Chapter 78 : Another Type of Cultivation (27)

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The once tightly packed surroundings were now completely emptied out. Not even the ghost of a shadow could be seen.

There wasn’t any mist or grand building here. There was only the (now-empty) jade-paved clearing, the centre of which was the Ascension Platform.

In the mountain ranges off in the distance, the outline of buildings could barely be made out.

Feng Ci, completely oblivious, held Shi Sheng’s hand and led the way off the Ascension Platform.

“What did those people just now come here for?” Shi Sheng asked in incomprehension.

“I don’t know.” Feng Ci shook his head in puzzlement.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Are you sure you belong to the Celestial World?!’

The Ascension Platform which had just calmed down suddenly began lighting up again. Shi Sheng furrowed her brows as she looked over. ‘Someone else is ascending? Is today a good day for ascending or something?’

However, the one that came out was very familiar to Shi Sheng: Ye Qingqiu!

‘Didn’t you ascend earlier than me? How come you arrived later? FL, you’re amazing for being able to mess up even the ascension!’

Ye Qingqiu also saw Shi Sheng. Her expression immediately turned ugly. She glared hatefully and guardedly at Shi Sheng.

At this moment, those people who had fled suddenly popped up and swarmed Ye Qingqiu. Without asking for her consent, they dragged her as they ran off and disappeared again.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘So those people were here to welcome Ye Qingqiu? Female lead-sama’s treatment is really good; even without her male lead there are still so many people willing to welcome her.’

Shi Sheng wasn’t aware that most of them were actually here to see her. However, since she ended up appearing with Feng Ci, of course they wouldn’t dare to actually watch her.

“Where do you want to live?” Feng Ci asked earnestly.

“I get to choose?” ‘Was the Celestial World always this friendly to newly ascended?’

Feng Ci smiled before speaking in an overbearing manner, “I’ll take over whatever place you want to stay in.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I feel like living in the Celestial Emperor’s palace!’

“Where do you stay?” Shi Sheng was afraid Feng Ci would really take over the Celestial Emperor’s palace if she spoke her thoughts. She’d become famous right after she just ascended.

Feng Ci’s eyes flashed before he carefully asked, “Xiaoshu… you want to stay at my place?”

“I can’t?” ‘This question isn’t like Feng Ci… Usually he’s itching to let the whole world know I’m his, yet this time…’

Shi Sheng looked doubtfully at Feng Ci. ‘As the final boss, his residence shouldn’t be too terrible, right?’

Feng Ci pursed his lips as he struggled inwardly for a while. In the end though, he still nodded his head slowly.

Only when she got there did Shi Sheng know that it didn’t even qualify as poor living conditions!

‘It isn’t even livable in the first place! Your mom, the weeds are already as high as a person! Where’s the house? Don’t tell me it’s been covered up by the weeds?!

…Is it too late for me to go take over the Celestial Emperor’s palace?’

“Xiaoshu…” Feng Ci carefully looked at Shi Sheng. “Tomorrow I’ll go and catch a few people here to build you a palace. It’ll be the largest and most beautiful one!”

Shi Sheng waved her hand weakly. “You used to stay here alone?”

Though the area was expansive, this wasn’t a place a normal person could live in. The surroundings were also very harsh.

Feng Ci lowered his eyes as he answered in a low voice, “En.”

Shi Sheng turned her head slightly and saw his perfect-looking profile. His lips were lightly pursed and his gaze was lowered. He looked slightly lonely.

Shi Sheng walked on the barren ground towards him. She held his hand as she spoke lightly, “We’ll be staying here from now on.”

Feng Ci made good on his promise to kidnap people to build a palace for her. The next day, Shi Sheng saw a group of people with panicked and anxious expressions.

Of course, immortals wouldn’t construct palaces like mortals. They used spells. The palace only took a few hours to build.

Feng Ci had also gone to rob some places. The decorations in the palace were rather luxurious as a result.

The celestial lords who had been robbed “…”

The palace wasn’t big. There was only a great hall in the front, two halls to the side, and a bedroom at the back. Shi Sheng was already used to sleeping with Feng Ci so she wasn’t uncomfortable at how there was only one bedroom. She felt the bed was a bit weird though.

“What’s this thing?” Shi Sheng reached out to rub the bed before pulling back immediately. ‘Fuck! So cold!’

“Millennial Darkice.” Feng Ci blinked. “Xiaoshu has Ice Spirit Veins so sleeping on it will help your cultivation.”

‘Is it like this? But why do I keep getting the feeling something’s off?!’

Only when it was time to rest did Shi Sheng know what was off. With her current cultivation, she had no way of resisting the cold on her own. Feng Ci was like a bed-warmer, causing her to subconsciously lean towards him.

Shi Sheng pulled at Feng Ci’s collar while shivering from the cold. “You did this on purpose?”

The fire in her body didn’t have any heat, but the fire Feng Ci had did. His body was especially warm, causing her to want to get closer to him and make contact.

Feng Ci blinked innocently. “I didn’t.”

‘Sure you didn’t!’

Shi Sheng clenched her teeth as she glared at him for awhile before helplessly shifting back into his embrace. Feng Ci hugged Shi Sheng, feeling satisfied.

He planted a kiss on her forehead. As if he wasn’t content with that, his lips made their way to hers.

This kiss caught her off guard. The remnants of coldness in her body were dispersed by Feng Ci’s kiss. Shi Sheng stayed stunned for a moment, allowing Feng Ci to deepen the kiss. Only when she felt his hand beginning to set off fires on her body did she snap out of her daze.

Feng Ci had pressed her under him at some point. She only stared without a reaction at his handsome face. Though it wasn’t very bright here, what light there was allowed her to make out the expression on Feng Ci’s face. His eyes were gently closed and his long eyelashes were trembling. His expression was as sincere as a devoutly religious person.

‘Just… what does he see me as?’ Shi Sheng was lost. Her gaze turned empty as she lay there, allowing Feng Ci to do as he wished.

“Xiaoshu?” Feng Ci lifted his head and panicked when he saw Shi Sheng’s unfocused gaze. “Did I make you mad?”

She wasn’t responding to him. Shi Sheng’s gaze slowly regained its focus before it landed on Feng Ci’s features. Her voice somewhat hoarse, she spoke, “Feng Ci, who am I to you?”

“My most important person.” There wasn’t a hint of hesitation in Feng Ci’s voice. “I want to be with you forever.”

‘“My most important person”… Most important ah!’ Shi Sheng’s gaze once again started drifting away. Though the reflection in her eyes was Feng Ci’s image, she seemed to be seeing something or someone else through him. The detachment in that gaze caused Feng Ci to panic even more.

“Xiaoshu, Xiaoshu, don’t be like this.” Feng Ci got off Shi Sheng’s body as he held her tightly in his embrace. “If you don’t like, I won’t. Xiaoshu-”

Feng Ci hadn’t finished speaking when Shi Sheng suddenly turned over and pressed him beneath her. Under his panicked and doubtful gaze, she took the initiative to kiss him. Her kiss contained a fierce storm-like possessiveness.

Feng Ci’s body stiffened slightly as a hint of bloodthirst flashed in his dark-red eyes before being replaced by an endless gentleness. His breathing turned slightly heavier.

The moonlight outside the hall that night was just nice. The silhouettes of trees were swaying gently and it was utterly silent.

The inside of the hall seemed to be filled with spring as the two humans entwined together.

Author’s note:

We’re cleaning out those filthy thoughts today! Please imagine it on your own. For those who can’t… Hahahaha, I can’t help you then either.

Come and vote! Don’t pull back little angels, use all your strength to love me with your votes!

Translator’s Corner:

I tried being more poetic (since that was what it felt like in the raws) but I guess the poet in my decided to go on vacation?

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