Chapter 60 : Another Type of Cultivation (9)

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Shi Sheng brought Lin Yiyi to Feng Ci. Lin Yiyi was still pondering Shi Sheng’s words so she hadn’t noticed the person in front of her until she was flung away by a large force.

She sat on the ground and gazed dazedly.

Feng Ci grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand while glaring at Lin Yiyi with an unpleasant expression. That glare caused Lin Yiyi’s scalp to tingle and feel like cold air was surrounding her brain. Her body softened as she felt fear pound her heart like a tsunami and drowning her.

“What are you doing?” Shi Sheng gave him an exasperated eyeroll. “She’s my Martial Niece. Martial Niece, understand?”

“She’s not allowed to touch you!” Feng Ci’s tone was slightly cold, causing Lin Yiyi’s heart to tremble. ‘Master, come save me! There’s a monster here!’

Shi Sheng’s furrowed her brows. Even if she continued trying to reason with him, it wouldn’t work out. Lin Yiyi might even be harmed, so Shi Sheng decided to let it be.

‘At least you can stay alive! If this had been before, you would have already been turned into a pile of ash!’

When they returned to Heaven’s Edge Peak, Lin Yiyi leapt into her Master’s arms and trembled. She looked scared out of her wits but her face rubbed up against Bai Lang constantly. Shi Sheng weakly facepalmed. ‘This little pervert…’

Feng Ci continued staring at Lin Yiyi, his thoughts indiscernible. Shi Sheng told them she was going to find Yu Xiao and ordered Feng Ci to behave himself. And he actually agreed! However, his gaze had never left Lin Yiyi and Bai Lang.

‘This fellow isn’t thinking of burning Lin Yiyi while I’m away, is he?’

Thinking of this, Shi Sheng brought Feng Ci along with her anyways. ‘It’s much better to keep this human-shaped killing machine where I can see him.’

Yu Xiao didn’t seem surprised at Shi Sheng’s return. He seemed more interested in Feng Ci though. The atmosphere was rather harmonious as the two gazed ‘deeply’ into each other’s eyes.

‘Have I(bbb) walked into the wrong set? Don’t Masters usually start a fight when their disciples bring back a man? How come you guys are getting along so well?’

Shi Sheng idled away for the full five minutes they’d been staring at each other. Yu Xiao finally withdrew his gaze. “Xiaoshu, where did you pick this person up?”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Master, what’s with you? I thought you were the lofty and cold type? How can you use ‘pick up’1? Your image is ruined!’

“Master… is there anything wrong?” Shi Sheng was feeling a bit apprehensive. ‘What does he mean by this?’

Yu Xiao looked at Feng Ci, his expression as cold as ever. “I have something to say to Xiaoshu alone. Might I request that this sir here go outside to wait?”

Feng Ci immediately revealed his unhappiness. Shi Sheng hurriedly comforted him before he finally left the room in a huff.

Yu Xiao formed a soundproofing barrier with a lift of his hand. “Xiaoshu, though this person’s destiny is strange, he is the best Dao companion2 for you…”

‘Chotto matte kudasai! Master, what are you saying? What best Dao companion? What about that teacher-student romance? What’s with this tone that sounds like you’re giving away your daughter?’

Yu Xiao slowly spoke for quite a while. Toward the end, Shi Sheng was in too stunned a state to listen to what he said. ‘They’ve only met once yet now this cheap Master’s sold me off… sold off… off… off…’

“Xiaoshu, your fate is like that. Only if you are together with him do you have a chance of survival.” Yu Xiao sighed. “Master can’t help you out much more. You go and consider this on your own.”

‘Consider what? What did this cheap Master say just now? I didn’t hear anything ah!’

Shi Sheng got chased out while she was still in a daze. Yu Xiao reminded her before she closed the door, “Xiaoshu, tomorrow go with Master to the Main Peak.”

‘It’s probably for the matter with Ye Qingqiu.’

Shi Sheng felt her chest grow stuffy upon seeing Feng Ci. Her cheap Master had meant that if they weren’t together, she’d die. ‘What’s with this dumb setting?!’

“Do I look good?” Feng Ci spoke suddenly.

“No-” Shi Sheng tugged on her lips as she went against her conscience to praise him, “Yeah, you look good. You’re the best looking.”

“I’ll only let you look from now on.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Will it kill you to not flirt with me(bbb)?! What, are you going to cover up that face of yours? Fuck!’

Of course, Feng Ci wouldn’t cover up his face. However, Shi Sheng learned from Lin Yiyi and Bai Lang that although they clearly saw his face, there was no way for them to remember it. Even if they were still looking at him, their minds weren’t registering it.
Shi Sheng “…” ‘People with high cultivation are just this wilful!’

Bai Lang had been ordered by Yu Xiao to prepare a room for Feng Ci. However, Feng Ci had moved all his stuff to Shi Sheng’s room. Bai Lang seemed to have heard about something from Yu Xiao for all he did was let out a strange smile as he dragged away Lin Yiyi who wanted to gossip. Shi Sheng was cultivating at night and not sleeping so she just let Feng Ci do what he wanted.


The next day, people from the Main Peak came knocking before Yu Xiao had time to bring Shi Sheng there. The Main Peak had a name. It was Cloudrest Peak3. It was just that everyone kept calling it Main Peak while its real name was not used all that often.

The ones living on the Main Peak were naturally the Sect Head and his disciples. This Sect Head only had Ye Qingqiu as his disciple so they were the only ones living there.

Today, it was very rowdy though. People from the other peaks had all sent representatives here.

Shi Sheng followed Yu Xiao into the main hall and copied Yu Xiao’s cursory greeting. Fortunately, everyone else was paying more attention to Feng Ci so they didn’t notice her half-hearted manner. Feng Ci just stood there, not saying anything. The surrounding people were locked in heated discussion.

“Strange, I can’t see what he looks like…”

“I can’t either…”

“Silence!” A cold shout caused these people to fall silent and direct their somewhat respectful gazes at the man in the owner’s seat.

As a love interest, the Sect Head naturally wasn’t ugly. He looked quite handsome and suave. The Sect Head examined Feng Ci guardedly. ‘Qingqiu said Shang Shu teamed up with a man to injure her. Looks like this is him. It’s just… why can’t I see his face clearly? Is his cultivation higher?’

Cultivators had their own methods of blurring out their face but they were only used in front of people with lower cultivations than the one using it. ‘It’ll be troublesome if he has a higher cultivation than me.’

“Shang Shu, do you admit your wrongs?” The Sect Head could only turn to Shang Shu since he didn’t know how strong Feng Ci was.

“Senior Martial Brother, this matter has to be investigated clearly. Perhaps Xiaoshu is innocent.” Yu Xiao made a gesture of respect. His tone was still unhurried as he continued, “I request Senior Martial Brother to allow Xiaoshu to speak first.”

The Sect Head glared unhappily at Shang Shu but he still waved his hand. “Shang Shu, tell the truth. Did you attack Qingqiu?”

“Nope.” Shi Sheng shook her head. ‘I(bbb) never made a move on her. I’m(bbb) not going to admit to something I(bbb) didn’t do!’

“Are you saying that my disciple has wronged you?” The Sect Head coldly gazed at Shi Sheng. A threatening pressure erupted forward from him and pressed towards Shi Sheng.

Feng Ci’s eyes turned frosty. He lifted his hand lightly and a flame dragon the thickness of an arm appeared. It reared back its head before flying towards the Sect Head menacingly.

Author’s note:

1,500 recommendation votes = More chapters


If you’re so fierce, you’ll scare me to death.

Translator’s Corner:

For those who didn’t get my reference in the footnotes, BPC is the acronym for Bone Painting Coroner, the story I helped work on from time to time. The main character’s name is Ji Yunshu. The characters for Yunshu are the same.

  1. The raws here states ‘捡’/ ‘jian3’. It’s a homophone for the word ‘贱’/ ‘jian4’ which means base/cheap.
  2. For those who aren’t familiar, this basically means life partners.
  3. A little present to those of you who are fans of BPC, the raws for this was ‘云舒’. Yunshu.

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