at Jiang Zhenzhen. “You guys have worked hard today, I’ll go get the Finance department to give you guys a reward.”

Joy surfaced on the chief’s face. “Thank you, Ms Jiang!”

‘See, we didn’t do anything wrong today.’

“Xiaowan, how can you give him a reward? You didn’t see how they treated us! We came from so far away yet they wouldn’t even help us inform you, and even stopped us from entering. It’s fine if it’s just us, but what if they had offended someone else instead?” Madam Wu was clearly unsupportive.

“You aren’t the ones in charge here, Mr Jiang and Madam Wu.” Shi Sheng spoke clearly. Though she was clearly smiling, her eyes were filled with frigid ice. Jiang Yuan and his wife felt cold air rising from their soles as their scalps tingled. They didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Author’s Notes:


1,000 recommendations and I’ll give an additional update. The second update for today will be a little later. Client won’t allow me to reply in the comments *sobbing* how scary… Though I can reply in the comment section~

Can I have a wave of comments?

Translator’s Corner:


In case you didn’t know, Madam Wu is the wife of Jiang Yuan and mother of Jiang Zhenzhen. In the raws, it just refers to her as Mama Jiang…

Why did you switch from Mama Jiang to Madam Wu? Is it from the raws? Do you think we should unify it to prevent confusion?

Which one sounds better since Mdm Wu only showed up when Shi Sheng first addressed them

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