Chapter 62 : Another Type of Cultivation (11)

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Speaking about the Reaper’s Sword, it wasn’t a Divine Weapon but rather an infamous Demonic Weapon. It wasn’t any less deadly than any of those Divine Weapons though. And even as a Demonic Weapon, there were still more than thousands of people lusting after it. Back then, it had caused quite a bloody storm in the Cultivation World.

Because the commotion had startled the Celestial World, the sword was sealed by people from the Celestial World. Back then, they had intended to destroy it. However, how could such a sword be so easily destroyed?

It was because they couldn’t destroy it that they had to make do with sealing it.

Not long ago though, news of how the Reaper’s Sword had once again reappeared in the Cultivation World got out. Shi Sheng had been in the vicinity of the area where it emerged. She had just wanted to watch as a bunch of people got utterly wrecked by the sword but hadn’t expected to actually obtain it.

In the original storyline, this sword would also appear. And the one who got it was Ye Qingqiu’s arch-nemesis…

‘So… this damned plot is still trying to force me on a road to death! I really feel like I just fucked a dog!’

The Inter-Sect Tournament was just around the corner so cultivators from all over started heading towards Mt. Tong Sect, where it was being held. It was a common sight to see cultivators flying overhead on their flying swords.

In the original storyline, the Inter-Sect Tournament had taken place at the Misty Sect. However, due to the death of many of their experts, their strength had been reduced and they had lost the qualifications to be the host for the Inter-Sect Tournament. Hence, the host was changed to Mt. Tong Sect.

Shi Sheng and Feng Ci steadily made their way to Mt. Tong Sect. Their type of two-person party was rarely seen as most of the individuals participating travelled together with their sects or alone. This caused several curious people to scan them with their divine senses. When they saw who they were, they nearly fell off their flying swords.

‘Mama! The she-devil Shang Shu and that killer demon lord are down there! Why are they here?! Are they planning to kill all the large sects in one fell swoop at the gathering?!’

The people of the Cultivation World referred to Feng Ci as a demon lord because no one knew his name. Those who did had long since been reduced to ashes.

And so by the time Shi Sheng and Feng Ci had arrived, the entire Mt. Tong Sect was in a state of high alert. There were guards everywhere and they had people in a formation to greet them. It was a rather… spectacular scene.

“Yo, such a grand welcoming party!” Shi Sheng had an ‘I am very pleased, not bad’ face on. The people who were eyeing them warily couldn’t help but be speechless. ‘Who the hell is welcoming you?! Don’t be so shameless!’

“She-devil! What do you intend?” The Sect Head of the Mt. Tong Sect stepped forward and spoke in a righteous tone, “Today all the large sects have been gathered so don’t even think about causing any trouble!”

“Look at what you’re saying. Am I that horrible?” Shi Sheng blinked innocently.

‘Yes, you are!’

“We have so many people, why are we scared of just these two?” Someone from the Mt. Tong Sect shouted. “She-devil, hurry up and leave and we won’t bother you!”

“But I don’t want to leave!” Shi Sheng seemed to be rather troubled as she looked at that person. “If you guys don’t like the look of me, you can just leave you know. I won’t stop you.”

Everyone else “…” ‘This is our territory, how come we have to leave?!’

“Just what do you want?!” If Shi Sheng had been alone, they wouldn’t be this afraid. However, she was being accompanied by that demon lord so they had no chance of winning at all.

It was said that once, when a sect offended the two, the entire sect was massacred in one shot. Hardly anyone had the time to even make any moves.

Back then, this matter had been a hot topic. A lot of curious people had gone there to take a look but had found the sect gone, leaving only a pile of white ash. They had heard the demon lord’s fire was strong, but hadn’t expected it to be so strong to the point of being able to burn an entire sect into ashes.

Shi Sheng shrugged. “Nothing really. Just wanted to watch your tournament. What? You don’t allow people to watch it?”

“Who knows what motives you have…”

Feng Ci suddenly moved forward, flames flickering into existence above his palm. The Sect Head’s expression changed as his pupils shrank. In the end, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and submit. “The two of you {used respectful}, please come in!”

He didn’t want his Mt. Tong Sect to suffer the same fate as that sect which had been utterly annihilated. The others didn’t dare to say anything. If that fire caught them, they wouldn’t be able to extinguish it and would have to wait to be burned to death. The Sect Head ordered two disciples to bring Shi Sheng and Feng Ci to their mountain.

“Sect Head, are we really going to let them in?” The Inter-Sect Tournament was an important event of the Cultivation World and as the host, the Mt. Tong Sect would have to take responsibility if anything went awry.

“What other solutions do you have?” ‘If there was another way, would I have to be tolerate them?’


That disciple was silenced. He had meant to say that there were so many people here and if they all teamed up, they would probably not lose to those two. But seeing his Sect Head’s expression right now, he didn’t say anything. Everyone else’s faces were green. ‘The Inter-Sect Tournament isn’t going to go smoothly this time around!’

The leaders of each sect warned their disciples not to provoke them and just run if they saw them.

If they couldn’t? Then beg for mercy!

Still didn’t work? Oh, then you just had terrible luck, resign yourself to death!

Fight back? Stop joking, the demon lord can burn you to death just by lifting a finger…

Those who had arrived for the Inter-Sect Tournament were startled and enraged upon hearing Shi Sheng was staying in the Mt. Tong Sect. The Sect Head of the Mt. Tong Sect called for an emergency meeting where their strategy was decided upon: Don’t irritate them.

According to the rumours, if you didn’t take the initiative to provoke them, they wouldn’t just go around chopping at people for fun. Even if you were staring holes into them, as long as you didn’t make any actions or sounds, they would just ignore you.

It was peaceful for a time. Until… the Misty Sect arrived.

People’s eyes would turn red when they saw their enemies. So when they heard Shi Sheng and Feng Ci were staying at the Mt. Tong Sect, the Misty Sect’s disciples appeared to have been pumped full of chicken blood as they shouted for revenge, enacting justice on behalf of the heavens and protecting the people.

The Sect Head of the Mt. Tong Sect was unable to stop them.

Right now, the Sect Head of the Mt. Tong Sect really felt like committing suicide. ‘Back then the Misty Sect could call themselves the number 1 sect in the Cultivation World because their Sect Head and Peak masters were experts. But now those people are either dead or injured.

After years of being suppressed, they can’t even measure up to a second-rate sect yet they’re still so arrogant!’

“Shang Shu, get out here and face your death!” These people surrounded Shi Sheng’s residence while shouting this mantra.

Shi Sheng was gnawing on melon seeds1 as she watched with slight interest at the shouting people outside. ‘These people sure have a lot of energy!’

Feng Ci was rather unsatisfied as he spoke, “I’ll get them to shut up. They’re bothering you.”

Shi Sheng tossed aside the husk of the seed as she spoke indifferently, “Just set a barrier down and let them shout all they want.”

‘If I have the time to go argue with them, I might as well use it to cultivate more. How am I going to act cool if I don’t have strength?’

Feng Ci wouldn’t disobey Shi Sheng because that would make her unhappy. But he wouldn’t listen to her completely either. When he set the barrier, he deliberately left some of his flames on it. As long as anyone touched it, it would definitely be remembered for the rest of their {short} life.

The Misty Sect’s disciples found out that no matter how much noise they made, there weren’t any movements from inside. Had they not been completely certain they were living here and hadn’t left, they would’ve thought the Mt. Tong Sect had been playing with them.

Finally, someone couldn’t resist suggesting they barge in. Of course, that went badly. The first batch of Misty Sect disciples to arrive was nearly annihilated.

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  1. These are common snack foods Chinese people eat. Usually when they are watching a show. I have a picture:


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