Chapter 458 : The First Song of Qin (31)

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There was a feast held after the awards ceremony for people to network.

Shi Sheng and Qin Ge stood together. The two didn’t really talk much, merely exchanging a glance occasionally, but it didn’t feel awkward at all.

Some of Qin Ge’s acquaintances came over to toast them. The others who weren’t familiar with him didn’t dare to approach.

Everyone in this circle knew that Qin-zong wasn’t someone easy to get along with. Perhaps one wrong word could cause you to be pulled into his ‘don’t associate with ever again’ blacklist. And the conditions he gave for co-operation were very strict to boot.

All the people who’d worked with him before had a deep impression of this—they’d have to adjust a contract over 20 times before being able to sign it.

“Someone from the Qin Family’s coming.” Someone standing near Qin Ge gave a heads-up to the person beside him and as one, they retreated.

It was no secret in this circle that Qin Ge and the Qin Family weren’t on the best of terms. Now that the Qin Family sent a delegate over, wouldn’t this result in a showdown?

They had to make way for that.

“Qin Ge.”

The speaker was a middle-aged man. Perhaps due to the excellent genes of the Qin Family, he looked handsome despite his age.

Qin Ge coldly stared at him, neither greeting nor in any other way acknowledging him.

Shi Sheng gave him a once-over. Qin Ling, the illegitimate older half-brother of Qin Ge’s father.

“Once you’re done messing around outside, you should return. You’re still the Young Master of the Qin Family. In future, you will inherit it.” Qin Ling looked at Qin Ge like an elder showing concern for a junior.

Qin Ling didn’t have a son—Qin Xin was his only daughter. There didn’t seem to be anyone else who could inherit the Qin Family’s business apart from Qin Ge, their proper young master.

“I already cut off all ties with you lot five years ago.” Qin Ge’s voice sounded a bit cold, as he gave his rejection without room for negotiation.

Qin Ling acted as if he was very understanding. “Xin’er was in the wrong back then. She’s already left the country; can you still not let this go? As her older brother, even if Xin’er made a mistake, shouldn’t you be more generous and forgive her? You’re the only future of our Qin Family. Qin Ge, can you really watch as your father’s hard work goes without a successor?”

“My dad never asked me to.” Qin Ge’s attitude turned colder. “Mr Qin, since the Qin Family was given to you, then please hold onto it tight. Don’t covet what belongs to others, lest you lose it all.”

Would Qin Ling be so nice as to just let him return? It was merely because he was eyeing Qin Ge’s current company.

A hint of rage at being exposed flashed in Qin Ling’s eyes.

“Qin Ge, consider this carefully. Don’t think that just because you’ve had some accomplishments that you’ll be able to make it big! There are plenty of people more accomplished than you!” Qin Ling’s tone wasn’t as pleasant as before. “And mind your status—you can do better than to marry someone so unseemly.”

“Mr Qin.” Now that he was dragging her into it, Shi Sheng shot Qin Ling a frosty smile. “You still dare to flounce around in front of me? I really admire you. Do you not want your Qin Family anymore?”

Qin Ling’s expression changed suddenly.

The matter of her openly extorting them of 30 million was still fresh in his mind. They all knew she’d done it, but couldn’t produce the slightest bit of evidence.

“Qiao Chu, don’t think that just because you have some smarts that you can do whatever you want!” Qin Ling’s face hardened as he warned, “I, Qin Ling, am not so easily threatened!”

“Sorry, but I am.” ‘Do you take my(lz) Mary Sue’s Sword to be a decoration? Imma hack you till you can’t find a bed your size!’

Qin Ling glared at Shi Sheng before leaving.

“He’s gonna cause trouble.” Shi Sheng voiced. ‘Troublemakers are what I’m(bbb) least afraid of!’


Shi Sheng didn’t know what the Qin Family was planning on doing, but the Spring Festival[1] was here.

Shi Sheng and Qin Ge went to the supermarket to go shopping for ingredients for the hotpot that they were going to eat.

Of course, Qin Ge was the one actually choosing the ingredients. Shi Sheng only had to pay, pay, pay!

Shi Sheng invited Qiao-fu over to enjoy the hotpot with them. During the meal, Qiao-fu occasionally asked Qin Ge a few things. The atmosphere was quite harmonious.

Ding dong!

Shi Sheng had been placing the meat in the pot, but she stopped upon hearing the doorbell. She looked at Qin Ge.

He had an innocent expression on. He didn’t know who could be looking for them at this hour.

Qin Ge resignedly got up to open the door. The person he saw standing there gave him quite a surprise: Qiao Qian’qian!

“Qin-zong.” Qiao Qian’qian had a slight smile on her face. “I’m looking for my dad.”

Qin Ge frowned and blocked off the doorway, showing no intention of letting her in.

Hearing her voice, Qiao-fu set down his chopsticks ad left. “Xiao Qin, you can go back to eating. I’ll go out for a bit to talk to Qian’qian.”

Qiao Qian’qian’s smile was a bit stiff from standing outside, but she struggled to keep it on her face.

Since both Qin Ge and Shi Sheng were unwilling to let Qiao Qian’qian in, they didn’t object to Qiao-fu’s suggestion.

Qiao-fu returned after roughly half an hour. His expression didn’t show any hint as to what they had been discussing.

“Dad, what is it?” Shi Sheng kept feeling like something bad should have happened for Qiao Qian’qian to come looking for Qiao-fu.

“Nothing. Your sister was just here to visit for the New Year’s.” Qiao-fu’s tone was natural, as if that was truly the case.

Shi Sheng gave him a suspicious look, but didn’t continue questioning him.

Qiao-fu stayed until the wee hours of the morning, whereupon he bid them goodbye and left.

He was truly reassured seeing how good Qin Ge was to his daughter—not even he could’ve handled cooking and household chores while earning money for the sake of a woman.

Qin Ge went to clean up the messy areas. Having a wife who liked throwing stuff everywhere was simply a death sentence to someone with OCD.

“Qin Ge.” Shi Sheng leaned against the door to the room and crooked her finger at him. “Come here.”

Qin Ge set down the things in his hands and obediently ran over to her.

“Here’s a present for you.” Shi Sheng revealed what she was holding in the hand that had been hidden behind the door—an exquisitely wrapped box.

Qin Ge happily opened it up.

10 seconds later…

“Why is it another card?” ‘What’s the point of such a nice wrapping if it was just going to be a card inside???’

Shi Sheng blinked. “Renewal for further use ah!”

Qin Ge, “…” ‘I’m not an object! What do you mean ‘renewal for further use’?!’

Qin Ge kept the card with a depressed look. ‘I can’t even remember how many cards she’s given me at this point!’

He looked at Shi Sheng, who was sitting on the bed. His eyes narrowed and he started undressing. “Since Ma’am has already paid up, I simply must serve you well tonight.”

“C’mon! First one to give out’s a chicken!” Shi Sheng patted the bed in such a way that it wouldn’t look out of place if she were to roll up her sleeves and challenge him to a fight.

Qin Ge was exasperated inwardly. ‘Why is it that other people’s wives can act shy, while mine doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word?’

He imagined Shi Sheng acting shy…and felt a shudder run up his spine. That image was too much.

‘I think this wifey is much better to look at than that…’

Qin Ge pounced over, cornering Shi Sheng on the bed.

Qin Ge was actually quite gentle in bed. He’d do his best to accommodate Shi Sheng. Even if it caused him discomfort, he wouldn’t make her uncomfortable.

Everyone liked to be treated gently.

As the fireworks burst in the air, the multi-coloured light filtered in through the window, adding to the atmosphere.

[1] Or as it is otherwise known, Chinese New Year.

Author’s note:

Little Fairy: So filthy! I can’t bear to look!

Little Angels: There aren’t even any details, how is it filthy? You’re lying through your teeth!

Little Fairy: *cries* How could you guys say that about me?

Little Angels: It’s not like praising you will give us the details, so might as well!

Little Fairy: I look down on little angels like you. I’m telling you, you guys are gonna lose me like this.

You have already lost your Little Angels.

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