Chapter 50 : Patron, Please Keep Me (30)

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Shi Sheng had long since put up her guard against Jiang Yuan’s family so when he went to find the press, she was the first to know. She got Hu Shuo to go see them and Hu Shuo agreed without hesitation.

Because of Xia Xuan’s matter, Hu Shuo’s studio was now famous. His value had also skyrocketed as well. He wouldn’t usually accept requests from others but Shi Sheng was the one who had given him this opportunity in the first place, so he was very willing to help her out.

Hu Shuo bought over quite a few paparazzi and brought them to find Jiang Yuan. When Jiang Yuan saw this many ‘reporters’ he felt that he would definitely be able to make Jiang Wan admit defeat. ‘Even if she has some ability, she’s just a woman. In this traditional country, disloyalty, not being filial, inhumanity and unrighteousness are all big taboos. If you break any of them, you’ll be criticized by others.’

As you can see, Jiang Yuan was still naïve in his thinking. He hadn’t considered what kind of place the entertainment circle was. How could it be compared to that tiny neighbourhood he lived in?

Jiang Zhenzhen felt a bit insecure. She felt like this wasn’t the right course of action but she couldn’t convince Jiang Yuan.

They waited for this to be mentioned in the news and for Jiang Wan to show up with gifts to apologise. But that didn’t happen.

Nothing happened on the next day.

Oh, that wasn’t quite right. Shi Sheng had uploaded more wedding pictures with another picture of money at the end.

The next few days were calm- aside from Shi Sheng’s regular daily releases of ‘dog food’. Which always ended with a picture of money folded into all kinds of shapes.

Her fans were already used to this ‘husband flaunting’ hobby of hers. Of course, there were those who scolded her, but they were rather unnoticeable as their comments would quickly be covered up by other people’s ‘screen-licking’ comments.

Just as Jiang Yuan was about to do something impulsive, there was finally some news online; Albeit not the type he had expected. It was a news article about how a man and his family had stolen his younger brother’s assets then mistreated his niece. When that niece built up a company with her own efforts, they then came wanting to have a share.

Hu Shuo’s writing skills weren’t to be looked down upon. When added to his studio’s reputation, the online community naturally believed him. Very quickly, some people managed to dig up information about Jiang Yuan’s family. It matched the subtle hints in the article.

Of course, there were people who had liked Jiang Wan back at her hometown, plenty of whom hung out regularly with Jiang Yuan. However, all they knew was that the Jiang family had produced a star but they didn’t know what was going behind the scenes.

A few of the closer ones though, knew that Jiang Wan hadn’t had it good back then.

Everything she used, including her clothes, were all leftovers from Jiang Zhenzhen. There were some years where she wasn’t able to wear any new clothes at all.

Without much effort, Jiang Yuan’s family’s terrible ways were exposed. Fans started trying to find Jiang Yuan’s family in order to enact justice.

The hotel Jiang Yuan was staying in was exposed by Hu Shuo using one of his minor accounts. This resulted in Jiang Yuan’s family not being able to leave the hotel.

Since they had attempted to use the power of the internet to deal with Shi Sheng, she simply returned it to them.

“How has our Little Meatball mistreated you guys? One night at the Carlisle hotel costs $10,000 at least! Just how do you guys have the face to call Little Meatball ungrateful?!”

“There really are all kinds of birds if the forest is big enough1! You’re just Little Meatball’s relatives and not direct ones at that! What right do you have to eye her assets?! Can you guys get anymore shameless? Do you think there’s no one to back our Little Meatball up?!”

“Although I’m not a Meatball fan but let’s be honest here, Jiang Wan is truly generous. If it was me who had these kinds of greedy relatives, I’d force them to cough up every last cent of it!”

Jiang Yuan and his family couldn’t leave at all and they had to hear curses and insults being flung at them.

“Good ah! Jiang Wan that white-eyed wolf2! She actually dared to do this to me…” Jiang Yuan started cursing out of anger.

“Dad, what do we do now?” Jiang Zhenzhen was a bit afraid now. ‘The people outside are too scary… Is this the power of a fanbase?’

Thinking this actually caused some more envy and jealousy to rise in her heart.

Jiang Zhenzhen’s question caused Jiang Yuan to be at a loss for words. After all, he was just a normal person, when had he ever encountered stuff like this before?

At the moment, his mind was in a blank state. He didn’t know what he should do.


Shi Sheng didn’t expect Jiang Zhenzhen to still dare to come look for her. She laughed soundlessly before lifting her chin, indicating for her to speak. “Sit. What did you want?”

“Xiaowan, we’re at least sisters and dad’s your uncle, how could you let them say those things about us?” Jiang Zhenzhen’s eyes were red as she complained tearfully.

Jiang Zhenzhen hadn’t been willing to lower her head for Jiang Wan but Jiang Yuan had told her if she didn’t do so, they wouldn’t be able to get those things. So, for the sake of those companies and the money…

“What did I get people to say about you guys?” Shi Sheng blinked innocently.

Jiang Zhenzhen’s face was so red it looked like blood might start dripping from it. Whether it was from anger or shame, we do not know. The hand hanging at her side clenched. “You got people on the internet to say…”

She couldn’t continue.

“Oh, that. Are you going to tell me you didn’t do those stuff?”

‘You want to get a memorial arch while being a prostitute3? Do you really think I’m as easy to bully as that dummy Jiang Wan?’

“You were the one who gave us those things.” Jiang Zhenzhen suddenly looked up and shouted, the resentment in her eyes completely revealed for all to see.

“Back then I didn’t understand anything. It was your family that coaxed me into handing them over. It was my own fault for not being able to tell who was being sincere so I gave up on wanting that money back. Yet now you guys want to come after my company? Do you really think I’m still as dumb as I was back then?”

Jiang Zhenzhen was obviously no match for Shi Sheng in terms of a sharp tongue. Besides, she was the one in the wrong.

After Jiang Zhenzhen left, Jiang Yuan and his wife took turns to look for her.

‘You guys have already said it a thousand different ways! “We’re all relatives, shouldn’t you help us now that you’ve struck it rich?” Help?! Help my arse!!!’


On the 9th of September, the wedding was held on a small island.

Jiang Yuan’s family was fairly thick-skinned; Even with so many people cursing and insulting them, they still attended the wedding. When they saw such an opulent setting, their eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets.

They didn’t make any trouble. Not knowing what they were up to, Shi Sheng got people to keep an eye on them and toss them out if they did.

The entire wedding was livestreamed. This was Shi Sheng’s gift to her fans. Such a grand wedding allowed these fans to know what was truly a rich family.

After the wedding, Shi Sheng resumed her normal routine of shooting films, earning money, then spending money.

Jiang Yuan’s family seemed determined to fight it out with Shi Sheng as they refused to leave the capital. Jiang Zhenzhen even entered the entertainment circle.

The entertainment circle was a messy place. Even without Shi Sheng’s intervention, Jiang Zhenzhen became utterly tainted.

After using some ‘unknown methods’ she managed to snag a small acting role and even sucked up to Lu Dapeng.

Who was Lu Dapeng? It was that former patron of Lin Shanshan, a branch member of the Lu family.

Lu Dapeng was pretty unlucky. He saw Jiang Zhenzhen at Shi Sheng’s wedding but because they had been obedient, he hadn’t learned about their relationship with Shi Sheng. On his second meeting with Jiang Zhenzhen, they ended up in the sheets together.

But after they were done, Jiang Zhenzhen told him to deal with Jiang Wan’s Mantian Entertainment, causing him such a scare he nearly couldn’t get hard again. ‘Your mom! Why am I so unlucky? Why do I always get the ones who want to offend Eldest Young Master?!’

Lu Dapeng was quite a smart fellow. Without any obvious changes in expression while he was in front of Jiang Zhenzhen, he went to report this to Lu Qingyun when they parted ways.

‘That person is now the Young Madam of the Lu family. In the future, she’s going to be the Madam of the Lu family! How can I afford to offend her?!’

After getting his instructions from Lu Qingyun, Lu Dapeng didn’t dare to show any tenderness towards Jiang Zhenzhen.

He didn’t do much. All he did was to bring her to some gatherings to learn more. He completely ignored her requests though. So, if Jiang Zhenzhen wanted resources, she had to sell her body for them. Jiang Zhenzhen’s reputation became the worst in the entertainment circle.

Author’s note:

This part wasn’t supposed to exist but I added it in this morning T^T

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Translator’s Corner (<-This is me, I’m not up there^^^):

I bolded the Author’s note because for some reason, some readers thought I was the one writing them… I’m NOT!!! I’m just the translator!!!

  1. Idiom. Forest = World. Birds = People.
  2. ‘白眼狼’ or ‘white-eyed wolf’ is a phrase used to describe an ungrateful person.
  3. Another saying. The memorial arch here refers to the memorials erected for particularly chaste women… Can you put it together?

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