Chapter 72 : Another Type of Cultivation (21)

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Purple Bamboo Mountain; the site where the seal on the Demon World was situated.

The bamboos on this mountain were all purple coloured. According to rumour, they were Immortal Bamboo. The bamboo was planted in an array used to seal the Demon World.

A lot of cultivators were gathered here. At the head was the Misty Sect and the Mt. Tong Sect.

It had already been 400 years since Shi Sheng’s disappearance. In these 400 years, Ye Qingqiu had developed the Misty Sect to once again take the position of number one sect in the Cultivation World. And its position was so high that others could only dream of reaching it.

“Sect Head Ye, are we just going to watch as the Demon Race comes out?” A man garbed in a cyan Daoist robe looked at the woman who was surrounded by people.

Ye Qingqiu’s expression was cold; she looked like the epitome of an ice goddess, causing people to constantly glance at her.

“What else would Sect Head Lin suggest?” Ye Qingqiu spoke. Her every action exuded the aura of someone superior. She was already in the Immortalisation stage so she naturally would not have to give face to anyone.

Sect Head Lin rubbed his head awkwardly. ‘If I knew what to do, would I be asking you?’

As Ye Qingqiu was already an expert at the Immortalisation stage, and the Misty Sect Sect Head to boot, he could only retreat to the side, embarrassed.

Ye Qingqiu cleared her throat and her gaze swept over those gathered. “The Celestial World has already been informed about this. All we have to do is do our best to control the situation until the Celestial World’s people arrive.”

The surrounding people looked at each other before expressing agreement.

The Demon Race were bloodthirsty and battle-hardened while the Cultivation World had declined in recent times. Hence they wouldn’t have the ability to reseal the Demon Race on their own.


The sounds of fierce shaking could be heard amidst the rustling of bamboo. It was closely followed by a cracking noise and then the bamboo collapsed. Above the clearing made of fallen bamboo, something akin to a black hole appeared.

The first thing Shi Sheng saw when she exited the Demon World was this crowd of wary and nervous people clothed in Daoist robes and holding weapons. The atmosphere seemed grave when coupled with the tremoring purple bamboo in the background.

The force gathered now was much larger than the time she went to the Mt. Tong Sect.

Shi Sheng and Feng Ci were walking in front while the demons followed behind them. From afar, it looked as though Shi Sheng and Feng Ci were leading the demon troops into the Cultivation World.

“Shang Shu!”

This shout caused Shi Sheng to pause. For some reason, the demons behind halted too.

Shi Sheng followed the voice to its source and saw the long-absent, plot armour-wearing female lead staring at her in disbelief.

‘Why did she come out from the Demon World?’ And all those people who had attacked Shi Sheng back then changed their expressions upon seeing her.

Back then those words she had spoken: “I hope everyone here remembers today.”

There hadn’t been any rage in her tone, only a placid calmness yet a seed had been planted in their hearts and germinated, causing them to feel uneasy.

And seeing her here now caused that unease to increase exponentially.

‘She’s back…’

“Hey, you guys delivered yourself to my doorstep for me to avenge myself!” Shi Sheng’s gaze swept across those familiar looking people, her smile filled with ill-intent. “Of course I won’t refuse you people since you’ve decided to deliver yourselves to me.”

“You can just watch while I do the work.” Feng Ci smiled at Shi Sheng. “Tell me who you want dead.”

He had not forgotten that they had hurt her.

Shi Sheng’s finger swept over a few people. Her voice seemed as if it had been blown into their ears, “These few.”

Almost as soon as Shi Sheng’s finger pointed at them, they caught on fire. Anguished cries sounded out one after another. Only when someone fell to the ground did the crowd react and retreat in fear.

In the area cleared out of people, four flaming people were rolling on the ground. They were making pained cries as they reached out to those standing at the edge. But no one dared to reach out a helping hand.

“Any more?” Feng Ci burned those people to death in the blink of an eye.

“For now, no.” Shi Sheng shook her head. It wasn’t that there hadn’t been anymore; it was just that they probably weren’t here today for she didn’t see them.

“Shang Shu, you actually fell so low and turned into a demon!” Ye Qingqiu glared hatefully at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng pouted in disagreement. “You’re the one speaking so say what you want.”

Ye Qingqiu was rendered speechless. ‘How am I supposed to answer?’

Had Shang Shu refuted her, she could have at least started righteously questioning her on it. Yet now she had an expression that pretty much said ‘I don’t care what you guys think’…

“Hey you guys.” Shi Sheng turned to look at the demons behind her. “What are you still standing there for? Waiting for them to commit suicide? Has the seal sealed your brains too?”

‘Well now look what happened. I’ve turned into the Demon Race’s representative. Might as well collect some interest then. After all, it’d be letting down this new status of mine if I didn’t.’

The demons seemed to have been reminded by her. They roared at the cultivators and the two sides engaged into a heated brawl. Shi Sheng would occasionally give out orders to the demons who, surprisingly, carried them out.

Now it looked like Shi Sheng really was in charge of the demon troops. When the Demon Lord still in the Demon World got the frontline report, his handsome face twitched a bit. ‘She’s really not being courteous about borrowing my influence ah! I’m still here guys!’

In the first clash between the Demon Race and the Cultivation World, the demons won because of Shi Sheng shamelessly taking command. The demons forced the cultivators to retreat, whereupon they seized control of Purple Bamboo Mountain for them to use as a base.

Shi Sheng stepped down after rendering her ‘meritorious services’, having gained quite a lot of fame from her contributions.

After Shi Sheng and Feng Ci left Purple Bamboo Mountain, she brought him with her to sweep the floor with those sects that had participated in attacking her back then. This caused the Cultivation World to grow even more full of unrest.

The saying “the front courtyard has been lost while the backyard is on fire1” was pretty much what described the situation for the cultivators right now.

Their formations had been destroyed by Shi Sheng just as the demons were on their doorstep.

Shi Sheng wanted to check on Yu Xiao so their final destination was naturally the Misty Sect. When she reached, she found that the Misty Sect’s disciples had somehow found out beforehand and were out in full force waiting for her.

‘En. Very good. This fits with my(bbb) image.’

“Martial Aunt!”

Shi Sheng had only just gotten into a domineering ‘pose’ and hadn’t had time to say any of her lines when she was interrupted by a voice. A woman wearing a purple Daoist robe charged down from the mountain and pushed the disciples in front out of the way. “Martial Aunt, it’s really you! *excited yelping* You’re finally back! I missed you so much!”

Lin Yiyi opened her arms and ran towards Shi Sheng. Just as she was about to hug Shi Sheng though, Feng Ci harrumphed and lifted his leg to kick her.

Shi Sheng looked like this: (||| ¬_¬)

She pulled Feng Ci back, causing Lin Yiyi to miss and stumble past her.

Lin Yiyi turned around to face Shi Sheng, her expression filled with grievance. “Martial Aunt, you don’t hug me anymore.”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘If I(bbb) hugged you, we would be enacting the cheesy ‘I am the wind and you are the sand’ romance from My Fair Princess2!’

“Martial Aunt, did you come back to see me?” Lin Yiyi went into self-pity mode for a while before changing the topic. “Martial Aunt, where did you go all these years? I heard you’ve already reached the Immortalisation stage? Martial Aunt, you’re awesome! *more rambling*…”

‘Too many questions… I(bbb) choose death.’

According to Lin Yiyi, the reason why Heaven’s Edge Peak hadn’t participated at the Inter-Sect Tournament was because Ye Qingqiu had left them behind under the reason that someone needed to stay behind to look after the sect.

So Lin Yiyi had missed the opportunity to meet Shi Sheng.

Author’s note:

2,000 recommendations and I’ll update~

Lalala, hurry up and love ME!!!

  1. Facing internal and external threats.
  2. My Fair Princess is a chinese drama: . I am the wind and you are the sand is the drama’s OST, which can be seen here:

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