Chapter 58 : Another Type of Cultivation (7)

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“I can’t go to the Celestial World.” Shi Sheng shook her head in melancholy. “I’m just a Foundation Building cultivator, and that’s a long way off from ascending.”

Feng Ci furrowed his brows.

“But you can stay in the Cultivation World.” Shi Sheng’s eyes shone. “You’ve been in the Celestial World for very long, right? It’ll be a good experience to change a place to wrec- I mean, stay!”

“If I stay here, will you be with me?”

“Yup!” ‘I(bbb) still need to help you on that Celestial Throne thing, of course I(bbb) have to be with you. Let’s take this opportunity to increase intimacy points and trust!’


Shi Sheng secretly swallowed back the persuasion that was on the tip of her tongue. ‘You agreed too quickly… I didn’t even have a chance to show off my oratorical skills… Are all early villains this easy to coax?’

Feng Ci had never met someone who could get close to him. So, upon meeting Shi Sheng, who could get close to him, he was naturally happy. He was planning on keeping her by his side. Forever.

“I’ll go and catch that snake for you as a mount.” Feng Ci pulled on Shi Sheng’s hand and brought her to where the dark clouds were the densest.

‘En, my person should have the best. Although snakekin aren’t as good as dragons, it’s still pretty good in the Mortal and Cultivation Worlds. I’ll go catch a dragon for her when we go to the Celestial World.’

Shi Sheng didn’t know about Feng Ci’s plans. She was just stunned upon hearing he wanted to catch the Snakekin for her. ‘Isn’t this villain being a bit too nice to me? But why isn’t the quest this time a take-down mission? Is it because System already knew he’d be like this? System, you piece of scrap… you’re too much of a bitch!’

Hence the Snakekin that had just managed to survive its tribulation was caught by Feng Ci and forced to sign a contract with Shi Sheng. The Snakekin didn’t want to but it didn’t dare to say anything in the face of absolute strength.

It had finally managed to get to the Ascension stage after much effort and had thought it’d finally get a good life. Who knew that the herb it had prepared to help it in its ascension had been stolen and then after it had survived the tribulation, it was forced to sign a contract with another human. ‘Just who did I offend ah!’

“You’ll be called Pudding from now on!” Shi Sheng rubbed the Snakekin’s head. Oh wait, it should be a Dragonkin now. Snakekin that had undergone their tribulation would turn into Dragonkin. It’s just that their bloodline wasn’t as pure as real dragons.

‘Pudding?! What kind of a name is this?! I don’t want such an awful name!!!’

The fire around Feng Ci flared up. The Dragonkin’s body trembled. ‘Fine, Pudding it is!’


“Can’t you retract these flames?” Shi Sheng looked at the large flame carpet behind them and felt her head hurting. ‘How am I going to bring him back like this?’

“I can.” Feng Ci made the flames vanish.

“…So, why didn’t you do that before?” ‘Although it makes for an awesome background, is it really okay to go around scaring people like this?’

“This way, no one will cause trouble for me.” Feng Ci spoke slowly and seriously. A hint of darkness flashed across those dark-red eyes. “You can only stay next to me from now on.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Where did this yandere come from?!’

“Let’s rest here for the day. We’ll continue tomorrow.” Shi Sheng sighed and called Pudding out. She ordered him, “Go and catch a few rabbits.”

Pudding could speak, of course. It was just that he didn’t want to speak to humans; especially not to the human it had a contract with. He simply proudly shook his head and headed towards the forest in the distance… to catch rabbits!

‘I’m a newly ascended Dragonkin, dammit! Why do I have to catch rabbits?! If anyone learns of this, how am I going to lift my head in the future?!’ Pudding caught a few rabbits, his heart filled with resentment as he tossed them to Shi Sheng before disappearing with a flick of his tail. ‘If I can’t provoke you, I can still hide, can’t I?’

Feng Ci looked at the rabbit in Shi Sheng’s hand. His eyes sparkling, he reached out and took the rabbit. A flame burst out of his hand, turning it into ashes. With a slight puff of wind, the ashes scattered. Shi Sheng “…”

Feng Ci’s long eyelashes fluttered gently like a butterfly’s wings. His dark-red eyes looked confusedly at his hands. His expression looked sort of adorable. However, the next moment, he suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand. He had used too much strength; Shi Sheng seemed to hear her bones make creaking noises.

As the confusion in his eyes was replaced by pleasure, he seemed to be confirming to himself in a clear voice, “You are mine.”

“…Let go!” Shi Sheng ground her teeth as she glared at Feng Ci. ‘My(bbb) hand is going to break!’

Feng Ci didn’t release her despite hearing her, instead scowling as he asked, “You’re not willing to be with me?”

‘With you, your head!’ Shi Sheng inhaled a cold breath. “Can you let me go first? My hand is about to be broken.”

“You’re not willing to be with me?” Feng Ci ignored Shi Sheng’s words as he asked stubbornly.

There seemed to be faint firelight that wanted to burst out around him. Under that calm face was a roiling brutality. It was as if he would kill her if she said no.

“…” ‘Look at this temper!’ “I’m willing, willing, hurry up and let me go!”

‘What dignity? Let’s wait till I can beat him in a fight first!’

The menacing aura around Feng Ci was withdrawn as he released her, satisfied. He reached out to pick up the rabbits on the ground. In the blink of an eye, they were all burnt into nothing.

Shi Sheng rubbed her reddened hand as she looked at Feng Ci strangely.

“What are you doing?” ‘What enmity do you have with rabbits?! That’s my dinner! My dinner ah!’

Feng Ci cast a perplexed glance at Shi Sheng. “I… I wanted to roast rabbits for you.”

‘Roast rabbits… Are you aware how strong your fire is?! Even immortals can’t handle it, let alone a rabbit!!!’

“Let me do it…” Shi Sheng spoke weakly. ‘Just what have I gotten myself into?’

In the following days, Shi Sheng got to know just how much trouble she had picked up.

Feng Ci was very possessive towards her. Even if she just looked at a tree longer than usual, that tree would be reduced to ashes.

‘You want this kind of person to rule over the Celestial World? Do you still want it to exist? System, you’ve gone crazy!’


Because of Feng Ci, Shi Sheng missed the ride back to the sect. ‘I wonder if Master will beat him to death if Bai Lang tells him he lost me…’

Pudding could fly though, so returning to the Cultivation World wasn’t difficult.

Before he underwent his tribulation, Pudding couldn’t fly. But after he did, he grew a pair of wings. It made him look quite weird; like some weird freak of nature.

But the cultivators in the Cultivation World felt that he looked awe-inspiring. Shi Sheng felt like she wouldn’t ever be able to understand their aesthetic view.

“I’m telling you right now. When we get back to the sect, you’re not allowed to just go burning people at random. It’ll cause trouble for me.” Shi Sheng spoke to Feng Ci with a serious face. On the road back, the number of people he had burned to death was at least 80, if not a hundred.

He’d start burning stuff at the slightest provocation so they pretty much went around burning places on a regular basis.

“En.” Feng Ci nodded his head adorably. “If you don’t like it, I won’t burn them.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Stop flirting with me at every turn!’

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Translator’s Corner:

One of my proofreaders says Feng Ci’s a cute flaming yandere…

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