Chapter 79 : Another Type of Cultivation (28)

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The result of a night of overindulgence was Shi Sheng’s unwillingness to get up the next morning. She hadn’t expected Feng Ci’s stamina to be that good, they pretty much kept at it all night. ‘I(bbb) feel half-dead ah!’

Shi Sheng didn’t get off the bed so Feng Ci naturally didn’t dare to leave. After all, if he got off, she would have to suffer from the cold.

“Xiaoshu, I will marry you.” Feng Ci held Shi Sheng’s hand as he spoke to her in a serious voice.

“En.” Shi Sheng answered weakly before reacting. “Marry me?”

Feng Ci nodded, then as if he just remembered she couldn’t see it, he repeated, “I’ll marry you.”

Shi Sheng wanted to say something but in the end didn’t. Did she like Feng Ci? That was a given; else she wouldn’t have slept with him. But on a deeper level…

She was aware that she wasn’t able to allow Feng Ci into her heart.

For one thing, she was clear that this place was only a virtual world and she had no way of developing feelings towards an NPC. And… she was also unable to place someone in that most important place in her heart. Her life didn’t allow for it.

In the first two worlds, be it Chu Tang or Lu Qingyun, though she had spent a lifetime with them, they had always remained just slightly closer than friends but had no romantic feelings. The most important factor contributing to this was that whether it was Shi Sheng, Chu Tang or Lu Qingyun, they were the same; their coldly detached personalities wouldn’t allow themselves to have any weaknesses.

‘But Feng Ci is different…’

Yes, Feng Ci was different. Different from her. Shi Sheng silently got up from Feng Ci’s embrace and put on her clothes. She got off the bed, walked a couple of steps before pausing. Without turning back, she spoke, “I need some quiet time. Don’t look for me.”

She needed to think about some things.

Feng Ci stared at Shi Sheng’s departing back in a daze. For just a moment, he felt like she would never come back if he let her leave. All sorts of crazed ideas sprouted in his mind like weeds. But his reason suppressed them. He knew if he really acted on them, she would truly not be his anymore.

[Host, are you feeling troubled?] System’s voice spoke up in Shi Sheng’s mind. Shi Sheng lowered her head, her aura filled with brutality as she continued walking slowly. Even after a long while passed, she didn’t answer System.

[Host, humans are driven by their emotions. You are too lacking in emotion. All your actions are based on whether or not the outcome will be useful or not. You are logical to the point you’re not like a human. Host… Humans need emotions.]

“Driven by emotions… Ha…” Shi Sheng chuckled lowly. That laugh was filled with ridicule. The aura of brutality around her thickened, as if she was about to destroy the world at any time.

System suddenly felt like it should go and look over its Host’s information again. She was too… strange. Even if it was a System, it could feel the disgust and disdain, and even hate she had towards emotions… There had been nothing in the information it had on her that connected her with the person in front of it now.

[Host, regardless of anything else, at least Feng Ci holds no ill will towards you. Even if he’s not completely able to hide some of those thoughts, at least he’s trying his best to suppress his possessiveness. You should be able to tell. You can see how sincere he is from how he is willing to do this.]

“You really speak a lot of nonsense.” Shi Sheng suddenly raised her head, revealing her calm expression. She looked completely different from the person who had been practically radiating hostility when she left the hall. “Don’t other people’s systems usually try to persuade them not to invest too much emotionally so as to complete the tasks better? Why are you always trying to instigate me to do the opposite though?”

‘This Host changes attitudes so fast I’m having trouble keeping up!’ […I am a humanized System. And I believe even if the Host invests emotions, you will know when to draw the line and not affect the completion of the assigned tasks.]

Shi Sheng looked up at the sky as she spoke softly, “You think too highly of me.”


Shi Sheng looked at her surroundings and found herself in a foreign area. She sighed. She was about to leave when the sounds of fighting could be heard coming from above.

Shi Sheng looked up. The first one she saw was Ye Qingqiu. And the person fighting her was actually Long Jue!

‘Why did these two start fighting?’

Shi Sheng rubbed her chin as she watched for a while. Long Jue had the upper hand in their fight. A single moment of distraction was enough for Long Jue to knock her down from the sky, causing her to smash into the body of water not far away.

Long Jue slowly descended from the sky, his expression cold as he looked at the person in the water, “Ye Qingqiu, what do you have to say this time?”

“Hmph, nothing! Do what you want!” Ye Qingqiu stubbornly humphed.

Perhaps it was because of that contract with the demon for there were traps in the Guiding Light. Though she managed to escape, she still received some injuries.

In the Immortal World, she was an ant at the bottom of the food chain. And with a nemesis, Shang Shu, here, she needed a way to recover, fast.

The fastest method was to steal Yang to replenish Yin.

She made use of her natural gifts to seduce a male immortal. She hadn’t planned to kill him but hadn’t expected him to discover something was wrong halfway through. He tried to run, causing her to have no choice but to kill him. Yet she hadn’t expected to be caught red-handed by Long Jue…

Back in the Cultivation World, Long Jue had discovered the fatal wound on Chu Ning’s body was similar to ones inflicted by her moves. He had grilled her about this matter and she had fought him to prove her innocence.

Naturally, she had managed to wash herself clean from the suspicion but now he had caught her red-handed. Ye Qingqiu felt unwilling to accept this. She kept having this feeling that this man wasn’t supposed to treat her like this.

“Incorrigible.” A hint of disappointment flashed in Long Jue’s eyes. “I’ll hand you over to the Celestial Emperor for judgement.”

Ye Qingqiu’s eyes flashed. “Let me up first.”

Long Jue didn’t reply, to which Ye Qingqiu laughed coldly. “What? You afraid I’ll run? I’m already like this, how could I run? Besides, even if I could, I’m not able to beat you.”

In the end, Long Jue still fished her up. Ye Qingqiu seized the opportunity to fall towards him. Long Jue was about to avoid her subconsciously when a subtle fragrance drifted into his nose. Before he had time to hold his breath, he lost control of his body as he started falling to the ground.

“Ye Qingqiu!” Long Jue glared angrily at the woman who had already helped herself up. ‘She dared to trick me!’

Ye Qingqiu twirled the wet hair sticking closely to her chest. Her damp clothes were semi-transparent now, causing her figure to be vaguely discernible. Ye Qingqiu smiled seductively. “Long Jue, this is your Celestial World’s rather famous “Tensnake Fragrance”. You’ll be begging me soon enough.”

Long Jue’s expression changed. ‘Tensnake Fragrance is able to suppress immortal qi… and it’s also that kind of drug…’

The immortal she had killed was famous for his promiscuity so it wasn’t surprising he had this kind of drug on him. Only Long Jue hadn’t expected her to get a hold of it. Soon, Long Jue could feel a strange fire light up in his lower body…

Ye Qingqiu squatted down, her gaze a bit excited. Her fingers trailed down from Long Jue’s face to his chest as she brushed aside his clothes and then took off his belt, exposing his wheat-coloured muscles.

“Ye Qingqiu, don’t touch me!” Long Jue snapped through clenched teeth.

“That won’t do.” Ye Qingqiu’s hand slowly made its way to his lower body before enveloping his burning hardness. “See. Your body wants me.”

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Is it just me, or does Long Jue seem like a damsel in distress right now? And Ye Qingqiu’s the cannon fodder villain… Would make for a great fanfiction. 😂

Translate Checker:

SCENE: Long Jue and Ye Qingqiu about to get it on

Ye Qingqiu: It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes. I am, Getting so hot! I wanna take my clothes off! [Takes off clothes]

Long Jue: [crying] Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…

[Enter Shi Sheng and Feng Ci]

Shi Sheng: [looks at Long Jue] oh no bb what is u doing

Feng Ci: [sets Ye Qingqiu on fire] THIS GIRL IS ON FIREEEEE!!!

Translator: *pretends like she doesn’t see the above* *mutters under breath* Go home Blobber, you’re drunk.

Proofreader: *scrubs them both with soap*

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