Chapter 64 : Another Type of Cultivation (13)

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Hearing Shi Sheng say she liked it, Feng Ci immediately put out the flames. “These are Glimmering Sunrise Flowers. They’re very hard to find.”

‘Glimmering Sunrise Flowers… Haven’t heard of them. Though, if even Feng Ci says they’re hard to find, then they are definitely really rare. But they just look good… So what’s the point?’

Glimmering Sunrise Flowers weren’t useless. It was just useless to Shi Sheng. To those who hadn’t built their foundations yet, if they attempted to do so here, the chances of building their foundation would increase to 100%! So, you can see why the Mt. Tong Sect would make this a forbidden grounds.

Finished enjoying the flowers, the two started to return. Under the silvery white moonlight, their shadows overlapped every once in awhile, causing Shi Sheng to go in a bit of a daze. In her memories, there never seemed to have been anyone who had accompanied her like this before.

Shi Sheng’s expression went cold for a second before it regained its usual calm and indifferent manner. Her gaze lingered on the silhouette of the person in front of her before shifting into the distance. The darkness concealed the emotions in the depths of her eyes.

When they were about to go up another slope, Shi Sheng suddenly pulled Feng Ci with her and ducked into the undergrowth behind them. Just as the two squatted down, a dark shadow flew past not far from them. Because the moonlight tonight was especially bright, Shi Sheng easily made out who it was.

‘Ye Qingqiu! What is she doing out so late? Is she out for a date too? Eh? Why did I use “too”? Never mind! Let’s go and see what she’s up to! Oh, and cause some trouble for her if we can!’

Ye Qingqiu’s alertness was rather high so Shi Sheng didn’t dare follow too closely. Feng Ci was confused for a bit before he understood what Shi Sheng wanted to do. He set down an enchantment on their bodies before pulling her along and following without attempting to conceal his presence.

‘Oh right! How could I forget about villain-sama?’

Shi Sheng had a lot of faith in Feng Ci’s enchantments because he had used one when they went to get the Reaper’s Sword. It was the reason she managed to sneak the sword away under the watchful eyes of so many people.

Ye Qingqiu seemed to be heading towards the forbidden grounds they had just left. It didn’t seem like the first time she had gone there for she appeared rather familiar with the way.

Shi Sheng followed her to a cave.

“Please let me go… I’m begging you, please let me go…” Pleas for mercy could be heard from inside the cave.

Shi Sheng lifted a brow in surprise and made her way to the cave entrance to peek inside. There was enough light inside for her to make out that the cave wasn’t that big and that a young woman had been bound and tossed onto the cave floor. At the moment, she was twisting her body in a strange pleading posture. Ye Qingqiu stood to the side, staring coldly at the girl.

“Blame it on being chosen by him.” There was a hint of disgust in Ye Qingqiu’s voice. “Hurry up.”

The latter sentence clearly wasn’t said to the young woman. There were no other sounds aside from the young lady’s terrified pleas for mercy, and there were no other people. However, the young lady seemed to be undergoing a change as her voice got weaker and weaker. She started panting and her face turned red, as if…

Suddenly, darkness enveloped her vision. Her eyes had been covered up by a pair of cool hands. A voice containing a trace of killing intent {not at Shi Sheng} spoke, “Dirty.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Dirty my foot!’

Shi Sheng took a deep breath and resisted lashing out against Feng Ci. She reached out to pull his hand away but he didn’t want to let go since he didn’t want her to see such a filthy scene.

He didn’t dare to use too much strength yet at the same time was adamant on not letting Shi Sheng see that scene. Just as Shi Sheng was about to remove his hand, he held down her shoulder and hugged her towards him, pressing her face against his chest.

Feng Ci didn’t usually touch Shi Sheng all that much. The only times he did so was when he was feeling insecure and clutched onto her hand or hugged her waist like before. However, this was the first time they had hugged so intimately.

The first reason was that Shi Sheng didn’t allow it and the second reason was that he was afraid of accidentally hurting her.

In that moment, Feng Ci could hear his heart thumping. Her soft body was hugged so tightly against him, she was nearly attached to his chest. He could feel her body’s warmth through the barrier of their clothing. It wasn’t just warm, it was boiling him up. ‘She is mine… All mine.’

Shi Sheng felt Feng Ci tightening his grip, causing her breathing to become more difficult. Her mind was starting to lose oxygen. She mustered up the strength to speak through gritted teeth, “Ah Ci…”

That weak voice was like a clear stream being poured into Feng Ci’s heart. He abruptly snapped from his trance, those dark-red eyes filled with confusion for a moment before he hurriedly released her. He looked at her at a loss for what to say or do. “Did I hurt you? Where does it hurt? …Don’t be angry. I- I won’t touch you in the future.”

Towards the end, Feng Ci’s expression turned a bit downcast. Shi Sheng heaved in large breaths. Only after she got some fresh air in her lungs did she feel a bit better. Her body was a bit weak but she didn’t dare to go near to Feng Ci. Her body retreated a step, and she supported herself against the stone wall outside the cave. ‘What the hell, that scared me to death! Can you at least give me a warning when you’re going to act up?’

Violent emotions surged in Feng Ci’s eyes when he saw her actions but he forcefully suppressed them. With a few hints of pleading, he spoke, “Don’t fear me…”

No one would be able to resist that helpless look. But Shi Sheng had nearly entered the gates of Hell back then, so she felt not taking out her Reaper’s Sword and hacking at him was already generous to the point she could become an angel.

After calming down her wildly beating heart, Shi Sheng felt her mind clear. ‘If I hadn’t resisted him, he probably wouldn’t have acted up… So that’s… my fault?’

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

‘How come it’s my fault now?! This quest is impossible! I give up!’

“You’re not allowed to touch me without my permission anymore.” Shi Sheng couldn’t speak out the harsh words on the tip of her tongue after seeing how adorably helpless he looked. She could only bitterly change her lines.

Feng Ci was a bit confused. He stared seriously at Shi Sheng for a while before nodding. “I won’t touch you. Don’t leave me.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘Don’t phrase it like we have an ambiguous relationship! If I couldn’t get close to you in the first place, I wager you’d have fucking burnt me to ashes by now. Without a goddamn blink either.’

Feng Ci didn’t seem to have a moral compass but he didn’t seem to act based on his emotions either. Shi Sheng didn’t understand the reasons behind his actions. There wasn’t any rhyme or reason to when he decided to act.

By the time Shi Sheng turned back to look at the inside of the cave, the young woman had already turned into a dried-up corpse. And a cloud of black fog had appeared next to Ye Qingqiu. Half of it was still hovering over the dried-up corpse.

“What the… hell is that?!” ‘Ye Qingqiu didn’t seem to have this cheat with her in the original storyline though? Hey, don’t randomly add things to the script dammit!’

“Demon…” Feng Ci spoke in a low voice. “It’s the remnant soul of a Demon.”

‘Demon? No wait, where did Ye Qingqiu even get the remnant soul of a Demon?’

And as expected, Shi Sheng could hear the same disdain in Feng Ci’s voice that he showed on his expression at the competition today. It was as if Ye Qingqiu was a filthy thing that would dirty his eyes if he looked at her.

Although Feng Ci was a villain, but he at least belonged to the ‘righteous’ side so he had no sense of comradery to the elite bosses the Demon race are.

Author’s note:

‘暹’ is pronounced ‘xian’. Vote okay, little angels? Lalalalalala, look at me, I’m so cute~

Translator’s Corner:

In case you wondering why the author said that, Glimmering Sunrise Flowers are written as ‘暹莹花’, or ‘xian ying hua’. The first character is hardly seen so the author is teaching her readers how to pronounce it without the need for them to go to a dictionary.

…Of course, I went to the dictionary because I learn how to pronounce while reading. So I only saw this after I learned how to read it…

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