Chapter 71 : Another Type of Cultivation (20)

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It was easy to lose track of time in the wilderness. Shi Sheng and Feng Ci stayed at the bottom of that cliff until Shi Sheng broke through to the Immortalisation stage. Due to those flames, Shi Sheng’s cultivation wasn’t difficult at all. After the Immortalisation stage was the Ascension stage, but this relied on one’s luck.

After the Immortalisation stage, there wouldn’t be any major breakthroughs and one would only know when one’s tribulation to Ascension was about to arrive.

Some people wouldn’t experience their Ascension tribulation for hundreds or thousands of years.

Ascension couldn’t be forced so Shi Sheng could only give up on this and leave the cliff she had spent ages with Feng Ci in. Outside was a vast wasteland.

Shi Sheng called out Pudding, who hadn’t come out in ages. Pudding huffed in displeasure but still transformed into its larger size when Feng Ci glared at it.

Feng Ci brought Shi Sheng onto Pudding’s back. He didn’t seem to have any intention of releasing her. Though he had spent such a long time with Shi Sheng at that cliff, around 99% of the time, Shi Sheng was busy cultivating so he could only stare at her or chase off any intruding creatures in the vicinity.

Now that he could hug Shi Sheng, he felt like his empty heart had been filled up once again. Why would he let her go?

The Demon World was larger than Shi Sheng’s expectations. Even with Pudding’s speed, they had to fly for close to three days before they left the wasteland.

Outside the wasteland, the scenery was no different from the Cultivation World’s. The Demon Race didn’t have three heads and six arms1. If they weren’t using techniques unique to the Demon Race, one would find no difference between them and a normal human cultivator.

Shi Sheng went to gather information from a few demons and learned the seal on the Demon World hadn’t broken yet, so Ye Qingqiu should still be in the Cultivation World at this point.

“How are we going to get out?” Feng Ci rested his chin on Shi Sheng’s shoulder as he asked somewhat doubtfully.

“Break the seal on the Demon World of course. How else are we going to get out?” Shi Sheng spoke casually. ‘I(bbb) don’t have the FL’s ability to tear a hole in space. Besides, the seal on the Demon World is going to break anyway so what’s the big deal if it breaks a little earlier? Furthermore…’

Feng Ci furrowed his brow but didn’t say anything. As long as she was happy, he was fine with anything. Even if she wanted to rule the Demon World, he would hand the throne to her on a silver platter.

The seal on the Demon World was situated at a lake. There was a method of breaking it in Shang Shu’s memories but Shi Sheng hadn’t expected the Demon Race to already be nearly done with it…

“Demon Lord, there’s only one final step.” A member of the Demon Race gazed reverently and fearfully at the man standing in front of the lake.

He was garbed in a black robe embroidered with the symbol of the Demon Lord. His silver hair fluttered along with the wind and his posture was upright. There was an icy-cold aura that warded others from approaching him. He was the Demon World’s Demon Lord: Jun Wuqi.

Jun Wuqi looked at the surface of the lake which had not a single ripple and asked, “Have you found the person?”

The demon fell silent for a few seconds before he spoke in a stiff voice, “Not yet.”

“Continue looking. You must find that person even if you turn the Demon World upside-down.” There was a sharp coldness in Jun Wuqi’s gaze. They were at the final and most important step.

“Understood.” The demon left hurriedly, leaving Jun Wuqi alone by the lakeside.

He stared at the surface of the lake for a bit. All of a sudden, he lifted his hand and a dragon formed from water surged out from the lake and charged towards the woods. A dragon formed from fire emerged from the woods and crashed into the water dragon, causing an explosion which disturbed the surface of the lake, making it look like it was boiling.

Jun Wuqi narrowed his eyes as he looked at the fire that hadn’t been extinguished. His water dragon had completely evaporated while that fire dragon had just broken up a bit…

This simple exchange allowed him to get a glimpse of the other’s power. ‘Since when was there someone more powerful than me in the Demon World?’

“Since you’ve come then you might as well show yourself.” As the other party hadn’t made any killing moves, it proved they didn’t want to fight. A woman with beautiful features and garbed in a black robe emerged from the woods. The black of the robe didn’t cause her to look dull or gloomy; on the contrary, they emphasized her brilliant jade-like skin.

She strode forward with a smile on her face. Her eyes had not the slightest ripple in them though.

“Demon Lord.” Shi Sheng smiled as she withdrew the remaining flames in the air.

Jun Wuqi’s eyes narrowed even more as he grew more uneasy about Shi Sheng inwardly. He was very sure there hadn’t been someone like this in the Demon World.

Shi Sheng silently examined Jun Wuqi. This person was the Demon World’s Demon Lord, and at the same time… a love interest for the female lead.

When Jun Wuqi left the Demon World, he met Ye Qingqiu, who had come over to check out the situation with the seal. The two naturally progressed from there.

One of the main reasons why she was able to deal with the Demon World threat before ascending was Jun Wuqi’s help. And now that Jun Wuqi was at the crucial stage of breaking the seal on the Demon World, he only needed to find one person as the final step…

And quite coincidentally, that person just so happened to be Shi Sheng.

“I don’t like to waste my breath. I can help you break the seal but you have to agree to a condition.” The seal required Shang Shu’s blood to break but Shi Sheng wasn’t clear why either. ‘Maybe it’s because the plot needs it? Anyways, worlds created out of stories can’t be explained using common sense.’

“You can help me break the seal?” Jun Wuqi spoke seriously.

None of the previous Demon Lords had ever managed to break the seal yet now this woman who didn’t look old was telling him casually that she could break it…

Although it felt completely unbelievable, when he thought back to the strength she revealed just now, he became uncertain. ‘What if she really can?’

Shi Sheng smiled. “I know you don’t believe me. But it doesn’t matter. I can help you break the seal first then we discuss terms, how about it?”

Jun Wuqi’s biggest virtue was that he placed heavy importance on promises. Though, even if he didn’t keep his promise, there wasn’t much harm to Shi Sheng anyway. She had to go out sooner or later; this was just her taking advantage.

“Fine.” Jun Wuqi couldn’t speak harshly to her; after all, he witnessed her strength just now. He had a bad feeling when he saw her control those flames so naturally. His instincts told him not to provoke her.

Shi Sheng strode confidently to the lakeside before turning to look at Jun Wuqi. “Demon Lord, tell your people to get ready.”


“Didn’t you instruct them to look for me?” Shi Sheng tugged on her lip. Completely ignoring any of Jun Wuqi’s reactions, she rolled up her sleeve and sliced her wrist. Fresh blood dripped into the lake and began diffusing…

Only at that time did Jun Wuqi react. He hurriedly got the Demon Race members in the shadows to come out and start casting techniques at the lake.

Seeing it was enough, Shi Sheng held her wrist as she retreated out of the range of their encirclement. Almost at the same time, Feng Ci appeared by her side and gripped her wrist as he asked nervously, “Does it hurt?”

Shi Sheng casually applied pressure to the wound. “Nope.”

This wound wasn’t much to look at compared to the injuries she had received before.

Feng Ci stopped her action before lifting her wrist and placing his lips on the wound. The tip of his tongue brushed gently over the wound and she could feel a cooling sensation from her wound.

By the time Feng Ci had finished licking off the blood on her wrist, the wound was already gone, leaving only skin as fair as jade.

“There won’t be a next time.” Feng Ci rolled down her sleeve, his expression dark. “I don’t like you getting injured, even it’s self-inflicted.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘How am I(bbb) going to get out if I(bbb) don’t slit my wrist though?! I(bbb) don’t have the FL’s ability of ripping through space with my(bbb) bare hands!’

Author’s note:

Stop wondering why the main character is so OP. You can just drop the book if you don’t like this type. I don’t write growing-stage main characters… (I’m not going to admit it’s because I’ll end up with a broken character setting…)

This is not a book about a growing MC! This is not a book about a growing MC! This is not a book about a growing MC!

Now that I’ve repeated myself thrice, come and toss votes at me little angels! 2,000 of them and there’ll be another chapter.

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Who doesn’t like OP MCs…? I’m the type that dislikes underpowered MCs… Especially ever since Shi Sheng appeared…

  1. This means they are not the freakish monsters cultivators made them out to be. Three heads and six arms is a common expression to describe someone or something that is freakishly abnormal/strong.

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  1. P-Orc · Jul 11, 2020

    "Feng Ci rested his chin on Shi Sheng’s shoulder" GOAT DAMN, THAT'S CUTE.

    "Feng Ci stopped her action before lifting her wrist and placing his lips on the wound. The tip of his tongue brushed gently over the wound and she could feel a cooling sensation from her wound.

    By the time Feng Ci had finished licking off the blood on her wrist, the wound was already gone, leaving only skin as fair as jade." UHH... HIS BLOOD AND SALIVA/LIQUID CAN HEAL???

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  2. drenlith · Dec 4, 2019

    I do not like OP MCs that are Mary Sues, Shi Sheng is definitely not a Mary Sue.
    The story's got a nice balance, she only brings out hacks when she's way too much at disadvantage or just for the lols. During actual critical moments, like life n death, she's still gotta rely on memories of the original host and other stuff.

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    3 heads and 6 six arms refers usually to Asura, often represented as evil/demonic beings. Opposite to deva (Sura).

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    Also, I keep seeing the translator’s avatar at the end of every chapter and all I can think is, “Man that really makes me want to play slime rancher again.” Also, thanks for the good work, it’s fun to read this and I’ll keep going.

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