Chapter 68 : Another Type of Cultivation (17)

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“Stop wasting words, hurry up and hand them over!” This topic wasn’t too good so they circled back to the main topic.

“I’m not the one who took them. Though… if you guys want to know who did it, I can tell you, you know.” Shi Sheng dragged her words out as she spoke with a smiling face.

“How would it not be you…”

“Yeah, who else would do this other than you?!”

Although they said that, their faces were filled with doubt. After all, they weren’t clear about the details either. They were only listening to Long Jue and the Mt. Tong Sect Head.

Ye Qingqiu’s heart sank. She lifted her head to look at Shi Sheng who just so happened to be looking at her too. That smile was mocking no matter how you looked at it, yet those eyes… were calm like a pool of dead water.

‘This woman has to die!’

“Shang Shu, are you attempting to sow discord between us?” Ye Qingqiu stepped forward. “She’s stalling for time, don’t fall for it!”

Having gotten her reminder, everyone seemed to have snapped out of it. Whatever the truth of the matter was, she had committed a lot of crimes before so getting rid of her would be a large merit. But if Feng Ci returned… They didn’t dare to think about it.

“I’ll distract her, you guys set down a formation.” Long Jue leapt upwards and started attacking Shi Sheng. Long Jue’s cultivation was higher than Shi Sheng’s even though she was wearing a set of peak level equipment. She could only keep herself from being harmed, but couldn’t do any harm to Long Jue.

Long Jue wasn’t using his full power, he was just trying to herd Shi Sheng to the middle of the courtyard. Shi Sheng knew what he was trying to do so naturally she wouldn’t go there. Just as she was about to leave, however, Ye Qingqiu suddenly appeared from behind and attacked her.

Shi Sheng stumbled. Long Jue took the opportunity to send a gust of wind to send Shi Sheng flying towards the ground. The moment she landed, she seemed to have activated something as light burst out and enveloped her, causing the figures outside to turn blurry.

‘Fuck! I knew my cultivation was still too low.’ Shi Sheng looked at the well-defined, glowing, white lines of the formation below her, feeling a bit upset. She bit her finger and used the blood from the wound to draw some symbols in mid-air. Her face was a bit pale but there was no panic in her eyes; they still had that deathly calm.

Just as she finished with the last stroke, the light vanished, allowing her to see the people outside clearly. The people outside could also see her clearly now too.

“What is that?” The Mt. Tong Sect Head gazed in stunned shock at the blood symbols floating in front of Shi Sheng.

The black robes of the woman inside the formation billowed. She was so quiet that she seemed to be in a different world from the fierce, killing intent-filled formation. The calm in her eyes bordered on complete indifference, as if everything they did was just a funny one-sided play. Shi Sheng lifted her index finger, causing the people outside to subconsciously hold their breaths.

“I hope everyone here remembers today.” Shi Sheng’s voice could be heard through the formation. Though it was a little bit broken up because of the interference, they still managed to hear her words perfectly fine. After she spoke, she used her index finger to touch that blood symbol, causing the originally white formation to be dyed a bloody red.

The surroundings seemed to blur, darken and lose its colours, leaving only the black-robed woman standing quietly in red light. In that instance, all creatures fell silent; as if they were afraid of startling her.

Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. The red light crawled up to block her figure from view. Shi Sheng revealed a mocking smile.

Just as her vision was about to be taken over by red light, she saw a figure charging towards her before all she could see was red.

Shi Sheng supported herself up. The blood in her chest roiled, causing her to spit up blood. Wiping away at the blood on the corner of her mouth, she coldly snorted, “It turns out the male and female leads are invincible when they join hands.”

She had clearly been able to dodge that attack but at that moment, the air around her solidified, causing her body to stiffen long enough for Long Jue to send her flying. And that formation…

‘They used such a high-level formation on me… Should I be thanking them for not looking down on me?’

Shi Sheng let out a slight exhale. Her innards felt like they were tearing apart. After getting used to it, she began surveying her surroundings. This was a strange place at what looked to be the bottom of a cliff. The space here was very narrow yet very deep. There were all sorts of strange plants around that were reaching maliciously for Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng looked up for a while. Her cultivation was completely gone now.

She learned that move from Shang Shu’s memories. The blood symbols could take over any formation for one’s own use, and had been used to open the gate to the Demon World… The price though, was all of one’s cultivation.

Yes, you heard that right. The Demon World. She was currently in the Demon World…

‘So it did follow the plot after all. The important thing now though, is how do I(bbb) get out?! Wait a second! I(bbb) seem to be forgetting something? Fuck! Feng Ci! That person that charged towards me at the end there was Feng Ci!’

Normally, he would have just been repelled but Feng Ci wasn’t a normal person so he probably followed her here. There was quite a bit of area to the transfer. If he did follow her, he should be somewhere in her vicinity.

Shi Sheng dragged her battered body to search the vicinity for him. In the end, she found Feng Ci on top of a purplish-red flower at the top of the cliff. He seemed to be unconscious for his hands were hanging off the edge of the flowerbed. ‘So you want this cripple to go get that fellow that’s several metres high down here? I(bbb) can’t do that ah!’

‘System, I(bbb) want a cheat! This time is really not okay! It’s going to fail at this rate!’

[Do you wish to activate the System Shop?]

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I want a cheat!’

[Host, you have 3 seconds to consider. Do you wish to activate the System Shop? Countdown: 3… 2…]

“I’ll use it, I’ll use it dammit!”

That screen she had seen before appeared. Shi Sheng scanned through before her gaze landed on an item named “Flying Carpet”. It was 2,000 Contribution Points for one.

‘Fuck you! Why don’t you just go rob a bank?! Why is a fucking one-time use consumable so expensive?! The Bureau of Commodity Prices will invite you for tea, you know1? Where can I(bbb) lodge a complaint? I(bbb) want to lodge a complaint!!!’

[Do you wish to conduct this purchase?]

‘Purchase, my head! I’m saving up for a Universe Warship! I have an ambition… of conquering the Universe!’ Shi Sheng angrily closed the System Shop. She turned around and pulled out a step ladder from the bushes next to her.

[……] ‘So… just where did the Host get this?’

By the time Shi Sheng got Feng Ci down, she felt like she was going to collapse. ‘Yer momma’s a slut! I’m injured too ah!!!’

Shi Sheng didn’t dare to stay near those weird-looking plants for long. She dragged Feng Ci to an area without plants; a crack in the cliff wall. The available space there wasn’t too cramped.

When Shi Sheng had set Feng Ci down, she sat on the ground and took great heaving breaths. She coughed a bit. The taste of blood was thick in her mouth, causing her to feel very uncomfortable.

[Host, I hope you will learn from this. The leads of each world are favoured by luck. You are not a native to these worlds so making a move on them will result in severe punishment.] System’s icy-cold voice spoke in Shi Sheng’s mind.

“So why are there missions where I have to take revenge against them?” Shi Sheng stared at Feng Ci’s profile, her voice a bit low.

[As the System, I do not have a say in that… Host, remember that you cannot make a direct move on the male and female leads.]

A cold light flashed in Shi Sheng’s eyes. After this time, she would learn her lesson.

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  1. It’s a way of saying calling you in for a ‘chat’. Like how the police ‘invite you for tea’. Also, in case you don’t understand from the name, this bureau determines prices… on commodities… so it’s reasonable to assume they’d be upset at merchants charging way above the set price…

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