Chapter 69 : Another Type of Cultivation (18)

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When Feng Ci woke up, Shi Sheng was standing outside the entrance staring upwards.

“Xiaoshu…” When Feng Ci saw her, he leapt up from the ground and flashed to her, hugging her from behind. “Thank goodness you’re alright!”

Having been unprepared, Shi Sheng coughed fiercely, causing a faint bloody smell to diffuse into the air.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Ci released Shi Sheng and made his way to her front. “Why is your face so pale? Why is your cultivation gone? Was it because of those people… Don’t be scared, I’ll help you take revenge. Tell me how you want them to die and I’ll do it.”

Shi Sheng gasped for air. When her gaze turned upwards, her expression changed suddenly. She couldn’t speak so she could only point upwards.

Feng Ci’s dark-red eyes were filled with worry. He didn’t understand what Shi Sheng was trying to tell him so he gazed with slight puzzlement at her.

Shi Sheng’s chest heaved quickly a few times before she suddenly grabbed him and dodged to the side. The sound of a heavy object hitting the ground could be heard from where they had just been standing. Shi Sheng’s back was to the wall. Because of the inertia, Feng Ci ended up pressing on to her, his slightly cool lips pressed against the corner of hers.

Feng Ci’s eyes widened and his long eyelashes trembled. He seemed to be able to hear both their breathing at this distance.

Feng Ci suddenly turned and pecked lightly at Shi Sheng’s lips before he acted as if he had been shocked by electricity and jumped away. His gaze wandered to the side as his ears flushed red.

Shi Sheng was stunned for a moment before the corner of her lips went up in a slight smile. It tugged at her internal injuries though so her face turned pained again. ‘If this keeps up, my(bbb) wounds aren’t going to heal!’

“Help me up a bit.” Shi Sheng spoke to Feng Ci in a weak voice as she reached out a hand.

Feng Ci was blushing as he carefully supported Shi Sheng, his gaze didn’t dare to land on her. Feng Ci was feeling very apprehensive right now. ‘Will she be angry? Will she leave me? I don’t care. She can only accompany me. If she wants to leave then I’ll-’

Feng Ci was at a loss. ‘What can I do if she wants to leave me? If it was before I could just lock her up but…

If I do that, she’ll definitely get angry. I don’t want her to be angry. I like it when she smiles at me.’

Shi Sheng didn’t know that Feng Ci was undergoing inner turmoil in those few seconds, for she was staring at where they had just been standing. There were a pair of snakes entwined with each other. They were twisting against each other and making the occasional hiss, completely ignoring the two humans standing not far from them.

When Feng Ci saw the two snakes, his face turned black and he covered Shi Sheng’s eyes. “Don’t look.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I already saw everything so what’s the point of covering my eyes now?!’

Just now she had seen these two snakes. ‘Your mom, fucking while dangling from a tree… Now this is some high-level shit!’

The two snakes had unexpectedly fallen off the tree when Feng Ci had come over.

Shi Sheng only heard some crackling noises. When she could see again, all that was left was a pile of ash. Shi Sheng “…” ‘You burned them while they were still fucking… At least let them finish!’

“Dirty.” Feng Ci stubbornly blocked Shi Sheng’s view. “Just look at me.”

‘Look… at you… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Even if you look good, people still need a change in taste every now and then! And they were just a couple of snakes! Did you have to do that?! Did you?!’

Afraid of causing Feng Ci’s ‘illness’ to relapse, she could only nod her head.

Shi Sheng wasn’t certain if she could withstand Feng Ci’s power so she didn’t dare to let him heal her. She could only slowly recuperate on her own. Foundation Building cultivators and above had no need for food since they could get all the nourishment they need from spirit qi. However, Shi Sheng had no way of absorbing spirit qi so she had to eat.

Feng Ci didn’t know what was edible or not, so most of the stuff he brought back was inedible. Shi Sheng was feeling rather miserable.

After much sifting through the pile, she only found a few fruits that counted as edible. The taste was awful. They were sour and acidic, causing Shi Sheng to nearly cry from choking them down.

“Why don’t you drink my blood?” Feng Ci squatted down in front of Shi Sheng and carefully suggested.

“Blood?” Shi Sheng bit into yet another green, unripe fruit. The sourness caused her face to crumple up. “Why would I want to drink your blood?” ‘I(bbb) don’t drink blood!’

“My blood can let you heal faster. And…” Feng Ci hesitated for a bit before staring directly into Shi Sheng’s eyes and speaking, “And it can help you regain your cultivation.”

Shi Sheng swallowed the fruit that was so sour her teeth nearly fell out before speaking a bit unclearly, “Your blood has this effect? How come I didn’t know?”

‘The plot didn’t have this point though? No wonder he didn’t say much even though he knew my cultivation was wasted.’

A hint of a smile surfaced on Feng Ci’s face as he drew closer to Shi Sheng. “Why else do you think those people in the Celestial World want me dead so much? Just because they’re scared of me?”

Shi Sheng’s movements paused. She could feel an aura of forlornness surrounding him. It was as if…

“Oh.” Shi Sheng lowered her eyes before continuing the gnaw on another fruit. She spoke with a bit of disgust in her tone, “I don’t like to drink blood.”

“But my blood can help your cultivation recover.” Although he was happy she didn’t show any of that greed that caused him to feel disgust, If she didn’t recover her cultivation, how was he to bring her back to take revenge?

“Be good, I don’t like blood.” Shi Sheng patted Feng Ci’s head. “There’s nothing good that comes out of gaining something without effort. I prefer to rely on my own efforts to get what I want.”

‘Even if I had to snatch them.

And besides… from what he revealed just now, if I really drank his blood, I might as well say goodbye to living. There’s no reasoning with yandere princesses.

The most important thing is that I can look at blood but if you want me to drink it? Nope!’

There was joy in Feng Ci’s eyes as he asked earnestly, “Xiaoshu, will you be together with me forever?”

Shi Sheng ended up coughing up a mouthful of sour fruit juice. ‘Momma’s egg! Don’t just confess out of the blue like that! Isn’t this change of topic too fast? We were just talking about drinking blood…’

Feng Ci pursed his lips, at a loss as he watched Shi Sheng cough vehemently. Suddenly he held Shi Sheng’s face and kissed her.

Shi Sheng was startled by the handsome face that was suddenly so close to her. Only when she felt a soft sensation brush across her lips and attempt to enter her mouth did she get snap out of it. She gasped and subconsciously wanted to push Feng Ci away.

Feng Ci hugged Shi Sheng closer. She didn’t have any strength to resist so she ended up trapped in his arms. His kiss was a bit clumsy and a bit impatient because of her resistance but he was still gentle.

“Xiaoshu, don’t move. I’ll give myself to you.” Feng Ci’s voice suddenly sounded in Shi Sheng’s mind.

Shi Sheng was thunderstruck. ‘The hell do you mean give yourself to me?! Hey just because I(bbb) didn’t object to your flirting you’re now trying to bring it to the bed? I’m(bbb) telling you, I(bbb) won’t take any responsibility!’

Author’s note:

*uses pot lid to cover self and flees*

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Dunno about the pot lid thing.

Translate Checker: Seems to be a sign of knowing you did something wrong.

Proofreader: The author doesn’t want to be hit so uses a pot lid to cover herself from anything that might be thrown her way. (*≧▽≦)


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