Chapter 80 : Another Type of Cultivation (29)

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Shi Sheng looked at the two of them with a complicated expression while thinking, ‘Are you going to fuck him or not?! What’s the point of blabbering so much?! Come on, I(bbb) finally get to see a live version! Hurry up, stop wasting time and fuck!!!’

Her ‘show’ finally started. Long Jue’s enraged roars slowly turned into primitive grunts. Ye Qingqiu was clearly rather experienced for she executed all sorts of high-difficulty manoeuvres, one after the other. Shi Sheng couldn’t help but click her tongue at this. ‘This is even better than a certain island country’s1 porno. A pity the guy isn’t moving much though.’

When the two finally exhausted themselves, Ye Qingqiu fed Long Jue something before ignoring his enraged roars of shame and taking him away.

‘This oughta be good!’

Still feeling rather unsated, Shi Sheng returned to look for Feng Ci. Feng Ci was standing on the steps in front of the palace-hall. Seeing Shi Sheng, he hurriedly ran forward a few steps before abruptly halting.

He simply stayed at a distance and looked at her walking over to him, feeling anxious inside.

“Ah Ci, I’m tired.” Shi Sheng went over to Feng Ci and leaned into his embrace. After the long period of ‘exercise’ last night as well as walking this far, she was really tired.

Feng Ci was at a loss as to what to do. He carefully peeked at Shi Sheng’s expression and after seeing there were no abnormalities, he picked her up and carried her back into the palace-hall.

“Ah Ci, where does Ye Qingqiu stay?” Shi Sheng spoke with her mouth against his neck so the breath that came out brushed against it, causing him to feel tingly and distracted.

He calmed himself down with a deep breath before speaking, “Newly ascended immortals have to pay a formal visit to the Celestial Emperor before they will get their own manor. She shouldn’t have had time to see him yet so she’s probably staying at Lu Zhang’s place.”

“Lu Zhang?”

“En.” Feng Ci tilted his head in thought for a moment. “He’s the Celestial World’s Grand Steward.”

‘Pfft~ The hell is with that position2?!’

Feng Ci placed Shi Sheng on the bed before pressing down on top of her and staring at her with brilliant eyes. “Xiaoshu, you can’t leave me.”

“Okay.” Shi Sheng smiled. “Get down first, I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

Feng Ci focused his stare at her, as if he was trying to see if she was telling the truth. In the end, he simply kissed the corner of her lips before flipping over and laying down on the other half of the bed. “Go sleep. When you wake up, I’ll bring you around the Celestial World.”

Shi Sheng blanked out for a moment before reaching out to hug his waist and found a comfortable position to sleep.

As of late, two large matters were circulating the Celestial World. The first was that Feng Ci, who had been missing for nearly a thousand years, had returned. And he had brought a newly ascended woman with him. This woman’s fate couldn’t be divined!

And the next day, Feng Ci had robbed all the major celestial palaces as well as kidnapped quite a few celestial lords and forced them to build him a palace. He tossed them out once they were done and wasn’t seen in the Celestial World afterwards.

It was said that Feng Ci really spoiled that woman! And it was rumoured that Feng Ci would listen to whatever she said…

Most importantly, that woman could ignore the flames on Feng Ci!

The second large matter was that the Demon Race had already managed to conquer half of the Cultivation World. If the Celestial World still didn’t send out troops, the Cultivation World would be completely taken over, so the Celestial World was very busy planning how to deal with the Demon Race.

Inside the Celestial Emperor’s Celestial Palace, a group of people were currently engaged in a heated debate.

“The Dragon Clan’s Young Master is the best candidate! I recommend we send him!”

“He is still too young! Not to mention he has never led any celestial troops into battle before. I believe we should send Celestial Lord Zhen Feng! He has already led the Celestial Army for thousands of years and is familiar with them so he can better dispatch them in battle.”

“I agree!”

“The Dragon Clan and the Celestial Emperor share some ancestry so it’s perfectly normal that the Young Master of the Dragon Clan is dispatched. I support the Dragon Clan’s Young Master.”

And on it went, both sides refusing to give in. The dignified man seated at the master’s seat watched them argue, his head hurting. He signalled for Lu Zhang who was standing to the side to come over. “Who do you think is better?”

“Answering Your Majesty, why don’t we get them to duel each other and send the winner?” Lu Zhang didn’t dare to randomly give his opinion lest he offend anyone.

The Celestial Emperor pondered on this suggestion for a while. Without any better alternatives, he spoke, “This method is good. We’ll go with that.”

And so, a duel was decided upon.

But it hadn’t even started when news that Long Jue and Celestial Lord Zhen Feng had started fighting made its way to them. And the reason was because of the newly ascended Ye Qingqiu!

The first thing they saw when they got there was not Long Jue and Celestial Lord Zhen Feng who were in the midst of a heated battle but the spectating Feng Ci!

“Why is Feng Ci here?”

They looked at each other. ‘Who the hell knows why Feng Ci is here?’

Ever since he returned to the Celestial World, he hadn’t shown himself other than on the second day. Yet who would have expected him to be here right now. Had they known earlier, they wouldn’t have shown up even if you beat them to death!

“Is the one by his side that newly ascended called Shang Shu?”

“The surname Shang is rather rare! I don’t think the Cultivation World has it right?”

“Isn’t that one from North Mountain also surnamed Shang?”

“Senior Celestial Yu Xiao? He hasn’t stepped out of North Mountain for more than ten thousand years…” The person hadn’t finished speaking when the light in front of him was blocked. He lifted his head to see the black-robed woman who had just been standing beside Feng Ci in front of him. His pupils shrunk. “Y-you…”

“Who were you talking about?”

“I…” That person turned back to look for his buddies but found that they had all vanished. ‘What happened to going through hardships together?’

“Xiaoshu, what’s the matter?” At some point, Feng Ci had ended up in front of Shi Sheng, blocking her gaze.

“I thought I heard him say Master’s name.” Shi Sheng pointed at the person behind him as she spoke uncertainly. ‘Bai Lang said that cheap master of mine had already gone to the Celestial World so I at least need to check if he’s alive. If he’s dead, my time got wasted doing this mission…’

“You heard wrong.” Feng Ci rubbed Shi Sheng’s head.

Shi Sheng looked at Feng Ci suspiciously. “Ah Ci, did you know that when you lie, you don’t dare to look me in the eyes?”

Feng Ci’s movements stiffened. His gaze didn’t dare to land on her so he turned around to glare at that poor onlooker. Mr. Onlooker knelt down with a thump. “I didn’t say anything! Nothing at all…”

“Ah Ci, what are you hiding from me?”

Feng Ci furrowed his brows in vexation. Only after a long struggling pause did he speak hesitantly, “He didn’t allow me to tell you… but I don’t want to lie to you.”

“Then tell me.”

“He’s dead.”

‘Dead…’ Shi Sheng stared at Feng Ci in disbelief. “Why is he dead?”

‘How come Yu Xiao still died without all those events that happened in the original storyline?’

“His lifespan had already reached its end. That day at Heaven’s Edge Peak, he looked for me… and told me I was your only hope of survival. So, he handed you over to me and told me not to tell you he was dying…”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘So the reason Yu Xiao accepted Feng Ci so easily was this? Even without the story’s events, Yu Xiao would still die? Is this fate?

Though, thinking about it now, Yu Xiao’s strength wasn’t low so why did he die so easily in the story?’

Feng Ci watched as Shi Sheng’s expression changed from a stunned one to a sigh before finally regaining her usual calm. He moved his lips but didn’t say anything in the end.

Author’s note:

To be honest, I don’t get why you guys are pitying Long Jue…

Go back and read the original storyline setting again! He’s the one who killed Shang Shu!

1,500 recommendations for the next update~

I don’t think there’s that many yet but it’s almost there hahaha!

Come here, *pats your head*…

Translator’s Corner:

Translator: “Ye Qingqiu fed Long Jue something before ignoring his enraged roars of shame and taking him away.”

I always imagined this as her dragging him away like a cavewoman lol

TLC: LOL I image Ye Qingqiu swinging him over her shoulders like a potato sack, and dragging him away

Editor: Wearing a leopard skin one piece…

I love how Feng Ci is the most important news. Invasion, duels, doesn’t matter. Let’s run away from him first.

  1. …I’d wager a guess on Japan. It’s not called the Land of Fetishes for nothing…
  2. Grand Steward can also be interpreted as Grand Butler…

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