Chapter 65 : Another Type of Cultivation (14)

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Ye Qingqiu disposed of the body before leaving the cave. She left with a dark expression on her face, not noticing the two people standing outside.

She had entered a contract bond with this Demon five years prior. Back then, she had offended some people and had been chased all the way to a cliff. Having no other choice, she jumped off. While she was still completely unaware, the Demon had already established the bond between them. If she wanted to get rid of him, she would have to help him recover a fleshly body.

But the process of doing so required female cultivators with Water Spirit Veins so naturally, the first one to suffer was her. It was only because of the bond between them that she hadn’t been turned into a dried-up corpse. But she definitely didn’t want to experience that a second time so she had no choice but to find other female Water Spirit Vein cultivators for him.

In the original plotline, Ye Qingqiu had the Sect Head to protect her so she naturally wouldn’t have had to experience falling off a cliff, meeting the Demon and everything else.

Of course, Shi Sheng didn’t know about any of this. Even if she did, all she would do was sigh about how biased destiny was. Back then, what Shang Shu had experienced in the Demon World was truly terrible. What Ye Qingqiu experienced couldn’t even be called an appetiser in comparison.

The next day when Shi Sheng reached the arena, she found that everyone seemed to have eaten Stride1; they weren’t as afraid of her as before. In fact, they looked like they were reveling in schadenfreude, and awaiting her downfall.

‘What the hell happened last night? The one doing bad stuff last night was Ye Qingqiu, not me. Why are you looking at me(bbb) with those expressions!!’

“She-devil, our Sect Head is looking for you!” A few Mt. Tong Sect disciples blocked Shi Sheng’s road all of a sudden. They had only just finished speaking when they were sent flying and smashed into a small copse of trees in the distance, causing quite a few birds to fly up in shock.

It became silent.

Shi Sheng turned to look at Feng Ci. ‘What did you hit them for?’

Feng Ci blinked endearingly before speaking with an earnest face, “I didn’t kill them.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘You didn’t kill them but they probably won’t be able to get off their beds within half a year! Forget it, there’s no reasoning with villains! Though, why is their Sect Head looking for me? Was last night’s incident exposed and I got pushed out by Ye Qingqiu to take the blame?’

Reality proved Shi Sheng was just imagining too much. The reason the Sect Head called her had nothing to do with Ye Qingqiu but with the male lead!

Emissaries from the Celestial World had arrived!

Unlike how dishevelled he was at their first ‘meeting’, right now Long Jue looked like a model male idol. His clothes and hair were neat and orderly and his features were handsome and upright; he looked like those idols who looked handsome no matter how you looked at them.

Long Jue swept a penetrating gaze over Shi Sheng before it landed on Feng Ci. Feng Ci lowered his head, not even looking at Long Jue.

‘Well isn’t that just awkward?’

“So, what did you want with me?” Shi Sheng carelessly asked the Mt. Tong Sect Head who was standing behind Long Jue. ‘Did you call me here to admire how ‘amazing’ the male lead looks? Tsk tsk, I thought the first person male lead-sama would look for was supposed to be female lead-sama? I wonder if the two fought it out when Long Jue spirited himself and Ye Qingqiu away…’

“*cough*, It’s like this… Er, it’s about the Reaper’s Sword…” The Mt. Tong Sect Head hardened his scalp to tell her. After hearing his words, Shi Sheng understood.

It turned out that the Immortals had discovered that the Reaper’s Sword had broken free of its restraints and was once again loose on the world. They had sent Long Jue down to bring it back and reseal it. The Mt. Tong Sect Head had felt they could be reasoned with so they were brought here to negotiate.

‘If I just hand it over, wouldn’t being chased after for so long be a waste? I don’t do business at a loss. Besides, just based on Long Jue’s cruel method of killing Shang Shu…’

“I’m afraid that’s not possible; I’ve already given it to Feng Ci.”

Feng Ci lifted his head in confusion. ‘When did you give me the Reaper’s Sword?’

Shi Sheng took out the sword and roughly shoved it into Feng Ci’s hand. “Here you go.”

‘If I can’t take care of it, last boss Feng Ci should be able to, right?’

Everyone else was speechless. ‘Can you at least have put more effort into your excuse?’

“Feng Ci, you should be even more aware than I am of what the Reaper’s Sword is. Hand it over.” Long Jue met Feng Ci’s eyes.

Feng Ci immediately hid the sword behind his back. “She gave it to me. Not giving.”

That adorable manner wasn’t like a villain, but rather a child protecting his toy…

Shi Sheng facepalmed. ‘Villain-sama ah, please take out your domineering-ness and charge! I(bbb) definitely won’t stop you!’

“Feng Ci, the higher-ups know what you’ve been doing in the Cultivation World all these years. If you continue acting so wantonly, you will have to face a Heavenly Tribulation. If you hand over the Reaper’s Sword to me, you will have made a contribution.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Feng Ci, are you going against the entire Celestial World?”

Feng Ci lifted his eyelids. A trace of ridicule appeared on his calm face. “Didn’t you guys want me dead long ago?”

All these years, those people had never stopped wishing for him to die. Because his flames could harm them. So they were afraid, they were terrified of him. Even if they were immortals, they couldn’t escape the fear of death.

Negotiations had failed. Long Jue didn’t seem willing to confront Feng Ci head on so he could only watch as Feng Ci brought both the Reaper’s Sword and Shi Sheng away. Though, he refused to give up so easily on this mission so he stayed behind.

As he was staying here, he would naturally meet with his female lead. Just as the curtains were falling on the Tournament, the matter Shi Sheng had been anticipating finally occurred.

Of course, she wasn’t here just to watch a bunch of people poking at each other; after all, they weren’t even poking their opponents to death. The reason why she was here in the first place was to find the person who framed Shang Shu for drugging Ye Qingqiu.

Shi Sheng hadn’t been sure if this would still happen since the setting had been changed drastically by her actions. Reality didn’t disappoint Shi Sheng though. She caught that person in the act.

“So it was actually her.” Shi Sheng sat on a branch of a tree with a lot of foliage. She lowered her eyes to look at the anxiously hurrying figure below.

Feng Ci looked uncomprehendingly at Shi Sheng before looking at the person below. “You have a grudge? Kill?”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Kill kill kill! All you know is kill! I’m(bbb) not that kind of bloodthirsty person, okay?! Besides, it’s not fun to just end it with one move…’

Shi Sheng didn’t interfere with the matter. She wanted to see who Chu Ning would use as a scapegoat this time… oh, and she might as well fan the flames a bit. Shi Sheng smiled wickedly.

Shi Sheng got people to send a message to Chu Ye while putting the person Chu Ning arranged for into a sack and tossing him down the mountain.

Ye Qingqiu had drunk some drugged medicinal tea. In the original plotline the only reasons why she didn’t end up sleeping with someone was because she had found out in time and had had the Sect Head around to suppress the effects with his spirit qi. But now he wasn’t around to suppress the drugs with his spirit qi, so what would happen this time was uncertain.

Chu Ye managed to find his way into Ye Qingqiu’s room rather quickly. Not long after he entered, strange noises could be heard from inside. Perhaps it was because the effect of the drug was too strong for the two of them, for they were still in there after more than half the night had passed. Two people had come over in this time. One was Chu Ning. The other was Long Jue.

Chu Ning had left after confirming that strange noises were coming from the room.

Long Jue seemed to have come over especially to see Ye Qingqiu but his expression darkened upon hearing the noises coming from the room. The aura around him was scarily pressuring. He stood there for a bit before turning to leave.

Author’s note:

Here’s the ‘pa pa’ you guys asked for… It’s not Feng Ci and Shi Sheng though! HAHAHA, don’t hit me… *Cries* I’m still a pure child~

Please vote~

Translator’s Corner:

‘Pa pa’ = sounds of meat slapping. Think as dirty as you can.

Any suggestions for an equivalent?

  1. Minty candy brand. Something something motto about how eating it will prolong stamina? ¯\(°_o)/¯

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