Chapter 66 : Another Type of Cultivation (15)

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The next day, Chu Ning brought some Misty Sect disciples with her to Ye Qingqiu’s doorstep. She was probably trying to catch Ye Qingqiu in the act but hadn’t expected the one who opened the door to be her brother.

“Brother… You…” Chu Ning pointed inside before pointing at Chu Ye. “Why are you here?”

‘Why is big brother here? What happened to that guy I arranged for? Then hasn’t big brother…’ Chu Ning panicked inside as she grabbed Chu Ye’s hand. “Brother, you only came here this morning, right?”

Chu Ye’s ears flushed red. Thinking about last night caused his mind to wander. After all, the sensations last night were hard to forget; and it was with the woman he liked.

The disciples who followed Chu Ning over had already guessed what was going on. ‘It’s not a secret that Chu Ye had liked Ye Qingqiu for a long time but she hadn’t shown any special attention to him before. So how come they ended up sleeping together now?’

“Ning’er, what did you want so early in the morning?” Chu Ye forced himself to calm down. Seeing that manner of his, Chu Ning knew the one with Ye Qingqiu last night was him. Her eyes turned red from anger as she bit her lip fiercely. In a sudden burst of courage, she shoved Chu Ye aside and charged in.

“Ye Qingqiu, you shameless whore! You seduced my brother!” Chu Ning charged in recklessly and started choking and shouting. “You think just because you’re the Sect Head you’re that awesome! What are you so proud of? Shameless! Who knows what kind of methods you used to sit on this position?!”

Ye Qingqiu had already put on her clothes. Her already dark face got even darker when Chu Ning charged in. “Get out!”

“Ye Qingqiu, you shameless bitch, I’ll kill you!” Chu Ning was like an enraged lioness; it looked like she wished that she could tear her apart with five horses1. Chu Ning drew her sword and charged.

Killing intent overflowed from Ye Qingqiu’s eyes. With a wave of her hand, Chu Ning was sent flying by a formless energy and she crashed into a wall.

“Get out.” Ye Qingqiu swept her cold gaze over the other disciples. They drew back before beating a hasty retreat. They even shut the door as they left.

“She-devil…” The disciple who exited first saw the person on the stairs and shouted out subconsciously.

“What are you guys up to so early in the morning?” Shi Sheng attempted to take a peek in curiousity.

“What does it have to do with you?!” One of the disciples snapped.

“Just curious.” Shi Sheng smiled indifferently, though that smile was filled with ill-intent. “Did your Sect Head get screwed by someone?”

“You-” ‘Even if someone gets screwed it’s the other party! How can our Sect Head be screwed by someone? A dog will never spit out ivory2!’

“Were you the one who played tricks?!” ‘Sect Head doesn’t like that brat Chu Ye so why would she have… with him. It must have been this she-devil who played a dirty hand and let Chu Ye climb into the Sect Master’s bed!’

“Hey, how can you guys just slander people without evidence?”

Those words caused the Misty Sect disciples to be depressed. ‘Is it even slander if we have evidence?’

“Do you want me to tell you guys who was the one behind it?” Shi Sheng smiled with ill-intent. “It’s free. I’m not asking for anything.”

The Misty Sect disciples couldn’t help but tremble before shouting in rage, “She-devil, don’t try to speak nonsense! Do you think we’d believe you?!”

“Don’t believe me? Okay then~” Shi Sheng pouted before turning to walk towards Feng Ci who was still standing underneath the tree.

‘Eh? That she-devil left? Just like that? You haven’t even started sowing discord yet! Come back! Ah pei! What are we asking you to come back for? To kill us?’

Shi Sheng didn’t leave. She stood together with Feng Ci underneath the tree and watched them, causing those disciples to feel panicked inside. They really wanted to ask ‘“Aren’t villains usually very busy? Why are you guys so free as to stand there looking at us?”’

Inside the room, Ye Qingqiu was sitting on the bed while casting a sideways glance at Chu Ning, who had been forced to kneel. Chu Ye was at a loss on who to help since one was his younger sister while the other was his lover…

“Ye Qingqiu, you’ll die horribly for this! Come on and kill me if you have the guts!” Chu Ning’s voice was hoarse from all the yelling. “I won’t let you off even if I turn into a ghost! Slut! You seduced my brother…”

“Ning’er, I’m the one who likes the Sect Head so I was the one who seduced her.” Chu Ye’s face turned colder.

“Brother…” Chu Ning lifted her head and stared, stunned, at Chu Ye. “I’m your younger sister but you’re helping an outsider against me?!”

“I…” ‘Ye Qingqiu is the person I like so how could she be an outsider?’

“Enough!” Ye Qingqiu got up and stared down at Chu Ning. “You’re clear on what you did. You were the one responsible for today’s events. Chu Ning, I’m giving you a chance: Get out of the Misty Sect and never appear before me again!”

‘I only drank the tea she served yesterday. Such a coincidence that she was the one who came to look for me so early in the morning too. Humph, I wouldn’t believe it if you told me there was nothing fishy going on!’

“No, I’m not leaving! I’ll go where my brother goes!” Chu Ning panicked upon hearing Ye Qingqiu was chasing her away.

“It’s not up to you. If you don’t leave, then accept death.” A hint of viciousness flashed in Ye Qingqiu’s eyes. She naturally wouldn’t let off Chu Ning but she couldn’t make a move on her here.

Chu Ye didn’t understand what they were talking about but he seemed to understand from seeing his sister’s reactions.

He hadn’t been unaware of Chu Ning’s possessiveness but since it saved him a lot of trouble, he just let it be. But even if he didn’t care about what she did to others, Ye Qingqiu was different; she was the person he liked.

“This disciple will send Ning’er away.” Chu Ye saluted3

towards Ye Qingqiu, his gaze greedily taking her in, before dragging Chu Ning towards the outside.

“Brother, what are you doing? I’m not going, let go of me! Brother, you’re going to abandon me because of a woman…? Have you forgotten about the times when we only had each other? Brother… let go of me, I’m begging you. Don’t chase me away big brother…”

Chu Ning’s voice faded into the distance.

In the end, she still got sent away. Ye Qingqiu gave a careless explanation about why she got sent away, ending the matter.

“It’s you!” Ye Qingqiu revealed a trace of pleasant surprise upon seeing the person approaching her.

“Huh…” Long Jue’s made a slight sound of ridicule. “Sect Head Ye really allowed me to broaden my horizons.”

Ye Qingqiu furrowed her brow slightly, panicking a little inside. “Why do you say that?”

Long Jue gave a false smile before leaving her with large strides. Ye Qingqiu looked at Long Jue’s figure disappear around the corner, feeling quite upset. ‘How could he look at me like that?’

Back then when he had spirited them away from the Forest of Death, the teleportation scroll seemed to have malfunctioned for it transferred them to a strange place. Only after she had spent a lot of effort did she manage to bring him, who had been seriously injured, out.

In those few days of interaction, the estrangement between them had more or less disappeared. And since he had been heavily injured, she was the one who did all the work. ‘He clearly had a good impression of me then so why when we met again…’

Author’s note:

Lalala, want more? There’s only 200 more recommendations before I’ll update again…

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Villain’s IQs are always offline… fortunately, they have luck (Shi Sheng) on their side! Sometimes…

Editor: Brocon yanderes are scary…

Translator: All yanderes are scary…

  1. It’s like the execution method of drawn and quartered. But +1. Here’s the wiki:
  2. This is an idiom. I think it was translated differently but from the raws I felt this was the best. It means don’t expect compliments from a rude person (or something along those lines)
  3. Something like those salutes you see on Chinese dramas:


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