Chapter 459 : The First Song of Qin (32)

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After the Spring Festival ended, everyone started busying themselves to begin a new year.

The high-level robots that Qin Ge’s company was producing were officially released, but the results weren’t as good as originally anticipated.

The price of the new model was simply astronomical compared to the previous robots. So unless you were a big boss with over a billion to your name, don’t even think about buying them.

This line of business always carried more risks in the early stages, and the hardships faced would always be countless times more than others.

The pressure hadn’t eased up on Qin Ge.

The CEO who had previously agreed to reserve the current batch of goods just had to pull out at this time, saying he needed more time to consider.

Qin Ge went to see him in person, but didn’t have much fruit to show for it—the other party’s perfunctory attitude was very obvious.

Without this order, the expected sales were naturally even worse.

Qin Ge got off from work later these past two days. After leaving the office building into the empty street, he lifted his head to look at the sky. ‘If I can’t overcome this, I might fail.’

“Mr Qin.”

Qin Ge’s brows furrowed slightly as he looked to the source of the voice.

Qiao Qian’qian wore a well-fitted dress suit and high heels, standing in an alluring pose underneath the dim streetlamp.

“Are you interested in a chat?”

“No.” Qin Ge coldly rejected her.

One could tell from her makeup how much Qiao Qian’qian had changed during this period of time—it gave her a hint of seductiveness under her pretty exterior, as if she was a courtesan of some kind. In other words, the type of people Qin Ge disliked the most.

Qiao Qian’qian showed no irritation as she spoke slowly, “It’s with regards to Hai Yue. Qin-zong, how about you consider it?”

Hai Yue was the order he was worrying about currently.

This batch of robots of his were large, industrial types meant to replace the work of factory workers.

Some bosses had viewed it favourably before, but when the price was announced, they immediately shut up.

Qin Ge coldly walked towards Qiao Qian’qian.

Qiao Qian’qian’s lips gradually lifted. But the smile soon froze.

Qin Ge walked right past her, not pausing in the slightest.

To him, he could rely on Shi Sheng without feeling any pressure, as if it was an instinct he was born with.

But if it was other women… He didn’t even want to look at them.

“Qin-zong, I can help you out with this.” Qiao Qian’qian chased after Qin Ge. “If your company doesn’t receive this order, your robots won’t be able to enter the market and make an impact—”

Qin Ge opened up the car door and expressionlessly sat inside, shutting the door on Qiao Qian’qian.

The car started up and left amidst the shocked stare of Qiao Qian’qian.

‘He actually left without letting me finish?

No, he’ll definitely come look for me. All men want face—what more someone like Qin Ge. How could he lower his head so quickly?’

Qiao Qian’qian felt a bit more reassured inwardly. ‘All I have to do is wait. Wait for Qin Ge to contact me.’

But even after 10 days, Qiao Qian’qian didn’t receive any calls from Qin Ge.

Instead, she saw the news on television of Qin Ge managing to get two large orders for his robots.

The report on the news was very short—Qiao Qian’qian only saw the names of the buyers.

She’d heard of these two groups when she was overseas. They were both large international firms.

‘Qin Ge actually managed to contact these people…’

They not only agreed to buy his product, they even helped him advertise it. What was originally a warehouse overstocked with robots soon sold out. The factories were even working overtime to produce a second batch.

Qiao Qian’qian found the complete video of the contracts being signed online.

The video wasn’t that long—it merely consisted of the signing and exchange of documents.

But at the very end, Qiao Qian’qian saw one of the representatives talking to Shi Sheng, who was seated beside Qin Ge, in a careful manner.

The other also nodded his head slightly, clearly trying to stay on her good side…

Qiao Qian’qian tightened her grip on the mouse. ‘Her again! Qiao Chu!’

Bzzz… Bzzz bzzz…

The sounds of her phone vibrating echoed around the room. Seeing the name of the caller, Qiao Qian’qian felt a surge of annoyance.

She looked at the phone. Only when the call was about to end did she pick it up.


“Qian’qian, send me some money. My luck today hasn’t been too good.”

The sounds of mah-jong tiles clacking could be heard from the other end.

“Mum, you haven’t recovered yet. Why have you gone to play mah-jong again?” Qiao Qian’qian frowned.

“Oh it’s not that serious. Mum’s fine, don’t worry. Quickly send the money to me. I’ll be hanging up now.”

“Mum, I’m—”

Beep beep beep…

Now that the company was in this state, where was Qiao Qian’qian supposed to find the money? Having been angered by Qiao-mu, Qiao Qian’qian didn’t send her any.

When Qiao-mu went home that night, she went straight for Qiao Qian’qian’s room and aggressively questioned the latter, “Qian’qian, why didn’t you send me the money this afternoon? Mum lost a lot of face!”

Ever since Qiao-mu got addicted to mah-jong, she’d feel uncomfortable if she didn’t play it. But her body hadn’t been in good condition to begin with—how could her body take this?

The reason Qiao Qian’qian had gone to see Qiao-fu that time was because Qiao-mu ended up hospitalised from playing too much mah-jong.

“Mum, don’t you know about the company’s current state—”

“The company is so big. How much money could I have taken?” Qiao-mu didn’t really understand companies, but she felt like they should have a lot of money, so the amount she took wouldn’t have totalled even a percentage.

Having been interrupted, Qiao Qian’qian felt a bit angry. “It’s not like you don’t know that one of our shareholders has run off with our money. I’m still thinking of ways to fill in the gap; where do you expect me to produce money to give to you?”

‘If it wasn’t for her, would I have taken over this mess of a company? I tire myself out for nothing!’

Qiao-mu frowned at being yelled at by Qiao Qian’qian. “Qian’qian, don’t learn from your ungrateful sister. Look at what she’s become. Besides, what else do I have besides this bit of entertainment? It’s not like I understand the company matters, and you say I’m only making things worse by being there. Won’t you let me find something to pass the time with since I can’t go there?”

Hearing Qiao-mu mention Qiao Chu, Qiao Qian’qian felt even angrier. “She’s rich now, so why don’t you go look for her?!”

“Qiao Qian’qian!” Qiao-mu’s expression immediately turned serious. “Are you planning on learning from Qiao Chu and opposing me?”

Don’t assume that all educated people are reasonable—when those sorts of people turn unreasonable, they were even more scary than their uneducated counterparts.

Qiao Qian’qian had no way to deal with Qiao-mu’s harassment. Adding on to the fact that she had a pile of paperwork to get through, she could only give Qiao-mu money to shoo the latter off.

Qiao-mu had only just left the room when Qiao Qian’qian’s phone rang again.

Seeing the name of the caller, Qiao Qian’qian’s expression turned even more unsightly.

“Ms Qiao, didn’t you say you’d definitely be able to get close to Qin Ge?” The other party’s tone wasn’t good, even containing a hint of questioning.

“This time was just—”

They didn’t give Qiao Qian’qian a chance to explain as they cut her off, “No need to explain, Ms Qiao. Our co-operation ends here. As for your company, I will be withdrawing my funding immediately. Take care.”

The other party didn’t immediately hang up, instead saying in an odd voice, “Ms Qiao isn’t resolute enough. People like this never accomplish anything big.”

Beep beep beep…

‘Am I not?’ Qiao Qian’qian’s grip on her phone slowly tightened.

‘…Yeah. I’m not.’

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