Chapter 67 : Another Type of Cultivation (16)

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The day after Chu Ning left, news of her death started circulating. Chu Ye still had some feelings for her so he flew into a temper upon hearing she was murdered. Ye Qingqiu let people bring Chu Ye away first. She looked back at the cloth covered body, her heart full of doubts.

‘I remember disposing of the body so why has it appeared here? Could it be that someone saw me kill Chu Ning and is using this to give me a warning? Who could it be…’

Ye Qingqiu returned to the room with a heavy face. Chu Ye was sitting in the middle of the room. His eyes reddened slightly when he saw her, causing Ye Qingqiu’s heart to skip a beat. She didn’t continue walking forward. Chu Ye ran over and hugged her. “Sect Head.”

Ye Qingqiu stiffened. Only after she was sure Chu Ye hadn’t discovered anything did she pat his back. “Although she did some bad stuff, rest assured I’ll help you avenge her.”

Chu Ye’s looks weren’t bad and he was quite good on the bed too. It wasn’t that Ye Qingqiu didn’t like him, she just felt like his status wasn’t up to par. But now they had already slept with each other so there was no reason to continue hesitating.

In the end, Ye Qingqiu’s consolation switched locations to the bedsheets. When they had finally finished, Chu Ye lay exhausted on the bed, unable to even lift an eyelid.

Ye Qingqiu wasn’t exhausted at all though. On the contrary, she had been re-energised by their bout; her face was practically glowing. She cast a glance at Chu Ye who had already fallen asleep and her expression turned mocking. She made a hand seal and a water dragon appeared. ‘A furnace… if used well, the one being used isn’t a certainty.’

This was something she had discovered after she had been with Chu Ye for the first time. She had still been a step from crossing over into the grand completion stage of Foundation Building but after doing that with Chu Ye, she managed to directly step into that stage.

Those with Water Spirit Veins were pretty much acknowledged to be cultivation furnaces but she didn’t seem to be the one whose cultivation was being stolen. She had asked that Demon and he had told her it was because of his presence that she had turned from the victim to the taker. She had tested it out just now and found that he was right.

Ye Qingqiu’s gaze landed on Chu Ye as she once again got atop him. Chu Ye was still muddle-headed but he instinctively responded upon touching Ye Qingqiu’s body.

“I heard some people have gone missing again?” A few Mt. Tong Sect disciples chatted as they walked down the mountain.

“How many times has this happened now? Grandmaster told us to look for them in secret but how are we supposed to do that with so many eyes here? From the way I see it, it’s those two that did it.” A male disciple gestured towards a mountain peak in the distance.

“Shh, do you want to die?” One of the people beside him gave him a smack. “Don’t speak nonsense. Grandmaster said this matter most likely has nothing to do with them.”

“Eh? Why?”

“Grandmaster said those two had witnesses who could prove it was impossible for them to kidnap people. After all, the two were at the same place while two people went missing at the same time.”

“Then what if it’s because they used some underhanded methods?”

“…Makes sense. Anyway, those two are the biggest suspects.”

Only when the group had walked off did a black shadow emerge from behind a large tree. The man stared in thought at the departing figures.


Shi Sheng wasn’t surprised that Long Jue would pay her a visit; after all, the Reaper’s Sword was still in her hands. ‘But… why is Ye Qingqiu here? En, the Mt. Tong Sect Head is here too. Oh, and looks like there’s a bunch of other sect heads I don’t know here too… Tsk tsk, are we holding a meeting? You guys aren’t going on with the tournament and ran over to my place to hold a meeting? Is it a judging meeting?’

The courtyard of the residence Shi Sheng was staying in wasn’t that big. With so many people standing there, it looked rather crowded. And they were holding weapons too, causing the amount of space inside to decrease. Shi Sheng stood at the door and waved her hand impatiently.

“What are you guys blocking my door so early in the morning for? Came here to greet me? No need, we’re not big on those kinds of things.”

Everyone “…” ‘Who the hell is here to greet you?! Think you’re an emperor?! Look at our faces filled with indignation! Come look at our justice-filled hearts!’

“She-devil, hand them out otherwise don’t blame me for not being nice!” A sect head shouted before pointing his weapon at Shi Sheng.

“Hand who out?” Shi Sheng was utterly befuddled. ‘When did I kidnap people in the first place?’

“The Burning Flame Sect’s Mu Qing, the Purple Dawn Sect’s Ye Yao…” And on it went until five people as well as the sects they came from were reported. “She-devil, weren’t you the one who kidnapped these people? Hurry up and hand them over!”

No matter how filled with righteous indignation they got, Shi Sheng’s face remained calm. She waited till they had finished yelling before slowly speaking, “Don’t know them.”

“Shang Shu, Feng Ci is not here with you so I’d advise you to hand those people over.” Long Jue waved his hand, gesturing for those people to quiet down. “Those girls are innocent, when have they ever offended you?”

Shi Sheng looked around her. Feng Ci, who was usually never more than 10 steps from her, wasn’t here…

“Stop looking. He won’t be able to make it back in a short period of time! Shang Shu, hand them over!” Long Jue spoke coldly.

“I don’t have the people but I do have a life. Want it? Come get it!” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved into crescents.

“She-devil, I’ll enact justice on behalf of Heaven today! Accept death!”

“Everyone charge together! Seize the she-devil!”

All types of offensive arts smashed towards Shi Sheng. A layer of white light appeared from the black robe she was wearing, blocking those arts.

“It’s a spelled robe!”

“Fuck, all those stuff on her head are spelled artifacts!”

Angry curses rose up. They saw that she hadn’t had many accessories on her body but only now did they find out all the stuff on her body had a defensive attribute to them, from the smallest button to the largest robe.

Most of the people here were at the Azoth Core stage of cultivation, there were even a few Nascent Soul cultivators yet not a single one managed to cause the slightest harm to Shi Sheng. It can be seen from this how powerful the items on her body were.

Perhaps they weren’t even spelled artifacts… The only other possibility was that they were Immortal Artifacts. In the Cultivation World, only the large sects would even have an Immortal Artifact and they were usually carefully looked after. Thinking of this caused quite a few people’s eyes to redden with greed.

The artifacts on Shi Sheng’s body were, of course, obtained by Feng Ci specially for her. In the past years, he had robbed a lot of places so getting her armed to the teeth wasn’t difficult.

“You guys want to rob my stuff again ah!” Shi Sheng dodged a few attacks before leaping onto the roof and looking at the gathered crowd with a ridiculing expression. “I thought you guys looked down on me? What? You want to copy my style of robbing?”

Killing people to take their belongings was as normal as eating a meal in the Cultivation World. Those people who got robbed naturally weren’t willing to accept it so they started spinning rumours about the person who robbed them. And Shi Sheng had more successful robberies than average so she gained the ‘title’ of “She-devil”.

“Which item on your body wasn’t obtained through robbery?!”

“Oh, since you say that, that must mean all the stuff on your body was made by you personally? Wow you’re so awesome… My apologies for not recognising your dignified personage earlier.”

“You…” The ridicule in her tone caused the one who had spoken to be unable to continue. Only those who had a ridiculously powerful background with plenty of resources to work with could say that they had never stolen other people’s belongings. If people with normal backgrounds wanted a good weapon or a life-protecting pill, wouldn’t their only option be to steal it?

And even between these large sects, they would snatch from each other like nobody’s business…

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