Chapter 77 : Another Type of Cultivation (26)

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Shi Sheng could feel herself being revived when the music started. ‘Son of a bitch! That nearly killed me! System that little bitch didn’t even give me a hint! It knew I wouldn’t buy that lightning rod if it kept asking, right? That was definitely on purpose!’

[Host, you refused to listen to me.] ‘How come it’s my fault now? Would I come out if there was nothing wrong? This Host can’t differentiate right from wrong when tossing the blame! I want to change Hosts!’

“Fine, then I won’t talk to you about this. Come and tell me: Was I supposed to die from such a ridiculous tribulation?” Even Ye Qingqiu’s tribulation hadn’t been as over-the-top as hers… ‘How come it was like a wound up spring? It wouldn’t stop…

Don’t tell me stuff like the more powerful the tribulation, the more OP you’ll be. I am very aware of my own mental state. Unless the heavenly dao wants to destroy this world, it’ll definitely never give me any backdoors!’

[The Host does not belong to this world. You are not tolerated by the Heavenly Dao; hence it wants to purge you. I can only warn you before the tribulation starts but I have no way of contacting you once it does start. This is the power of a Heavenly Dao.]

Every world had its own rules. If System just broke them willy-nilly, the world could easily collapse.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Fuck your grandpa!’

[Host…] System hesitated. [Can you tell me how you managed to endure the tribulation?] ‘I thought the Host would fail. I was even getting ready to welcome her return and all but who knew she’d manage to endure.’

“You want to know?”


“I’m not telling.”

[……] ‘I just knew she’d be like this. When she gets back I’m conducting a full body scan! I don’t believe I’m unable to discover any bugs!’

System wasn’t the only one curious as to how Shi Sheng managed to endure the tribulation; Feng Ci was curious too. He was able to feel that at the beginning, she wasn’t feeling very good but that feeling quickly vanished…

But since Shi Sheng didn’t say anything, Feng Ci didn’t ask. To him, all that mattered was that she remained by his side.

After someone had undergone their tribulation, they could only remain in the Cultivation World for a day before the Guiding Light would appear to take them to the Celestial World. If they missed it, they wouldn’t be able to go to the Celestial World anymore.

Of course, they could return after they had gone to the Celestial World. It could be likened to getting your details ‘registered’ with the Celestial World so you could come and go as you wished.

By the time Shi Sheng’s tribulation was over, Ye Qingqiu had already left so there was no way for Shi Sheng to kill her, much to her chagrin.

‘When main characters are beating up villains, they always think the villains are un-killable cockroaches but it’s the same damn thing when villains are trying to kill the main characters!’

“How come she wasn’t struck to death? Heaven is really blind!”

“Look on the bright side, it might not be a bad thing. After all, now she can go and wreck the Celestial World instead of coming after us! Besides, there are a lot of immortals there, would she be able to do anything? She’s just a newly ascended…”

“Now that you mention it, that’s true… but what if she doesn’t stay there?”

Silence befell them as they cursed inwardly, ‘You jinxed it!’

While the humans were having a heated discussion, the demons had already taken the opportunity to launch a sneak attack, causing the sounds of discussion to quickly turn into angry curses and the sounds of fighting.

Shi Sheng and Feng Ci found a spot to wait for the Guiding Light.

“Is there anything fun to do in the Celestial World?” Shi Sheng continued asking random questions.

“No.” Feng Ci shook his head before his bright gaze landed on Shi Sheng. “But with you there, anywhere is fun to me.”

Shi Sheng was once again speechless. ‘Can I request Feng Ci’s flirting skills be turned off?!’

“Who are your enemies in the Celestial World?” Shi Sheng decided to gather information on the enemy! After all, this mattered more!

Feng Ci tilted his head before blinking innocently. “There are too many. I can’t remember.”

‘Too many… I can’t remember… can’t remember… remember…’ His words reverberated in Shi Sheng’s ears.

“Do you have any friends there then?” Shi Sheng tactfully changed her phrasing. “Or at least… people who don’t hate you?”

Feng Ci maintained his foolishly adorable expression. “No.”

‘Very good! So that means everyone in the Celestial World are enemies! I(bbb) have to be enemies with the entire Celestial World… Just thinking about it… how exciting!’

While a fierce battle between humans and demons was going on, Shi Sheng and Feng Ci ascended when the Guiding Light appeared. Only the Demon Lord was willing (and able) to watch as she ascended. Everyone else was too busy hacking at each other and at most, could only spare a glance every now and again.

“Ms. Shang, the doors of the Demon World will always be open to you.”

The only reply Jun Wuqi got was a blanket of flames that came hurtling towards him from the sky. Jun Wuqi dodged, ending up somewhat dishevelled. The demons beside him weren’t as lucky though; not even scraps were left of them. He could vaguely hear voices from above.

“Ah Ci, why did you toss fires again?”

“He wanted to snatch you.”

“Then why didn’t you burn him to death?”

“He dodged too quickly. I’ll go back and finish him off now…”

Jun Wuqi’s body trembled. ‘I just said a few words! Is it worth burning me to death over that?!’

He looked up and saw the two get enveloped by the Guiding Light, their forms blurring as they ascended. They didn’t really come back to finish the job. Jun Wuqi secretly let out a sigh of relief. ‘And I’m a Demon Lord… forget it! Let’s fight!’

On the Ascension Platform, quite a few immortals were gathered. Someone ascending from the lower world was a big deal to the Celestial World. After all, the thing they lacked in most was new immortals.

And now two tribulations had been sent down consecutively, proving that two people had ascended! This was the first time in the history of the Celestial World this had happened.

“Celestial Lord Zi Hua, have you managed to divine who it is?”

Quite a few people were surrounding a man with delicate features. The man spoke somewhat embarrassedly, “Only one of them. The other one…”

“Even Celestial Lord Zi Hua couldn’t divine it…” Celestial Lord Zi Hua was famous for being skilled in the arts of divination; he was even able to discern some of the Celestial Emperor’s matters. Yet now, you were telling them he wasn’t able to even peek into the fate of one of those ascending?

“How curious! I want to see who this person is!”

“They’re coming! The guiding formation is activating!” Someone shouted out, causing the crowd to rush around the round platform in the distance.

Their speeds weren’t slow; it was like they were afraid that they would miss out on the opportunity to observe an endangered species if they slowed down.

On the Ascension Platform, light was flowing down the carved lines on the surface, illuminating the entire platform. The formation floated above the Ascension Platform and the Guiding Light swooped in from afar. When the light dispersed, two people were revealed.

A strange silence befell on the originally noisy crowd.

They stared in disbelief at the people on the Ascension Platform. ‘We must’ve opened our eyes the wrong way or something if we’re seeing an illusion of Feng Ci! Let’s try again…

Shut eyes… Open eyes…’


Author’s note:


Shi Sheng, “Ah Ci, you cleared out the place just by showing up. How amazing! I feel like there’s nothing for me to do now.”

Feng Ci “I’ll only clear out places for you.”

Shi Sheng, “…If you keep flirting like this, sooner or later you’re going to get slept!”

Feng Ci, “I’ll only let you sleep. I’m ready, do I take my shirt or pants off first?”

Shi Sheng “…”

Hold on to your dog food! You’re welcome…

Come on, all you single dogs, report in the comments below!

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*angry* I’m upset from having been fed all sorts of dog food! Feed me votes to comfort me! *hmph-squeak*!!

Translator’s Corner:

In case you people missed the memo in Arc 2, “single dogs” are used to refer to singles (usually by themselves) while “dog food” would be PDA.

Meanwhile, “dog abuse” would be excessive PDA…

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