Chapter 63 : Another Type of Cultivation (12)

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With those Misty Sect cannon fodders to serve as an example, those who were tempted to cause trouble gave up. Not a soul could be seen within a few kilometres of Shi Sheng’s dwelling.

When all the great sects had arrived, the Tournament would start.

When Ye Qingqiu brought people over on the first day of the Tournament, she hadn’t sat down for long when the first batch of disciples to arrive immediately went to tattle to her. “Sect Head, Shang Shu injured us so badly, we can’t just let bygones be bygones! You have to avenge us ah!”

“Yeah, Sect Head! She’s slapping the Misty Sect in the face! Sect Head, you have to avenge us!”

A bunch of disciples filled with righteous indignation continued blabbering to Ye Qingqiu. The gist of it was “avenge us”.

Ye Qingqiu had only taken on the mantle of Sect Head recently. When the previous Sect Head had died, the position had been left empty. After all, all those who had the strength to fight for the position were dead or dying and those that weren’t, didn’t have a right to the position.

Since the Inter-Sect Tournament was about to start though, they naturally couldn’t continue to go without a Sect Head. The Peak masters who were still alive quickly worked together to push Ye Qingqiu onto the position. Ye Qingqiu pretended like she didn’t want it but in the end, still took over.

Without the previous Sect Head as her hack, Ye Qingqiu had gone through a lot of trouble in these years. Now, she looked very gloomy and menacing. “I’ll take care of this matter for you guys. Go ahead and recuperate from your wounds. We can’t lose the Tournament.”

Only after calming down those disciples and sending them off did Ye Qingqiu slap the desk, her face twisting. She uttered a name through gritted teeth, “Shang Shu!”

‘This woman killed my Master and destroyed the Misty Sect with a fire! All these years, the grievances I suffered were all her fault! I’ll get back at her sooner or later!’

“Are you this unable to control yourself, girlie?” A mocking voice sounded out of nowhere.

Ye Qingqiu was taken aback for a moment before the ferocious expression on her face faded away and she regained her lofty goddess image. “What do you want this time?”

“Keke…” That voice laughed weirdly. “I smell something nice.”

“Hmph.” A hint of disgust flashed in Ye Qingqiu’s eyes. “This is the Inter-Sect Tournament. All the powers of the Cultivation World are gathered here.”

“Girlie, this isn’t up to you. If… keke… you probably don’t want to try the consequences again.”

“You—” Ye Qingqiu seemed to recall something for her face turned terribly pale while her body trembled. Her eyes were filled with bitter resentment as the hands at her sides clenched so hard, green veins popped out.

The Inter-Sect Tournament was really just sending people up on stage to exchange pointers so each sect was aware of the other sects’ strength. Basically, they were just scouting each other out and checking if there were any new experts from other sects.

Shi Sheng seemed rather interested in watching them fight it out. She brought Feng Ci with her to take over the best viewing seats. The area around her was completely clear of people, as if they had all been blown away by a hurricane.

Feng Ci had burnt all the unnecessary stuff and brought out a soft couch, snacks, spirit tea and even an umbrella to block out the sun. With this sort of setup, they were more laid back than if they had been watching a show.

When the contestants thought that they’d have to be watched by that she-devil and demon lord while they fought, they couldn’t help but tremble.

The Misty Sect was seated directly across from Shi Sheng. Ye Qingqiu’s gaze periodically swept over Shi Sheng. In the past decade, she had heard quite a few rumours about Shang Shu but this was still the first time in 10 years that she was seeing her in person.

These 10 years didn’t seem to have changed much. It was just that the clothes on her body were black now. They contrasted nicely against the white clothes of the man beside her.

‘Just who is that man?’

“I can’t see through Ye Qingqiu’s cultivation. Ah Ci, what about you?” Shi Sheng turned to look at Feng Ci.

She remembered that Ye Qingqiu had only gotten to the late stage of Foundation Building by this time in the storyline. Yet she, who was now at the grand completion stage of Foundation Building, couldn’t see through her cultivation. ‘Could it be that she had faster growth without the Sect Head’s protection?’

Feng Ci only gave a brief glance before withdrawing his gaze. He spoke lightly, “Late stage Foundation Building.”

“Eh…” ‘Then how come I(bbb) couldn’t see through it?’

“There’s a seal on her. Want me to break it?” He was too lazy to deal with that thing if Shi Sheng didn’t ask for it.

Shi Sheng saw the disdain in Feng Ci’s eyes and couldn’t help but look back at Ye Qingqiu. Their gazes just so happened to meet. Ye Qingqiu didn’t have time to mask her hateful gaze, so Shi Sheng caught it. The corner of Shi Sheng’s lips lifted. “Is there anything wrong with her?”

The disdain in Feng Ci’s eyes deepened and his tone was a bit harder than before, “Don’t look anymore. You’ll dirty your eyes.”

(||| ¬_¬) ‘Just what is with you?!’

Seeing how insistent Feng Ci was, Shi Sheng had to withdraw her gaze. If she went against him, the one who would suffer wouldn’t be her, but everyone else here. ‘I don’t want to be ganged up on yet…’

Uneventful days passed one after the other. When Shi Sheng wasn’t watching the ‘show,’ she was idling in her residence. She didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, allowing all those nervous people to let out a fierce sigh of relief.

It was night time. Shi Sheng yawned as she trailed after Feng Ci on a deserted mountain road. He would turn back occasionally to check if she was still following before continuing on.

“Where are we going?” Shi Sheng jogged forward a few steps so she was walking beside him. “It’s a good night for killing people. Who offended you so much you had to go kill them under the cover of night?”

“We’re not killing people.” Feng Ci shook his head innocently. “I’ll take you to see something.”

“En?” ‘See something? Is it a live porno?’

#Don’t Know Just What Is In The Host’s Mind#

Feng Ci seemed to be bringing her to a forbidden grounds of the Mt. Tong Sect. Don’t ask why she knew. There was a signboard that said ‘FORBIDDEN GROUNDS’ at the gate at the foot of the mountain. As long as she wasn’t blind, of course she’d see it!

‘The whole mountain is forbidden grounds… Just what in the hells is inside?’

Shi Sheng felt like retreating. After all, wasn’t it bad to go sneaking around other people’s forbidden grounds in the dead of night?

The mountain path was dark so Feng Ci condensed two fireballs and made them hover beside Shi Sheng so she would be able to see. Just as they were about to reach the peak, Feng Ci retrieved the fireballs and suddenly hugged Shi Sheng. With a leap, they flew onto a protruding rocky ledge.

Feng Ci kept his arm around her as he brought her forward a few steps before releasing her. “Wait a bit and you’ll see.”

Shi Sheng looked at the pitch-black ground in front of her. Her palms slapped against her cheeks as she thought, ‘Villains are so hard to cater to!’

They waited for close to an hour. Shi Sheng, feeling bored, had sat down and started cultivating. When Feng Ci called her, she opened her eyes to find a ground filled with serene blue light which traced out edges of what looked to be flowers. It was very beautiful and dream-like. And she was sitting right in the middle of this swath of blue light.

It looked like the special effects one would find in a movie. She felt like she was looking at a vast and starry sky, its countless stars twinkling. It was a very stunning scene. The blue light seemed to pulsate along with the wind, causing it to appear like breath.

“Do you like it?” Feng Ci half-knelt in front of Shi Sheng and lifted his head slightly. His dark-red eyes were filled with expectation. Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Just where did you learn how to flirt with girls?! Do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t flirt with me(bbb) for just one day?!’

“You don’t like it?” Feng Ci lowered his eyelashes in disappointment. A bright yellow flame leapt up from his palm.

“I like it, like it!” ‘Dude, is it really okay to just go starting fires whenever you’re unhappy?! This is a forbidden grounds that belongs to someone else! Forbidden grounds, understand?!’

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