Chapter 55 : Another Type of Cultivation (4)

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There were quite a few spirit beasts in The Forest of Death, though their levels weren’t that high. Shi Sheng just treated it as practise. Needless to say, those spirit beasts ended up dying horribly.

After a long time, she finally managed to find that red-coloured tree. It really was red. From top to bottom and inside-out, it was a dazzling red.

As to why she knew the inside was red? Oh, she chopped it. According to normal plots, this tree would play a special role somewhere along the line but even when Shi Sheng had cut it down, there was nothing strange.

‘Is it because I’m not the main character? So, I don’t have any hidden storylines? Even props are this discriminating? How scary!’

The tree “…” ‘At least give me an opportunity to do something! Who told you to chop me as soon as you arrived?! I didn’t even get a chance to react!’

Shi Sheng sat on the trunk of the fallen tree. She looked at the sky as she waited for the male lead. All she knew was that the female lead would meet the male lead here but as to why the male lead was here in the first place, only the author knew…

Shi Sheng was about to turn into a Mong Fu Shek1 from waiting yet she didn’t even catch the slightest glimpse of the male lead.

‘Is this tree not the only red one in The Forest of Death? Maybe I should go and check the area?’

Shi Sheng went for a little hike in the area. She didn’t see any more red trees. She did encounter a few somewhat normal-looking spirit beasts though. By the time she had dealt with them and returned, she saw a person collapsed beside the ‘corpse’ of the tree.

‘Well fuck me… So I needed to leave first ah!’ Shi Sheng took out the longsword Yu Xiao had given her before she left. She stabbed it down at the person’s back.



Two sounds resounded at the same time. The former was the sound of a blade entering flesh while the latter was a woman’s cold rebuke.

Shi Sheng maintained her posture of stabbing her sword while she turned to look at the source of the voice. Her eyebrow lifted. “Hey, well if it isn’t Junior Martial Sister Ye?”

Ye Qingqiu was wearing a purple Daoist robe covered in filth. Her hair was in a mess too. Only her face was clean, allowing one to see how stunning it was. There was a sharply arrogant coldness in her eyes.

“What are you doing?” Ye Qingqiu questioned her coldly.

“Killing people! Are you blind?” Shi Sheng spoke in a very normal voice, as if killing this person was to be expected.

Ye Qingqiu was speechless. ‘What’s with this Shan Shu? She’s completely different from a year ago… Could it be she’s an expert that has taken over a body too?’

Ye Qingqiu narrowed her eyes. “He has no enmity with you, if you kill him, you will have to face the consequences of karma.”

“Didn’t like the look of him so I am killing him with a reason.” Shi Sheng took out the sword and stabbed back down again. Her movements were fluid and completed quickly. ‘This fucker was the one who killed Shan Shu in their past lives. How am I killing him without a reason? Even if there’s karma, he’s the one that has to deal with the payback while I’m the one dishing it out.’

“You-” Ye Qingqiu hadn’t expected Shi Sheng to move so quickly. She could only watch as another bloody hole appeared on the back of the man whose face she could not see clearly.

She didn’t know why but when she saw this man, she had a strong feeling that she should save him. Seeing that Shi Sheng was about to continue stabbing him, Ye Qingqiu attacked.

A wall of water appeared out of nowhere and pushed towards Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng hurriedly grabbed the man and used him as a meatshield.

The water wall wasn’t retracted in time and smashed into the two. Shi Sheng could feel that there were countless tiny whirlpools in the water that seemed to want to tear her to pieces. She immediately covered her body with a layer of tough ice. When the water met the surface of the ice, a crackling sound was made.

‘As expected of a main character; Even if she has Water Spirit Veins she can still use it with so much killing intent! System still hasn’t given me(bbb) any cheats in such a dangerous world… All the bad reviews!’

As Shi Sheng was cursing at System inwardly, the layer of ice had already been eroded away by the water current. Shi Sheng’s expression hardened slightly as she lifted her sword and waved it, causing a cut to form in the wall of water.

She let go of the man she was holding onto and nimbly leapt through the exit to land at a safe place.

That man on the other hand, had been sliced up rather badly by the water current. His body was covered in blood and the surrounding wall of water had been dyed a bright red.

The wall of water disappeared and the man crashed to the ground. He looked like a person made of blood from the amount of blood soaking his exterior. Perhaps he was woken by the pain for the man cast a weak and sorry glance at Ye Qingqiu.

“Yi? Actually didn’t die from that.” Shi Sheng muttered in a low voice before going forward to continue stabbing. Ye Qingqiu immediately shot out another current of water which picked the man up and pulled him in front of her.

“…Junior Martial Sister Ye, isn’t this a bit impolite of you? Even if you want to kill him, you still have to respect the rules of first-come-first-served, right? You should let me have my shot first!”

A hint of ferocity flashed in Shi Sheng’s eyes. ‘Why is the male lead so hard to kill?! I fucking stabbed him twice! If I’d known earlier, I’d have chopped off his head instead!!!

Ye Qingqiu “…” ‘When did I say that I wanted to kill him?’

Male lead “…” ‘Have I met some devil cultivators?’

“Well alright then. Since Junior Martial Sister Ye wants him then I’ll just let you have him. Though… this habit of yours of first treating the person before killing them is no good. It’s easy to get injured from their retaliations, you know? Do be careful!” Shi Sheng gave a very considerate ‘reminder’ to Ye Qingqiu.

“Shan Shu, what nonsense are you spouting?” ‘Since when did I have this kind of habit?’

“Wah, so fierce, I’m terrified!” Shi Sheng patted her chest as she retreated. Of course, despite her words, there was only calmness on her face. Her eyes showed an even more terrifying degree of placidity.

That appearance of hers caused Ye Qingqiu to be more guarded. Ye Qingqiu had already certain this person in front of her wasn’t the real Shan Shu but someone else who had taken over her body. After all, if Ye Qingqiu herself could do so then others could too…

‘Should I kill her? No, I don’t know what trump cards she might have up her sleeve. I can’t be rash.’

Ye Qingqiu’s mind worked for a bit before she grabbed the man and ran off. ‘I’ll deal with you when we get back to Misty Sect!’

Shi Sheng didn’t pursue them. She believed that the male lead should have heard what she said just now.

This male lead wasn’t a kind person. His wounds were caused by Ye Qingqiu. Without the good first impression he got from her when she carefully nursed him to health, plus letting him hear those words just now…

Just thinking about it got Shi Sheng feeling expectant.


Shi Sheng felt that if plot-sama didn’t try to kill off the villain, it would feel unhappy. After all, why else would she meet the female lead again on the third day after they last saw each other?!

‘Although the Earth is round, but can you fucking run a round in 3 goddamn days?! And is this place even Earth?!’

Ye Qingqiu was also a bit speechless at meeting her again.

“What’s that thing that’s chasing you?” Shi Sheng took the time to ask.

Yes that’s right. They were being chased by a large… something. How large?

‘How would I(bbb) know?! Look at that swath of fallen trees behind us and imagine how large it is by yourself!’

“Dragon.” Ye Qingqiu gave a terrifying answer.

‘Da fuck? A dragon?! It wouldn’t be surprising if it showed up in the Cultivation World, but what in the hell is such an OP creature like a dragon doing in the Mortal World?! Okay, let’s say it does exist here. But why is it chasing after you?! Female lead, just what have you done?! Don’t implicate me(bbb) ah!’

Author’s note:

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PS: The tiger last chapter was just a random cannon fodder, why do you guys find it pitiful…?

Translator’s Corner:

It just occurred to me I should probably colour my notes a different colour too…

  1. It’s like the Amah rock in Hong Kong. Look here:

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