Chapter 59 : Another Type of Cultivation (8)

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Shi Sheng flew all the way to the Misty Sect on Pudding’s back where they were intercepted before they arrived.

“Who are you? No air traffic is allowed above Misty Sect!”

A few disciples wearing the sect clothes of Misty Sect flew in front of Shi Sheng on their flying swords. Seeing who it was, their expressions turned strange. It was a mixture of surprise as well as subtle examination. “Martial Aunt Shan…”

Fear crept onto their faces when they saw Feng Ci and they retreated to a safer distance. Shi Sheng looked at them in confusion. ‘It hasn’t been that long, how come you guys don’t recognise me? Or have I suddenly become able to eat people?’

Only after Shi Sheng entered did she understand why those people had looked at her with such strange gazes.

Ye Qingqiu had already returned and had told the Sect Head that Shi Sheng had joined hands with outsiders to kill her. Now the entire Misty Sect was gossiping about how cruel and heartless she was to kill fellow sect members. The way they spoke, it was as if she really had done so.

“I’ll help you kill them.” There was veiled brutality in Feng Ci’s eyes. After all, she was his person so no one other than him could say anything about her!

Shi Sheng hurriedly pulled on Feng Ci. “I won’t be missing any flesh from some petty rumours, just let them be.” ‘Hey, why do you want to kill people so much?! Someone help! I(bbb) can’t control this killing machine ah!’

Feng Ci looked at Shi Sheng in confusion. When his gaze swept over her hand which was holding onto his, the brutality in his eyes slowly receded.

“Let’s go back to Heaven’s Edge Peak for no-” Shi Sheng halted suddenly. She looked at a building to her side. A few people could faintly be seen in the distance.

“My Martial Aunt isn’t that kind of person! Chu Ning, I’m telling you, don’t you dare speak rubbish and slander my Martial Aunt!”

“Speaking rubbish? The whole sect already knows so why don’t you go shut their mouths?! Look, your ‘Martial Aunt’ doesn’t even dare to come back! If she didn’t do it, why doesn’t she dare to come back?”


“Lin Yiyi, what do you think you’re doing?! …Lin Yiyi, you made the first move so you can’t blame me for fighting back!”

Lin Yiyi had the initiative but Chu Ning had plenty of people on her side. Lin Yiyi had pretty much zero chances of winning. In just a few moves, she was at a disadvantage. Shi Sheng’s brows furrowed. “Wait here for me. You’re not allowed to come out… or make a move on them!”

Feng Ci was unhappy. He opened his mouth to retort but Shi Sheng cut him off, “Didn’t you say you’d listen to me?”

Feng Ci pursed his lips before releasing her a bit later.

“If they dare to hurt you, I’ll make sure they won’t even have a body left.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Cultivation-style domineering CEO has logged on!’


Lin Yiyi was very unresigned yet she could only watch helplessly as the crescent moon-shaped wind blade flew at her. The anger in her heart was replaced by fear.

However, upon thinking that these people had insulted her Martial Aunt, that fear disappeared. ‘Master and Grandmaster will definitely be able to prove Martial Aunt’s innocence and avenge me!’

Just before the wind blade landed on her body, a wall of white ice appeared in front of her. The wind blade slammed onto the wall, not even making a scratch.

“Tireless Peak’s education system is really quite something! Its disciples have a habit of ganging up on people, it seems.”

Lin Yiyi jerked her head to look at the source of the voice. Her back to the light, a purple-robed woman was slowly making her way over. There seemed to be a saintly white halo around her and her every step seemed to be stepping on the hearts of onlookers.

“You…” When Chu Ning saw who it was, she was stunned for a moment before ridiculing, “You still dare to come back!”

Shi Sheng helped Lin Yiyi up and caused the ice wall to vanish with a wave of her hand. Her tone was casual and relaxed, “Why wouldn’t I dare to come back?”
“You’re still unrepentant! Wait till the Sect Head comes, I’ll see how you keep up this tough act of yours!” Chu Ning humphed lightly. Naturally, she had a reason to dislike Shi Sheng. As a bro-con, would she have any goodwill towards someone who had been eyeing her brother a year ago? Now that this person had messed up, why wouldn’t she join in?

“I shan’t trouble you to care about that…” Shi Sheng paused before casting a sideways glance at Chu Ning. Suddenly, she lifted her hand and a few ice daggers few into Chu Ning’s calf.

Chu Ning hadn’t had time to see them clearly before her legs gave out and she fell to the ground. The people beside her managed to catch her in time though. Chu Ning’s mind was a blank mess. ‘She moved so quickly… Just when did her cultivation improve so much?’

“Shang Shu, what are you doing?!” One of the girls reacted at last and immediately flew into a rage.

“Punishing a disrespectful disciple. What? You want a taste too?” Shi Sheng stared at the girl and bared her teeth in a terrifying smile. Her fair hand lifted and more ice daggers formed. She made to fling them.

That girl was startled. She hadn’t even seen how the ice daggers had appeared the first time so she was clearly not a match. Her temper subsided. ‘Chu Ning has a direct disciple for a brother so she can do what she wants but I can’t! And besides, even if Chu Ye was here, he’d still have to call her Martial Aunt.’

“Shang Shu! I won’t let you off!” Chu Ning’s face was twisted in pain and she spoke through gritted teeth, “Just you wait! This time even Grandmaster Yu Xiao can’t protect you!”

“I’ll be waiting then!” Shi Sheng gave a cold snort before helping Lin Yiyi away. “The next time you come and act arrogant in front of me, don’t even think about keeping your legs.”

Chu Ning shook from rage. But even after quite a while, she hadn’t managed to get a word out, so she could only watch as the two walked away. Lin Yiyi didn’t dare to make a sound, simply allowing Shi Sheng to bring her out of the lines of sight of those people.

“Martial Aunt… Have I caused trouble for you?” The disciples of Misty Sect weren’t allowed to fight amongst themselves outside of the designated arenas. But her Martial Aunt had to break this rule because of her.

“I have more problems to deal with anyway so I don’t mind adding one more.” Shi Sheng spoke indifferently. “You, on the other hand, attacked them even though you knew you couldn’t beat them. Was your brain smashed in by a door?”

Lin Yiyi bit her lips, not daring to say a word. In her heart, she was feeling wronged though. The reason why she had attacked in the first place was because she was upset at how they talked bad about her Martial Aunt.

“When you know you can’t beat her, just tolerate it. Let her mock all she wants. You won’t be missing any flesh, will you? As long as she doesn’t cross your bottom line, just let her get full of herself. Then once she gets cocky, find an opportunity to pull her down. That will cause the most pain to her.”

Lin Yiyi stared dumbstruck at Shi Sheng in disbelief that she would say that.

“What are you looking at? Have you really gone dumb now? You have to rein in your temper, else you’ll suffer a lot. Only people who can endure can accomplish great things.”

It was only because Lin Yiyi had protected her that Shi Sheng gave her this reminder. Whether she could gain anything or not depended on Lin Yiyi herself.

“I understand, Martial Aunt.” Lin Yiyi had always been aware that her temper was a little volatile but she had never been able to rein it in. Even after countless reminders from her Master, she could never remember.

Of course, the most important point was that her Master had always spoken so profoundly and used so many lofty principles so how would she pay attention, let alone remember?

Now that Shi Sheng had put it in such crude and simple terms for her, she immediately understood: If you want to act cool you have to have the strength to back it up. If you don’t, let other people act cool then attack them when they least expect it.

#How Big Is The Shadow In Your Heart, Host?#

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