Chapter 54 : Another Type of Cultivation (3)

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In the Cultivation World, all the people with Spirit Veins were already taken. If they didn’t belong to the great clans, they belonged to the great sects. So the only option left when one wanted to find new disciples was to head to the Mortal World.

The Misty Sect would send disciples to the Mortal World every three years to look for those who had Spirit Veins to take in as new disciples.

Every year, they would leave with a large number of people, but ten people might not even be able to bring back one new disciple. From this, we can see that the number of people who had Spirit Veins and could cultivate in the Mortal World was very small.

Since the number was so small, why then would these sects continue to so enthusiastically send people to the Mortal World?

This was because at least half of the famous and/or powerful experts in the Cultivation World originated from the Mortal World. No one knew why the Mortal World, which lacked a lot of spirit qi, was such a cradle for geniuses.

So even if they didn’t get many from the Mortal World, the large sects were still willing to send disciples there. Their disciples could experience the world while having a chance to pick up the next bigshot of the Cultivation World.

As a reader who had gone through countless pornos… Pei! Cultivation novels, Shi Sheng wanted to say…

‘This is practically a standard plot device! Main characters must have a tragic backstory. Either their parents died, their whole family died, or they got framed by clansmen. Then they’ll fall down a cliff, meet an old grandpa, obtain some strange inheritance and begin their cultivation journey; Full of defeating monsters to level up and face-slapping galore.

So as to why talents come from the Mortal World… It’s for the sake of face-slapping!

“Look, I came from the Mortal World and managed to utterly step on you arrogant, ‘superior’ geniuses!”

Didn’t that sound awesome? Did it give you a heart-pumping feeling?’

Shi Sheng spotted Ye Qingqiu at a glance. ‘Your mom, she’s standing so high up. It’d be hard not to see her!’

She was standing behind the Sect Head. That stance was as if she was looking down on a group of ants.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Why did I(bbb) get such a weird message from her?’

As if she had felt Shi Sheng’s gaze, Ye Qingqiu looked over. That contempt-filled gaze nearly caused Shi Sheng to pick a fight there and then.

‘What in the flying fuck, this main character is a bit off! She shouldn’t have gone out of character so quickly!!!’

“Martial Aunt Shan Shu.” A crisp, female voice suddenly cut in from beside Shi Sheng, interrupting her inspection of Ye Qingqiu.

Shi Sheng turned to look at the girl for a few seconds. “Chu Ning?”

A man wearing deep-blue coloured Daoist robes was standing beside Chu Ning. He looked very manly but his gaze when he looked at her contained disgust.

‘This person should be Chu Ye, Chu Ning’s brother? The person Shan Shu once liked…

*clicks tongue*

His looks compared to Yu Xiao are like Heaven and Earth! I knew Shan Shu this girl was dumb!’

“Martial Aunt is going as well?” There was enmity and guardedness is Chu Ning’s eyes.

“En.” Shi Sheng nodded her head casually before casting her glance at Bai Lang. “My Senior Martial Brother is calling me so I’ll go over first.”

Shi Sheng didn’t want anything to do with these two.

Because Chu Ye liked Ye Qingqiu, he at least managed to make it to the position of a ‘little brother’ even if he didn’t make it to the position of an actual love interest.

Chu Ning though, was a bro-con. She kept causing trouble for Ye Qingqiu because Chu Ye liked her. She ended up being dealt with earlier than the villain Shan Shu.

Chu Ye’s brows furrowed as he looked at Shi Sheng’s departing back. ‘What… is she up to? She always looked as if she wanted to jump me every time we met but after a year of not seeing each other, why is she looking at me like a stranger?’


To get to the Mortal World from the Cultivation World, you had to cross an expansive sea, so you would need some sort of flying-type spelled artifacts. Since they were less common than the normal spirit artifacts, spelled artifacts usually belonged to the sect and were distributed when needed. They had to be returned though.

So when Ye Qingqiu managed to take out a personal flying-type spelled artifacts, quite a few people’s eyes turned red from jealousy. ‘She even has her own flying spelled artifact! Why weren’t we lucky enough to become the Sect Head’s direct disciple?’

‘Haha. You guys think you get a spelled artifact just because you become the Sect Head’s disciple? In your dreams! It’s only because she’s the main character, and found it on her own that she even has it!’

Ye Qingqiu took a few of the people closer to her, leaving everyone else to go sit on the sect-provided flying artifacts. After having watched Ye Qingqiu finish acting cool, Shi Sheng followed Bai Lang onto a ship-shaped flying artifact.

The space inside was quite big. Even with some space reserved for any new disciples they might be bringing back, it was quite spacious. Rolling around a few times wasn’t a problem.

Of course, since there were so many people, they couldn’t all be heading to the same place. The flying artifacts split up in four directions and dropped off some people at spaced intervals. When it was time to return, they had to return to where they were dropped off and send a signal so the flying artifact could come pick them up.

Because Bai Lang was in charge, his destination was at the final stop. Shi Sheng, however, got off halfway. Bai Lang wasn’t reassured leaving her alone since their Master had instructed him to take care of her.

Only after Shi Sheng swore she wouldn’t make any trouble did Bai Lang allow her to go with two other disciples.

Shi Sheng shook off the two disciples and headed towards the direction of The Forest of Death. ‘This name… I(bbb) can’t even… This name is too uncreative!’

This was the place the male lead first made his appearance. As to why the female lead, who was supposed to be miles away, would end up here of all places… You can thank Plot-sama for that. Even if one of them was in the northernmost reaches of the world and the other was at the southernmost, the two would still be able to meet!

‘It’s all for the sake of love ah!’

“A red-coloured tree…” Shi Sheng muttered as she walked. ‘Is the tree having its period? It’s even a bloody red too!’


A strange-looking creature suddenly burst out from the undergrowth. Its large body landed on the ground, causing the earth to shake. Shi Sheng felt like she was standing in front of an elephant.

It wasn’t wrong to call it a strange creature, for what tiger have you seen grows fish scales on its body? Also, what tiger grows a set of horns on its head?!

‘Are you sure it’s a tiger?! Don’t know what the fuck this is. Cultivation worlds are terrifying… Cultivation worlds created by authors are even more terrifying!’


The tiger’s eyes were bright red, as if it was about to eat Shi Sheng.

‘Roaring at your grandpa! Bad guys die because they talk too much, ya know?!’ Shi Sheng lifted her hand and shot out a bunch of icicles. Some had two pointy ends, some had many edges while others were shaped like a shuttle1.

This was the skill she had honed the most recently. The skill’s area of attack was a bit large but after some practise, she managed to get the hang of controlling the icicles in mid-air. Though, she couldn’t control that many at a time, just a few. It was enough though.

The tiger dodged the icicles but hadn’t expected three of them to suddenly turn around and shoot back.

Pff… Pff…

Two consecutive sounds of a hard object piercing through a body could be heard. The tiger’s bell-sized eyes widened. ‘How could this puny human… injure me…?’

The belly of the tiger had been pierced through by icicles. Fresh, red blood trickled out like a stream, flowed along the icicles and dripped onto the ground.

Its large body slammed into the ground. It widened its eyes and heaved as it looked at the human in front of it.

Though it had fish scales on its body, its underbelly wasn’t included. Hence it was easily pierced by the icicles.

“What a pity…” Shi Sheng shook her head in disappointment. “Only two hit the mark. Seems like I need more practise.”

The tiger “…” ‘What an unlucky tiger I am to meet such a monster…

I’ll still be a fierce tiger 20 years later! I’ll get my revenge!!!2

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Translator’s Corner:

  1. Not really sure what this looks like. All I got was some part of a sewing (?) machine.
  2. *cough* Reincarnation *cough*

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