Chapter 74 : Another Type of Cultivation (23)

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“Why are we here? It’s too dirty, I’ll carry you.” Not waiting for Shi Sheng’s rejection, he swept her into his arms. Shi Sheng sighed and hooked her arms around his neck as she directed him on where to go.

This was a patch of woods outside Purple Bamboo Mountain. There was a lot of miasma and pests here. The ground was carpeted in a thick layer of fallen leaves that were giving off the unpleasant stench of rot.

The reason Shi Sheng was here was to look for the female lead of course.

Ye Qingqiu would obtain an inheritance here; a very powerful martial technique that would allow her to face Feng Ci head on in its later stages. This cheat was specially prepared to deal with Feng Ci.

As one of the members of the villain alliance, Shi Sheng naturally wouldn’t allow Ye Qingqiu to obtain that inheritance. Shi Sheng didn’t know the exact location though, so she could only spend time looking for Ye Qingqiu.

“There’s someone ahead.” Feng Ci gave Shi Sheng a heads up.

In front was a small earthen mound with weeds growing on it with abandon. Feng Ci cast an enchantment before carrying Shi Sheng over to the little bump. Standing on top of the vantage point, the two could see everything that happened below clearly.

Though, the next second, Shi Sheng’s eyes were covered and her head was pressed into Feng Ci’s embrace.

The scene below the hillock was rather… steamy. Two naked men were currently ‘attending’ to a {similarly naked?} woman. The woman had a harsh scar on her face which extended from the left side of her face to past the bridge of her nose and to the right corner of her mouth. Her face was pale, causing her to look like an evil spirit.

But as those men worked themselves on her, the scar on her face started to slowly fade away and eventually vanish without a trace.

“Sect Head… I can’t anymore.” The man on top of her gave a low heaving roar though his movements got more vigorous and he released himself in the woman’s body. The woman pushed the man aside, mounted the other man and started moving.

“Sect Head, Sect Head…” The man who had been pushed aside prostrated himself in front of the woman. There was thirst in his eyes as he presented his lower body to her.

The woman revealed an expression of disgust as she waved her hand. That wave that seemed to not contain much strength caused the man to fly off and smack into the ground. His naked body convulsed for a moment before he stopped breathing.

The man under the woman was so terrified upon witnessing such a scene that he went soft. The woman’s gaze turned cold. “Useless!”

“No, Sect Head!” The man grabbed at the woman’s hand. “I can do it, I really can!”

He tried his best to harden again but it was to no avail. After a while of no reaction from him, the woman revealed killing intent though she restrained herself in the end. She went down to stimulate the man, who only had a reaction after quite a while.

The two continued with their moaning session for an indeterminate length of time. When Shi Sheng was finally released by Feng Ci, the two people had already put on clothes and the corpse on the ground had vanished. Shi Sheng supported her face as her eyes with pitch-black pupils blinked a few times.

‘Ye Qingqiu had a scar on her face just now and looked pretty weak so how come she managed to recover after fucking? Shit, don’t tell me she’s practising those rumoured techniques of stealing Yang energy to recover Yin1?’

“Sect Head…” The man cast a careful glance at Ye Qingqiu, deathly afraid he would make her unhappy and end up like the other guy.

Ye Qingqiu swept her gaze over him before taking out a porcelain bottle and tossing it to him. The man revealed an expression of joy. “Thank you, Sect Head!”

“There won’t be a repeat of this time.”

The man’s expression stiffened slightly as he thought back to what happened before. ‘Had the Sect Head not only brought us two, I would’ve definitely been killed just now.’

His grip tightened on the porcelain bottle as he spoke in a humble and respectful tone, “Don’t worry, Sect Head. There won’t be a next time. This disciple shall be certain to serve you well in the future.”

Ye Qingqiu didn’t say anything as she walked into the depths of the forest. She had discovered an underground palace there. Her instincts told her there was definitely some good stuff in there. But before she could get to them, the guardian beast had severely injured her, causing her to have to make a retreat.

Shi Sheng tailed Ye Qingqiu to the underground palace. ‘Seems like this is the place Ye Qingqiu got that inheritance from. Though… there’s a deviation from the original storyline. She was supposed to have gotten that inheritance rather easily but it doesn’t appear that way now!’

Shi Sheng was completely uninterested in the inheritance so she waited till Ye Qingqiu was halfway through absorbing it before interrupting her by attacking. The vague silhouette in front of Ye Qingqiu swayed before it was burnt to nothing by a fireball.


Ye Qingqiu received some backlash from having been interrupted in the middle of receiving the inheritance and she spit out a few mouthfuls of blood.

“Shang Shu!” Ye Qingqiu’s vicious expression was full of rage. ‘Her again! Is this woman my nemesis?! Every time she shows up, nothing good will happen for me!’

“Sect Head Ye.” Shi Sheng’s eyes curved as she smilingly called her. The next second though, she spoke, “Ah Ci, kill her.”

‘Won’t let me attack personally? Fine! I won’t then!’

The flames behind Feng Ci flared out suddenly as fire arrows were formed from them and flew towards Ye Qingqiu. Being unable to dodge, Ye Qingqiu could only watch as the fire arrows whizzed towards her ferociously like thunderbolts. She glared unwillingly at Shi Sheng. ‘How can she just act like she’s watching a show?! How…’

Shi Sheng didn’t relax in the slightest upon seeing Ye Qingqiu get submerged by a swarm of countless flame arrows. She wouldn’t pronounce Ye Qingqiu dead till she saw a corpse.

It was at this moment that a brilliant light burst out from where Ye Qingqiu was standing. The light contained a ridiculously large amount of strength, causing people to tremble in fear.

Feng Ci’s expression underwent a slight change as he immediately hugged Shi Sheng and retreated after flinging one last volley of fire arrows.

The palace shook as crumbling rocks flew everywhere. There was a loud crash.

Shi Sheng and Feng Ci managed to escape before the entrance to the palace collapsed. The man waiting outside for Ye Qingqiu was sent flying from the shockwave.

Boom! Kboom!

An awe-inspiring rumbling that had the presence of thousands of troops charging could be heard from above all of a sudden. Shi Sheng lifted her head to find that the entire sky above the forest was covered by dark clouds.

Shi Sheng was feeling rather unwell, to say the least. ‘As expected… female leads are un-killable cockroaches that get all the benefits in the end…’

“She’s going to undergo her tribulation.” Feng Ci’s expression sank. “Won’t be easy to kill now.”

‘Yeah duh I know she won’t be easy to kill!’ Shi Sheng felt like spitting out blood right now. ‘Be honest now, the female lead’s true love is really plot-sama! No inheritance? Just go and ascend!’

“I’ll go redirect the lightning to you for you to ascend.” Feng Ci suddenly pulled Shi Sheng as he flew in the air.

‘Chotto matte kudasai! What do you mean, redirect the lightning to me?! I thought this was bound to individuals? I didn’t know they could switch targets?!’

Shi Sheng pulled on Feng Ci. “No need. Just let her undergo her tribulation.”

Feng Ci didn’t understand, confusion clearly written in his eyes. “Why?”

‘Why? Do I(bbb) even have to explain? That tribulation belongs to the female lead, trying to snatch it would still render you half-dead if not full dead right?’

She hadn’t even heard of stealing other people’s tribulations before. Even if Feng Ci had a way to do so, he would definitely have to pay a heavy price. That battered conscience of hers wasn’t completely useless yet.

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  1. ‘采阳补阴’ refers to a woman ‘stealing’ a man’s vitality to add to her own. The opposite is called ‘采阴补阳’, which is what’s supposed to happen when you have a cultivation furnace physique… Unless you have an MC halo…

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