Chapter 51 : Patron, Please Keep Me (End)

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Jiang Yuan wasn’t doing well either. He was a gambler. All the funds he had taken from Jiang Wan back then had pretty much all been gambled away. He had come to the capital expecting to become rich but had met with a serious setback. Under the depression he felt, he started gambling again.

When their remaining savings were all lost through gambling, his wife nearly picked a fight with him.

Just as the two were in a heated argument, the hotel got them to leave. They immediately stopped fighting and teamed up against the hotel. They weren’t willing to leave since they knew that one night here was worth $10,000 and above.

They had stayed here for about a month now, which amounted to a staggering $300,000. The hotel staff ignored their protests and simply got security to throw them out.

Facing hardened security guards, Jiang Yuan could only leave, though he was still cursing Jiang Wan non-stop.

When Shi Sheng learned of this, she simply laughed in contempt. Why do you think she let them stay at such a good place for so long? Think about it, now that their standards have been raised, would they be willing to head back into that tiny city?

The answer: Of course not.

Jiang Zhenzhen still had some money on hand so she rented a place for her parents to stay in.

Jiang Yuan went to Mantian Entertainment every day to look for Jiang Wan but he was never able to even catch even a glimpse of her. Jiang Yuan’s gambling addiction got worse and worse. All the money that Jiang Zhenzhen brought back home was lost by him. In the end, he even started forcing Jiang Zhenzhen to sell her body.

Jiang Zhenzhen’s parents got into a fight. After a few instances of being hit, her mother couldn’t take it anymore and fled with her things. Without his wife there, Jiang Yuan got even more unrestrained. In the end, he actually wagered Jiang Zhenzhen and lost. He ran off.


Two years later, Shi Sheng was crowned a Queen of Acting. She then announced she would be leaving the entertainment industry. The Meatball fans expressed their dissent.

But upon seeing how their Little Meatball was just as insane as ever about flaunting her ‘husband’, they calmed down. Even if their Little Meatball wasn’t in the entertainment circle anymore, she was still their Little Meatball.

Five years later, Shi Sheng passed US$1 billion to Grandpa Lu, then had him pass it to Lu Qingyun and got him to give it back to her. After completing her quest, Shi Sheng immediately wanted a divorce.

Lu Qingyun was stunned stupid. ‘I don’t understand what she’s thinking. Is she redeeming her freedom through money? There’s a lot of pressure if your wife is rich…’

Had it not been for Grandpa Lu preventing the divorce, Lu Qingyun would probably have faced some rather unpleasant reactions from her fans.

Marriages into wealthy clans were quite common but so were divorces.

Although the divorce wasn’t successful, Shi Sheng wasn’t staying with Lu Qingyun anymore; She began her life of travelling around the world.

And so, Meatball fans discovered that their Little Meatball had stopped flaunting her ‘husband’ and had started ‘digging holes’1.

And so, Shi Sheng had successfully changed professions from a celebrity to an author. She was doing quite well too, and even had her own little fanbase.

The only thing was, Little Meatball’s stories always ended ‘wonderfully’, had some extremely unexpected plot twist or was just castrated2. But they still loved their Little Meatball!

Every time Little Meatball opened up a new hole, they would come in droves to leap into it. It practically became an illness that needed to be treated!

Before Grandpa Lu passed on, he forced them to swear not to get divorced. Since she didn’t have anyone she liked anyways, Shi Sheng decided to agree.

Lu Qingyun also felt that having Shi Sheng as the Madam of the clan was quite good… And besides, he was too lazy to go look for someone else. So, he agreed too. The two had their own lives, never crossing into each other’s personal space yet were tightly interconnected.

It was much later that Shi Sheng found out the cause of Lu Qingyun’s enmity with Xi Mo. Tang Yan had a brother called Tang Yue. He was very close to Lu Qingyun. Back then, the parents of the two had made a marriage agreement between him and Tang Yue while they were still in the womb. However, Tang Yue turned out to be a guy so the marriage agreement fell to Tang Yan, who was born later, instead.

Lu Qingyun had a heart disease. Back then, it was predicted he wouldn’t live for long. Tang Yan hadn’t been willing to get married to someone a step from death and started causing a ruckus about breaking the engagement.

Before Tang Yan had managed to dissolve the engagement though, Tang Yue got into a car accident. The driver who knocked him down was none other than Xi Mo.

Lu Qingyun opposed Xi Mo for the sake of avenging Tang Yue. In the next few years, as long as Xi Mo took over any of the Xi family’s businesses, they would be attacked by Lu Qingyun.

And without the protective halo of the female lead, the Xi family was tormented to the point there was barely anything left of it. In the end, they only had one tiny company left.

Xi Mo wasn’t doing so hot either. He married the daughter of a high-ranking official who had absolute control over his pockets.

As for Tang Yan, when Tang Yin returned to take over the majority of the Tang family, she was forced into a marriage of convenience. Her mother-in-law wasn’t nice to her and neither was her husband. She had a hard time until she managed to bear a son.

But not one year after that, a pretty woman appeared by her husband’s side and her days got bad again.

Xia Man and Tang Yin ended up together. Xia Man was praised by many and she eventually sat on the Queen position of the entertainment circle.

Shi Sheng only lived to be 40 in this life. She died of a terminal illness.

Her departure caused the fans who had liked her for these 20 years to be utterly heartbroken. There were many well-wishes for her.

Even if she wasn’t in the entertainment circle, her fanbase wasn’t inferior to that of any celebrity’s. In fact, she had diehard, loyal fans from many circles.

She left behind many legends. Regardless of whether it was within the entertainment circle, the literary circle or the business circle, there were legends about her.

She was unbridled and arrogant but she had the ability to be so.

She was Jiang Wan, their most beloved Little Meatball.


When Shi Sheng returned to the System space, she sat a bit unhappily in front of that crystal book.

[Host, are you unhappy?] There were actually some traces of feeling in that icy-cold robotic voice.

Shi Sheng propped up her jaw. She pretty much had ‘I am very unhappy. Hurry up and coax me!’ written on her face.

[Does the Host feel any attachment to that world after living there for so long?]

…Silence. A deathly silence.

[Host, can you at least say something to prove you’re still alive?]

Shi Sheng moved her eyes for a bit before shooting out words like a machine gun. “I haven’t opened that new hole yet. Not happy! Can you send me back and let me open it up? I thought about this one for ages, it’s a shame I didn’t get to publish it.”

[……] ‘Hurhur. With Host’s character, how can she become unhappy because of a person? I really… feel like I’ve fucked a dog…’

System decided to ignore this crazy Host.

Data appeared on the screen:

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -100,000

Mission Rank: F

Mission Points: 88

Contribution Points: 3,500

Hidden Quest: Complete (Due to the Host using a shortcut, the reward will be halved.)

Hidden Quest Reward: 2,000 Contribution Points and a Special Consumable: “Space Between Time (1-time use)”.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Shortcuts… Your mom, is the money I make not money anymore?! And why have my Morality Points reduced again?! System, aren’t you going to explain this to me(bbb)?’

[Host, you started writing a total of 28 stories in this world. Of them, 22 were dropped. One book reduces your Morality Points by 100. I already rounded it down to 2,000. This time, you earned 1,000 Morality Points so after cancelling it off, it is still a reduction of 1,000. Do you have any other questions?]

Shi Sheng “…” ‘*flip table* You didn’t tell me castrating books would reduce my morality points!’

[Do you wish to check what happened after you left?]

“What would I do that for? Fuck off!” Shi Sheng gave a cussed a reply. She glared at that ‘Morality Points’ section, feeling very annoyed.

[Do you wish to enter the next mission?]

[Initialising transfer…]

‘Fuck! System can you not just decide things on your own like this?! I can get angry too, okay?!’

Author’s note:

500 reviews and you get another update! This arc is over! On to the 3rd story: Cultivation!

(=^▽^=) My MC is awesome, don’t bring your logic with you~

Please vote, *babbling/weird singing{?}*~~

P.S: About the MC’s money-making abilities as well as all these weird stuffs she comes up with, it’s not a bug… at least not in the story! It’ll be written later…

Once more thanking all the little angels who are supporting by reading!

Translator’s Corner:

Aye, the end of arc 2! Next arc we go~

Romance, here I cooome!

  1. This can mean a) writing cliff-hangers, b) leaving plot holes unexplained or c) trolling. I think option a is the most likely but I’m leaving these here just because I’m not 100% sure.
  2. This means the book was dropped by her. I thought it was hilarious to leave it like this. If editor-san decides it can stay in, then it stays in. *Editor-san gives both thumbs up.

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