Chapter 49 : Patron, Please Keep Me (29)

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They left the company, Shi Sheng not saying anything as she got them to board the car. Lu Qingyun started driving.

Jiang Zhenzhen’s gaze hadn’t left Lu Qingyun once. The photos online had been too blurry for her to see him properly. Though she had found the parts she could make out rather handsome, she had always ignored it because of Jiang Wan.

But now that she had met him in person, she suddenly found this man to truly be very beautiful. Jiang Yuan and his wife sat in the backseats, communicating through their gazes.

In the end, Madam Wu broke the silence first as she spoke with the tone of an elder speaking to a junior. “Xiaowan, you must’ve had it hard building your business all these years? Why didn’t you call back home? Your uncle and I could’ve helped you out.”

“I don’t dare trouble Madam Wu.” Shi Sheng used a tone filled with undisguised mocking.

“Silly child, why aren’t you calling me Aunt anymore? We’re your only family members, what do you mean ‘trouble’? Back then when your parents passed away, weren’t we the ones who took you in? Yet now you’re still treating your Aunt here as an outsider…”

Madam Wu’s tone was half chiding and half helplessness, as if she really did care about Jiang Wan. However, the greed in her eyes betrayed her.

“Madam Wu, that’s not right. Weren’t the compensation fees as well as their various assets swallowed up by your family? Added up, they should be able to equal at least $2 million, right? I’ll just treat that as the fee for taking care of me for all these years.”

Madam Wu was silenced. Back then if it had not been for the money, she wouldn’t even have taken Jiang Wan in.

“Very good, Jiang Wan! Think you’re so tough now, don’t you?” Jiang Yuan immediately spoke out to help his wife. “Did you think raising you didn’t require us to spend any money? Now that you have some money, you’re thinking of not recognising these relatives of yours? Even your father had to call me big brother, but you don’t even know how to respect your elders! If your father was here, he’d be infuriated!”

“Ha… Mr Jiang, I believe we are both clear as to how much you actually spent on me. If my dad knew how you’ve been treating me, he might even pay a visit to you tonight.”

‘Who can’t scare people? Did you think I(bbb) was scared? This family can be described with one word: Greedy!’

Back then her parents had left behind quite a sizeable amount for Jiang Wan. It would have been enough for her to finish University and maybe even have some left over to start a business. Yet this family had used all sorts of reasons to coax Jiang Wan into handing those stuff over to them. Even with all that, they still weren’t content and wanted to sell her off for a good price!

‘These people are relatives? The hell, are you sure they aren’t enemies?!’

In the world of stories, there were mysterious creatures called trash relatives. They fit right up there with the white lotuses1 and green tea bitches2.

“You- You-” Jiang Yuan had been pissed off to the point he couldn’t say anything. However, he had a guilty conscience so he didn’t dare to refute her words.

Shi Sheng laughed coldly before turning to speak to Lu Qingyun. “Let’s go to the Carlisle Hotel.”

The smile on Lu Qingyun’s face was a bit cold; Shi Sheng could even feel some hints of killing intent radiating off him. She silently lit a candle3 for Jiang Zhenzhen. ‘Who told you to look at him like that!’

She sent the three to the hotel. Before she left, she gave them a warning, “If you guys want to attend my wedding, be good and stay in this hotel. Don’t cause any trouble.”

Of course, she didn’t expect them to actually listen to her but that wasn’t the point. Their fates were directly tied to how much they courted death, after all.

When they left the hotel, Shi Sheng pulled on Lu Qingyun with a bitter expression. “Mr Lu, give me some money to console me.”

Lu Qingyun was speechless. ‘Those trash relatives aren’t mine so why should I console you with money? I reject this!’

The rejected Shi Sheng was rather dejected. “Mr Lu, are you really going to reject my request? Grandpa Lu is still waiting for us. Hey, do you think that if I told him you bullied me he would beat you to death? And then let me inherit the Lu family? Yi… this idea is quite good.”

“You’re thinking too much.” Lu Qingyun chucked Shi Sheng into the car. ‘Am I that easily beaten to death? Also, that’s my blood grandfather, how would he beat me to death?’


Shi Sheng got someone to deal with the reporters who interviewed Jiang Yuan outside the company so the internet was still calm {as calm as it can be… it is the internet}. Jiang Yuan’s family, who had been expecting some sort of news, couldn’t help but get antsy at this unexpected calm.

‘Wasn’t it said that those paparazzi were capable of causing the entire city to go into uproar? Were all those words I spoke yesterday turned into fertiliser {shit}? How come there’s nothing at all?!’

“Zhenzhen, look some more.” Jiang Yuan urged Jiang Zhenzhen in a frustrated voice.

Jiang Zhenzhen searched again. There was still no news. She subconsciously clicked on Jiang Wan’s Weibo. The moment the page loaded, a new post was revealed.

Jiang Wan ‘V’ : No matter how I look at him, Patron-sama is hot! [picture] [picture] [picture]

The first two pictures were wedding pictures.

The first picture depicted a woman wearing a fiery red wedding dress and standing barefooted in a starry sea. A glow suffused her surroundings, making her seem like a spirit in the darkness. The man who was facing her was wearing a tuxedo which seemed to blend in with the starry background yet he was still as eye-catching as ever.

The two faced each other, as if they were able to look at each other despite being on opposite sides of the universe.

The second picture was one where the woman was wearing a pure white wedding gown. She was running towards a man who stood in the distance, causing her dress to fly around her. The man was waiting with a slight smile on his face and opened arms, as if to welcome her. His smile was brilliant and his gaze was gentle.

The last picture was a picture of a bunch of RMB4 folded into a heart shape.

[Little Meatball is showing off her ‘husband’ again. But those wedding pictures are so beautiful! They look like scenes from a movie! I’m licking my screen!!!] [Such a ‘husband’ boasting enthusiast… Little Meatball, have you ever considered the feelings of the single dogs? Single dogs, just how scarred are you? Hubby come and watch single dogs get abused5.] [Such beautiful wedding pictures! Normal people don’t manage to pull off a red wedding dress but it’s not a problem at all for Little Meatball! Awawaw Little Meatball, I’ve discovered I’m loving you more and more, what do I do?!] [To the commenter upstairs: You (Great) sicko (job). Hubby come watch the number of single dog viewers increase with me.] [To the commenter upstairs and the one before that: Single dogs need to be comforted! Little Meatball- *sobs* – My Little Meatball is getting married off, my heart hurts. PS: The wedding pictures only look good because it’s Little Meatball and Patron-sama in them. *licks screen*] [Patron-sama is so gentle! …I have to admit it, these two are made for each other! I’m giving up on Patron-sama. Little Meatball, I’m handing my beloved Patron-sama into your care now. *cries* I’m out of love.] [Why do I feel like that money picture is bigger than the other two? Is it just me? Is it, is it, is it?] [It’s not just you! It is bigger than the other two! So, Little Meatball is actually showing off her ‘wealth’ and showing off her ‘husband’ just as a side note6? I don’t understand how rich people think!]

Jiang Zhenzhen was engulfed by the jealousy she felt from seeing all the well-wishers’ comments. ‘She’s just an orphan, what right does she have to possess all these?! How can such a perfect man belong to Jiang Wan?!’

Author’s note:

1,000 recommendations and another update will be given. I updated twice today! Are you babes sure you don’t want to praise me…?

Congratulations to Xiaoshengsheng on obtaining the [Obsessed With Showing Off ‘Husband’] Title.

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Translator’s Corner:

‘The rejected Shi Sheng was rather dejected.’

Do you guys like my rhyming skills? Or did you think this was too cheesy?

  1. Refresher: White lotus is someone who acts pure and innocent. In this context, Shi Sheng is clearly dissing it so we’ll just assume that it’s just an act.
  2. Green tea bitches are those bitches who look innocent and pure but are actually scheming bitches.
  3. Lighting candles as in mourning/praying…
  4. RMB or Ren Min Bi (人民币) is the currency of the People’s Republic of China. So, I guess all the unspecified currencies up till now was in RMB. I am not going back into those chapters to correct each and every one of those.
  5. Not really. But I didn’t get the raws. No matter how many times I read it. I guess it’s a slang thing. The phrase “single dog” is commonly used by single netizens to mock themselves. Here are the raws for those linguistic geniuses that want to take a shot (if you exist): 老公来围观单身汪天上有只汪
  6. The pinyin for ‘wealth’ and ‘husband’ is fu. The tones are different though. Wealth is fu4 while husband is fu1.

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