Chapter 75 : Another Type of Cultivation (24)

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As was usually the case with main character tribulations, Ye Qingqiu’s tribulation was very imposing. It was to the point that the battle happening in the distance called for a temporary ceasefire as quite a few people flew towards the site of tribulation, curious to see who was undergoing it.

They only saw a pair of black and white silhouettes standing on top of a tree, but couldn’t see the one undergoing the tribulation. They were certain that person was present though, if the arm-thick purple lightning bolts that came crashing down were any indication.

Those from the Demon Race were a step behind. The one who came was the Demon Lord himself. He saw the two prominent figures at first glance and his eyes flashed. He flew over to land on a tree beside Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng just looked at him before retrieving her gaze. Feng Ci, on the other hand, seemed as if he was tempted to set fire to Jun Wuqi. Shi Sheng didn’t speak so Feng Ci could only keep this thought to himself or ponder on how to make a move when Shi Sheng wasn’t looking.

“Ms. Shang, I wonder if you have any interest in joining my Demon World?”

Shi Sheng once again turned to look at Jun Wuqi as she spoke thoughtfully, “What has the Demon Lord seen in me?”

She had given him a simple condition in exchange for breaking the seal; in the future, he mustn’t help Ye Qingqiu out. Strictly speaking, the two of them shouldn’t owe each other anything anymore. Even if Jun Wuqi didn’t keep up his end of the bargain, it wouldn’t have much impact on Shi Sheng; she would just have to deal with another enemy.

‘Why does Jun Wuqi suddenly want me to join the Demon World? Did he get hit on the head?’

“Ms. Shang is very strong.” Jun Wuqi’s praise came from the heart. He had gone to investigate her background and discovered she was a disciple of the Heaven’s Edge Peak of Misty Sect 400 years ago. Afterwards, she left the Misty Sect and wandered the Cultivation World for a decade, during which she grew more and more {in}famous.

She was hated by pretty much everyone. For some reason, she then disappeared and ended up in the Demon World. The most important point though, was that she was at least at the Immortalisation stage of cultivation… Why wouldn’t he want to invite this kind of person to join his Demon World?

“I also know I’m very strong. Your point is?”

“…” ‘How am I supposed to reply to blunt arrogance?!’

Jun Wuqi coughed discreetly. “I can promise you that if you join the Demon World, your position will only be second to mine.”

‘Only second to him? Zeze, he’s really pulled out all the stops! Just what about me does he find attractive? My beauty? My ability?

Definitely my beauty. Female villains always have great looks to emphasize the trope of a poison-hearted beauty, and Shang Shu is no exception. Didn’t think the Demon Lord was actually that kind of Demon Lord…’

Once Shi Sheng had finished letting her imagination run wild, she straightened out her expression and spoke ‘seriously’, “Demon Lord, thank you for your willingness to nurture me but I have no interest in being second to anyone.”

She paused before splitting into a smile. “My goal is the starry seas1! *ahem*… I mean that position in the Celestial World.”

Jun Wuqi thought she was the type who enjoyed her freedom when he heard her first sentence. Her next one though, caused Jun Wuqi to lose his balance and nearly fall out of the tree.

‘This woman is very arrogant, aiming for that position from the get-go! She’s even more wild than me! But… I like it!’

“I believe we’ll have plenty of opportunities to work together in the future.” Jun Wuqi smiled meaningfully.

Shi Sheng blinked. ‘Work together? With Jun Wuqi? This person is too scheming, I(bbb) don’t want to be in the same camp as someone who plots all day. Who knows if he’ll eat me(bbb) and not spit out any bones.’

Shi Sheng gave an unclear answer. Jun Wuqi pretended like he didn’t notice her perfunctory attitude and told her to find him should she need anything before returning to where the demons were hanging out.

“You want the Celestial World?” Feng Ci spoke as soon as Jun Wuqi left. “You like the position of Celestial Emperor?”

‘Like, your head! It’s all for your sake! Your sake, ya know?!’

“If Xiaoshu likes it, I’ll give it to you.” Feng Ci spoke very earnestly. “Even if you wanted to rule over the five worlds, I would hand them over on a silver platter. All you have to do is stay by my side and look at me.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘This is all a plot! A plot, I tell you! Calm down, isn’t it just being flirted with a bit? I(bbb) mean what haven’t I(bbb) seen before? We’ve already kissed so what’s a little flirting? Calm down!

Calm down my foot! If he continues on like this, I’m(bbb) not going to be able to control myself! No wait…’

“Aren’t there six worlds?” ‘Did one of them get eaten?’

Feng Ci blinked his eyes doubtfully. “Human, Immortal, Demon, Spirit and Ghost… There are only five ah.” ‘I don’t think I remembered it wrong… why is there an additional world?’

“What about the God World?” ‘Where did the God World go? Gods and immortals are two different things!’

“Xiaoshu… you didn’t know?” Feng Ci’s expression was a bit strange. “The God World was destroyed in the Far Ancient Age. It’s long gone.”

‘Eh? Was the setting like this?’ Shi Sheng searched through her memories for a bit before discovering that the story had completely neglected to even mention a God World. The main character’s journey had ended at the Celestial World. ‘Fuck, so there aren’t any gods? But the demons are still here?! This setting is fucked up! Gods and demons were the official ship!’

While Shi Sheng and Feng Ci were delving into the topic of history, Ye Qingqiu had already successfully survived her tribulation. A golden light that shot through the dark clouds was present around her. There seemed to be an ethereal immortal music coming from somewhere.

Ye Qingqiu appeared along with the music. Though she looked a little worse for the wear, it didn’t affect her bearing. She looked like a cool and aloof fairy as she lifted her chin and gazed down on the world.

“Sect Head! It’s the Sect Head! The Sect Head has successfully undergone her tribulation!” The Misty Sect disciples were the most excited by this.

“Aaaaah! Our Sect Head has ascended! Sect Head you’re amazing! All hail the Sect Head!”

Though the others had already guessed it might be Ye Qingqiu, seeing it for themselves still caused them to feel upset. After all, it was already bad enough when she once again brought the fallen Misty Sect to lord over them but now she has even ascended…

Their old ancestors had been waiting for ages for an ascension tribulation yet didn’t get it. Now look, this person who had just entered the Immortalisation stage had ascended already! Wouldn’t anyone else find it infuriating too?

Ye Qingqiu stood in midair as her gaze swept across those on the ground before finally landing on Shi Sheng. A trace of killing intent flashed in her eyes. ‘I’m an immortal now. I refuse to believe I’m still unable to kill her.’

“So you’re saying the God World couldn’t beat the Demon World? That’s a bit weak…”

“She’s going to attack.” Feng Ci spoke out of nowhere, interrupting Shi Sheng’s words.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at Ye Qingqiu. At the same time, Ye Qingqiu struck. Her figure vanished from the sky and reappeared half a metre from Shi Sheng.

Two arcs of light shot over. A pressuring aura could be felt immediately.

Feng Ci narrowed his eyes as he erected a wall of flames to protect Shi Sheng. The lights hit the wall and rebounded towards Ye Qingqiu. Ye Qingqiu lightly stepped with her toes and her body flew into the air, avoiding the lights. Her body flashed slightly and she landed behind Shi Sheng.

The same lights shot out again, only this time, there was a bit of black mist surrounding each one…


The sound of thunder was suddenly heard as more than ten lightning bolts struck from the heavens. Half of the number flew towards Ye Qingqiu. Only two landed on Feng Ci’s fire wall. Though the wall hadn’t been broken, the surrounding flames were suppressed to the point they were only flickering dimly.

Shi Sheng looked in puzzlement at the lightning bolts striking towards Ye Qingqiu. ‘Did she finally get her retribution? The heavenly dao’s IQ is back online?’

Author’s note:

About when this book is hitting the shelves: Don’t ask me why it’s hitting the shelves. It’s because authors are humans and need to eat too… T^T

It’s the same concept as working a job, would you work for your boss for free?

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Do you know how tough researching stuff is? The author’s note is a mine full of stuff that needs to be researched… And I’m not mainland Chinese so I don’t get some of the references…

But you guys can get the general gist right? Right?!

Also, I think everyone knows who that tribulation is for…

Proofreader: You work really hard for us so it’s fine if it just gets paraphrased (AN)! She sure wrote a lot this time. >u<

  1. Fancy way of saying the universe… Her appetite isn’t small.
  2. It’s called spicy gluten sticks or spicy dried tofu, but this article I found called it this which I assume is a branding thing?

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