Chapter 57 : Another Type of Cultivation (6)

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Recalling the plotline, Shi Sheng hurriedly leapt out of range of the fire. “Fuck, forgot about this.”

Feng Ci’s eyelashes trembled when he saw her actions, but his thoughts were hidden. That gaze though, was as if he was looking at the most valuable treasure he had ever laid eyes on.

‘Feng Ci… he was the final boss in this novel. And he was the final obstacle/stepping stone for the female lead too…’

He was the offspring of a member of a Dragon Clan and a member of a Phoenix Clan. However, he was born with these fiercely burning flames surrounding him. Though these flames emitted no heat, they were capable of burning living things to ashes.

No one dared to get close to him. Not even his own parents would go near him since they could get burned if they were careless.

Those Dragon and Phoenix Clans had already been at loggerheads before his birth. And then Feng Ci had turned out like that. His father felt he was inauspicious and began to regret being with his mother. His mother then abandoned him for his father’s sake.

Feng Ci. Irony1.

The first time he had shown up was in the Celestial World, when the female lead had first ascended. The male lead had gone to welcome her. Feng Ci had just so happened to have come back from the lower world, causing those around the area to hurriedly retreat and hide. The only ones left were the male and female leads. The female lead didn’t know him but the male lead had a hostile relationship with him.

The male lead was the Young Master of a Dragon Clan, which meant he naturally disliked Feng Ci who was a dragon-phoenix hybrid. However, because of Feng Ci’s… uniqueness, he didn’t normally start a fight with him of his own accord. However, how could the male lead show weakness in front of his female lead?

He had then blocked Feng Ci’s path.

Feng Ci, very awesomely, had set the Ascension Platform on fire. It burned for three whole days. At the time, the female lead had had an expression of surprise and guardedness upon seeing this, though the author hadn’t elaborated why. But now, it seems like it was because they had met here before?

Shi Sheng made sure she wasn’t injured anywhere. ‘I’d(bbb) die from just a lick of those flames! How come I was so dumb as to jump right in? It’s definitely because that thing chased away all my IQ while it was after me!

Though… why am I alright? I was in there for so long, even if there was a delay, that was a bit too long, right? Or is it because I’m just tougher than I(bbb) think?’

[Due to the uniqueness of the target this time, System has specially granted you a BUG that will allow you to ignore Feng Ci’s flames.]

‘Oh, so it’s a cheat… Then why didn’t you give any to me before?! And where’s my Beginner’s Package?’

‘Host, you’re focusing on the wrong thing! And how long are you going to keep up with the beginner’s package thing!’

“Senior Martial Sister Shan!” Ye Qingqiu suddenly charged towards her, the Snakekin hot on her heels.

‘What the fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! What are you trying to do, female lead-sama?!’

Ye Qingqiu baited the Snakekin to Shi Sheng’s side before reaching out to push Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng nimbly caught onto Ye Qingqiu’s wrist. “Martial Sister Ye, what do you think you’re doing?”

Seeing that the Snakekin was about to catch up, Ye Qingqiu’s expression turned ruthless. “I’ll have to trouble Martial Sister Shan to help me block it for a bit. I’m sure you won’t just stand by and allow me to be in danger, right?!”

“Uh, yeah I will!” Shi Sheng nodded her head strongly before throwing off Ye Qingqiu and jumping back into Feng Ci’s flames. ‘I(bbb) knew the female lead was no good! The first thing she wants to do is to kill me(bbb)!’

The Snakekin hesitated when it got close to Feng Ci. It glared ferociously at Ye Qingqiu. ‘This damned human dared to steal my stuff! The herb I’ve been taking care of all for the sake of my ascension tribulation was actually stolen by this damned human! But I can’t afford to provoke that human with fire around him…’

“Hey handsome, wanna kill her?” Shi Sheng didn’t lower her voice at all. “She’s clearly up to no good by bringing that snake over.”

Feng Ci blinked his sparkling eyes, looking rather endearing. “If you want, I can kill her.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Hey now, how come you started flirting? Am I someone you can just flirt with? It should be…’

“I would like it! Kill her! Kill her and I’ll follow you!” ‘…me who flirts ah!’

Ye Qingqiu was speechless. ‘Is it really okay for you guys to discuss this in front of me?’

#The Host is Instigating the Villain to Do Bad Stuff Again#

Feng Ci lifted his hand slightly and countless fist-sized fireballs appeared in front of him. They just floated there and even though one couldn’t feel any heat radiating off them, they still caused one to fear them on an instinctual level.

The Snakekin had already slipped away, sensing that something was awry. He was planning on coming back for revenge after it had finished with its tribulation. Of course, that was if he managed to actually survive!

Now, there was only Ye Qingqiu and her male lead who she had been towing along, Long Jue.

“Shang Shu, you want to kill a fellow sect member?” Ye Qingqiu hurriedly spoke upon sensing something wrong with these flames.

“Eh? I’m not the one making a move, why would I be the one killing a fellow sect member? Hot bro, don’t listen to her nonsense, she’s stalling for time.”

After all, every female lead had this special skill where they would be able to make a comeback as long as you gave them the opportunity to stall for time.

“…I am a direct disciple of the Misty Sect, I hope you {used a more respectful version} have thought this through clearly.” Ye Qingqiu silently began to withdraw. ‘This Shang Shu really dares to…’

Feng Ci didn’t even bat an eyelid as the fireballs in front of him shot towards Ye Qingqiu. The dense barrage of fireballs did not allow Ye Qingqiu any space to dodge.

“Aaah!” Ye Qingqiu’s arm got hit and she let out a miserable cry. ‘What the hell are these flames?! They’re so strong!’

The surrounding fireballs immediately gathered towards Ye Qingqiu, as if they wanted to completely envelop her. However, the flames didn’t manage to engulf her before a fierce wind blew from Ye Qingqiu’s direction, causing the flames to flicker and sway.

A hint of dissatisfaction flashed in Feng Ci’s eyes. A flame dragon emerged from his sleeve and charged towards Ye Qingqiu. She subconsciously used her male lead to shield herself.

“Feng Ci, this is the Mortal World. Do you want to attract the World Guardians here?” A weak voice suddenly spoke. It was the male lead, Long Jue.

He had been seized by Ye Qingqiu, and he looked pathetic, as if you could poke him to death with a finger. A pity he was still alive and well. He gave a cryptic gaze to Ye Qingqiu. She avoided his gaze, though she didn’t release him.

Feng Ci flipped his hand and the flame dragon stopped an inch in front of Ye Qingqiu before turning around and flying back. The dragon was reabsorbed into his flames surrounding him.

Ye Qingqiu heaved, her face pale. ‘Nearly… I nearly died then. Shang Shu… I definitely won’t let you off!’

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I knew the female lead wouldn’t die so easily.’

“Let’s take her back to the Celestial World to kill her then.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Villain-sama, you’re awesome for spending so much effort just to kill someone!’

Just as Shi Sheng was sighing, a white light suddenly shot forth from beneath Long Jue’s feet. That light immediately enveloped Long Jue and Ye Qingqiu, leaving no trace of them.

‘Well I’ll be… As expected of the Young Master of a Dragon Clan. He even has such a rare teleportation scroll.’

“Do we chase?” Feng Ci earnestly looked at Shi Sheng.

“No need, there’s no point.” Shi Sheng shook her head. ‘Ye Qingqiu hasn’t even ascended yet, killing her now would be too nice. Might as well… let her live to be enemies with her male lead.’

“You’re called Feng Ci? I’m called Shang Shu. Are you from the Celestial World?” Shi Sheng blinked and with a curious face, asked a question she already knew the answer to long ago.

“En. You can call me… Ah Ci. You’re coming back to the Celestial World with me.”

He had a bit of hesitation at first, but the last sentence was spoken with an unyielding tone; as if he would drag her with him even if she didn’t agree.

Author’s note:

Yandere ML has logged on! Don’t mind it, just go ahead~

Please vote, please add to bookshelves, please donate, please comment. 1,100 recommendations mean another update~

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Don’t worry for those of you afraid of yanderes. Even if the author says he’s yandere, don’t let that put you off. Look, I’m scared of yanderes and I don’t mind. He’s not as bad as Nangong Jing.

Editor: It would be very hard to be as bad as Nangong Jing. I’m not scared of yanderes. I’ll protect you!!!

Translator: *hugs editor*

  1. The Chinese characters for irony, ‘讽刺’ is a homophone for his name. His name is written like this: ‘凤辞’ and pronounced ‘feng4ci2’ while irony is pronounced ‘feng4ci4’

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