Chapter 81 : Another Type of Cultivation (30)

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Shi Sheng was a bit depressed. ‘Since Yu Xiao’s dead, does that mean I completed or failed my mission? Though, since his death was fated then I shouldn’t have a way to change it…’

Shi Sheng spoke to System for a while. System told her that since she could have done nothing more to change his fate than the extent that she had done, the mission was considered complete.

Shi Sheng fell silent for a while, no one knew what she was thinking. By the time she had roused herself from her thoughts, Long Jue and Zhen Feng had already finished fighting; Long Jue had won.

Zhen Feng left with his tail between his legs in defeat. Now that they had the results, arranging for a formal duel wasn’t necessary anymore. Long Jue would be the commander.

Shi Sheng looked at Ye Qingqiu who was standing to the side and her mouth twitched.

‘So… they still got together after all? Though… in a weird way. This ship is a bit hard to break!’

The celestial troops were to leave three days later.

However, just as Long Jue left the Celestial World at the helm of a large number of troops, they were ambushed by demons. Those demons seemed as if they came prepared; Long Jue and his men were attacked to the point they had no chance to counter. In the end, they could only retreat to the Celestial World in shame.

“Incompetent commander!” Those who had supported Zhen Feng immediately took the opportunity to ridicule him. They started clamouring for the commander to be changed.

However, some people on Long Jue’s side brought something suspicious to light: “How would the demons have known when the troops were setting out? There is a traitor!”

This shared thought in everyone’s mind got them to ignore infighting for now. They were currently wondering, ‘Has the Demon Race sent spies to the Celestial World?’

But they had no way of knowing who the traitor was since a lot of people had been aware of the time of departure. If they had to investigate them one by one, when would they finish?

Long Jue was suffering from a headache because of this matter. Even after a long discussion, there was still no definitive outcome.

“Young Master, Ms Ye wishes to see you.”

“I’m not seeing her.” Long Jue’s brows furrowed tightly, his eyes filled with brutality.

“Young Master…” The person who was here to report to him hesitated. “Ms Ye says there is something important she wishes to tell you… concerning the matter of the ambush.”

Long Jue coldly swept his gaze over him. “Let her in. All of you, leave.”

Everyone left and Ye Qingqiu entered. After a few days of not seeing her, Long Jue felt that Ye Qingqiu looked to be in even better condition than when he had last seen her; she seemed like a fresh flower ripe for the plucking. Her every expression had the ability to steal a person’s soul.

Ye Qingqiu approached Long Jue and wrapped an arm around his neck, her breath tantalising him. “Did you miss me after not seeing me for a few days?”

Long Jue wanted to push her away but her proximity had already triggered his body. A hint of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes as he pushed down on Ye Qingqiu’s shoulder, pressing her on the table.

He ripped off her shorts and entered without giving her any time to prepare. Ye Qingqiu’s legs hooked around Long Jue’s waist, allowing him to go deeper, as embarrassing moans spilled out of her mouth.

It took nearly two hours for the two to finish up. The clothes on Ye Qingqiu’s body had already been torn into rags; they didn’t cover up the areas they were meant to. Long Jue pulled out and straightened the wrinkles on his clothing before casting a sideways glance at Ye Qingqiu. “What did you want to tell me?”

Ye Qingqiu didn’t mind her current appearance. “Didn’t you want to know who the traitor was? I know who it is.”

“Who?” Long Jue narrowed his eyes. This record of incompetent command was a humiliation to him. If he found out who it was, he would definitely chop them to pieces.

“I can tell you. But~” Ye Qingqiu’s gaze circled Long Jue’s body again.

Long Jue didn’t hide the disgust in his eyes as he spoke, “Do you like getting fucked that much?”

“Nope, I only like getting fucked by you.” Ye Qingqiu smiled flirtatiously. Long Jue felt it was disgusting but was unable to control his body… This feeling made him want to kill her!

“You’ll regret this one day.” Long Jue spoke dangerously before taking off his clothes. “Come over.”

Ye Qingqiu obeyed and went over. She squatted down and lifted her head to look at him. “Right now, we’re sharing a life. If I die, you’ll die too. Long Jue, don’t think of escaping me in this lifetime.”

Long Jue laughed coldly. ‘I’ll find a way. And when I do, I’ll make sure to cut you into ten thousand pieces.’

The two were at it for most of the day. Only when Ye Qingqiu was satisfied did she tell Long Jue who the traitor was.

The person who had leaked the secret was, of course, Shi Sheng. Would she have let such a golden opportunity go?

Now even though Long Jue knew who the traitor was, he could only sullenly go look for the Celestial Emperor. ‘If I try dealing with Feng Ci, that madman, on my own, I’ll only end up as scrap. Even if the entire Celestial World bands together, we might not be able to kill him…’

After the Celestial Emperor had heard him out, he very calmly spoke to indicate he understood. Once Long Jue had left, the Celestial Emperor’s face sank. “Lu Zhang, what of the matter with the South Sea?”

Lu Zhang lowered his head and walked to face the Celestial Emperor before replying respectfully, “The newest information is that they wish to use this opportunity to take over. If Long Jue is dispatched with the troops, it will take away a large portion of our military capabilities. I’m afraid we won’t be a match.

But if we don’t dispatch troops, I’m afraid the Cultivation World won’t be able to hold on…”

The Celestial Emperor flew into a rage, “Look at this South Sea! And you too, Long Jue!”

Lu Zhang didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

“Long Jue is leaving the Celestial World today?” The Celestial Emperor asked another question.

“Yes.” The Cultivation World’s issue couldn’t be delayed any longer. They had already dallied for quite a few days. Any more and the Cultivation World would belong to the Demon Race.

“Go and invite Feng Ci and Shang Shu.”

“Your Majesty?” ‘What are we inviting them for?!’

The Celestial Emperor gave him a look, whereupon he immediately made a sound of assent and left.

Shi Sheng had already expected for the Celestial Emperor to want to see her so she held Feng Ci back from burning Lu Zhang. Lu Zhang led them back, his soul still having been scared out of him.

This was the first time since entering the Celestial World that Shi Sheng was meeting the Celestial Emperor. He looked rather handsome… in a dignified way. His every action was filled with a domineering overbearingness.

The Celestial Emperor was silent for a while. Shi Sheng didn’t speak though, so he could only speak first, “What is your motive for telling me about the South Sea?”

“Does not liking Long Jue count as a reason?” Shi Sheng raised a brow.

Ye Qingqiu hadn’t ascended this early in the storyline. The Demon Race had also not gone so rampantly unchecked, hence this dispatch of troops by the Celestial World hadn’t existed. Having no opportunity, the South Sea naturally didn’t attempt a rebellion yet.

It was only nearly towards the end that this group of cannon fodder had jumped out to help the main character.

And now the Demon Race had taken over nearly half of the Cultivation World, forcing the Celestial World to dispatch troops. The South Sea, which had been secretly plotting a rebellion all this while, would definitely not let this opportunity slip by.

All Shi Sheng had done was to tell the Celestial Emperor about it. All she wanted to do was to be a casual onlooker to the good show about to start. ‘…And take over the Celestial World while I’m at it!’

The Celestial Emperor examined Shi Sheng, paying attention to Feng Ci from the corner of his eye. Seeing that Feng Ci’s eyes had never left Shi Sheng, he knew that the rumours about Feng Ci doting on her a lot were true.

“I believe this wasn’t the only matter you called us here for?”

“Naturally.” In the depths of the Celestial Emperor’s eyes, a cold light flashed. “If you can help out with the crisis the Celestial World will face this time, I can agree to one condition.”

Any spare troops the Celestial World had needed to be stationed at the major camps and couldn’t easily be mobilised, lest more chaos ensue. And right now, the one with the most combat ability in the Celestial World was Feng Ci; as long as he agreed, the South Sea was nothing to be feared.

“Oh? Then would you give me your position if I said I wanted it?” Shi Sheng looked at the Celestial Emperor with a smile.

The Celestial Emperor was dumbstruck. ‘What would be the difference from being overthrown by the South Sea then?!’

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