Chapter 82 : Another Type of Cultivation (31)

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“I was just joking, don’t be so nervous.” Shi Sheng laughed lightly. “It’s not impossible for me to help you, but… you have to kill Long Jue first. Oh, and if it’s convenient, kill off Ye Qingqiu too.”

The Celestial Emperor fell silent. Long Jue was the South Sea Dragon Clan’s Young Master so it wasn’t a bother to his conscience to kill him. But Ye Qingqiu had been divined by Celestial Lord Zi Hua to be the key to resolving the matter with the Demon World…

In the end, the Celestial Emperor agreed to kill Long Jue, but not to kill Ye Qingqiu.

Shi Sheng couldn’t figure out why he was refusing. ‘I don’t think Ye Qingqiu had any dealings with the Celestial Emperor ah! Is it just plot-sama again? Ah well, killing one is good enough…’

And so, Shi Sheng grudgingly agreed. After all, if Ye Qingqiu died that easily, she wouldn’t have been the main character.

The Celestial Emperor sent none other than Zhen Feng to deal with Long Jue. Yet this matter wasn’t as simple as he thought for Zhen Feng failed and Long Jue was rescued by someone.

Shi Sheng could feel a headache coming on. ‘Are all people in cultivation worlds so tough to deal with? Your grandpa!’

Of course, even if Long Jue was rescued, he didn’t get off easy. After all, Zhen Feng’s combat ability was nothing to be scoffed at. Had it not been for Ye Qingqiu, Long Jue would probably be dead right now.

“Why does Zhen Feng want to kill me?” Long Jue stared darkly at Ye Qingqiu.

“I had nothing to do with it. Though he likes me, I don’t like him at all.” Ye Qingqiu rubbed Long Jue’s cheek. “I like you the most.”

Long Jue turned his head away in disgust. ‘Even if this woman saved me, it doesn’t change what she did to me. I won’t forgive her!’

Ye Qingqiu withdrew her hand and started playing around with it. “You understand Zhen Feng more than I do. Whose orders do you think he’ll listen to?”

“The Celestial Emperor?” Zhen Feng was the best general the Celestial World had and he only answered to the Celestial Emperor. So the only one who would have been able to give him the order was none other than the Celestial Emperor.

‘But why does the Celestial Emperor want to kill me…?’ Long Jue’s expression changed suddenly. ‘The situation at the South Sea must’ve changed! I have to get back!’

The South Sea launched their attack earlier than Shi Sheng expected. Quite a few people had switched over to their side. At the moment, the Celestial World was filled with the smell of gunpowder {literary usage}.

The South Sea had long since been prepared, for they managed to make it all the way to the Celestial Emperor’s palace without expending much effort. They had the palace besieged from all sides.

“Your Majesty… what should we do?” Lu Zhang was trembling badly by now. He usually lived a leisurely lifestyle so how was he able to put up a fight against the battle-hardened Dragon Clan members?

The Celestial Emperor sat on his throne and looked at the two standing below. “The two of you {respectful, equals}…”

“You haven’t fulfilled your promise so you can’t blame me for not upholding my end either.” Shi Sheng interrupted what the Celestial Emperor was about to say. Her words caused the Celestial Emperor’s breathing to turn ragged from suppressed anger.

Shi Sheng gave Feng Ci a look. He answered with a nod as he raised his hand and surrounded Lu Zhang with fire. The Celestial Emperor was stunned as he stood up abruptly. “What are you doing?!”

‘What am I(bbb) doing? Stealing your position of course! Now that everyone else is outside fighting, this is the perfect opportunity! Did you think it was easy for me(bbb)to get this chance?!’

Feng Ci didn’t even blink as he continued raining attacks on the Celestial Emperor. After the Celestial Emperor snapped out of his stunned state, he was greeted by a cluster of fire to his face. He hurriedly used a spell to extinguish it but still ended up with quite a bit of singed hair. The Celestial Emperor looked to be in a sorry state.

Though the Celestial Emperor knew quite a few immortal spells, he didn’t use them often so he wasn’t a match for Feng Ci. Feng Ci had him on the floor in a few moves, after which, Feng Ci tossed out more fire to trap him.

Shi Sheng walked over to the Celestial Emperor with an apologetic expression though her tone was anything but, “Sorry but I gotta borrow your seat for a while. Don’t worry, I’ll give it back soon.”

The Celestial Emperor was speechless. ‘Who the hell borrows stuff like you?! And can my position even be lent out?!’

Shi Sheng ignored the Celestial Emperor’s killing gaze as she locked him up with Lu Zhang, before digging out a new robe from the Celestial Emperor’s sleeping quarters. “Here, put this on.”

Feng Ci blinked in slight confusion. “Xiaoshu, didn’t you want the position?”

“What would I want it for? Hurry up and put it on!” Shi Sheng started stripping off Feng Ci’s clothes.

“But I don’t want to be the Celestial Emperor!” Feng Ci held Shi Sheng’s hand, stopping her movements. His gaze as he looked at her was filled with warmth and sincerity, “All I want is to be with you.”

‘Bloody hell, can you not flirt with me in this situation?!’

“That’s why I said I was just borrowing! When we’re done showing off our awesomeness we’ll return it to him! Now hurry up and put it on!” ‘Do you think I’m having it easy here trying to complete a quest?! It’s a fucking pain in the arse!’

After he had put on the clothes, Shi Sheng dragged Feng Ci towards the outside. “In a bit, all you have to do is stand there and say…”

Shi Sheng pondered for a bit before continuing, “Just say ‘Follow me and live! Rebel against me and die!’ If they don’t listen, just burn them.”

‘These kind of overbearing lines are essential in any story so you can’t go wrong saying them!’

Feng Ci nodded, not really understanding. He remembered three words though: just burn them. And so, when Feng Ci appeared, flames burst forth and engulfed a large number of people. Silence befell the battlefield as they all looked towards the spot where the flames had descended from.

On the steps of the palace not far away stood a man wearing the robes of the Celestial Emperor… but it was not the one they recognised.

“Feng Ci! H-He…” ‘Why is he wearing those robes?!’

“What about the Celestial Emperor?!”

“Feng Ci, what did you do to His Majesty?!”

“What do we do now? Do we still fight now that Feng Ci’s here?”

“You want to fight? With Feng Ci? Can you even win?”

Feng Ci set fire to the speakers with an expressionless face, causing the remaining onlookers to not dare make a peep.

Meanwhile, Shi Sheng was like this: (||| ¬_¬)

‘I feel like I wasted my breath back there! Forget it… speaking with fists is better anyways…’

The people remained rooted there for quite a bit. Feng Ci started to get impatient from waiting so he lifted his hand to continue setting stuff on fire. This fire caused those people to think bitterly, ‘Fuck! Ruuuun!!!’

Meanwhile, the people on the (previous) Celestial Emperor’s side retreated to a safe spot before kneeling. “We greet the Celestial Emperor!”

‘What? Dignity? Morals? If we don’t even have our lives, what the hell do we want dignity and morals for?!’

This was probably the strangest crowning of a Celestial Emperor in the history of the Celestial World…

The South Sea troops hurriedly retreated back to their own territory. There were some people who wanted to stake their lives in a fight against Feng Ci though. They didn’t believe that Feng Ci was really that powerful to be able to take them all on. After all, two hands had a hard time facing four fists1!

But only after they tried did they know that they couldn’t even get close to Feng Ci at all! A lot of the spells they knew required a certain range to cast but Feng Ci’s flames could shoot out for over a hundred metres, and even further!

With this AoE {Area of Effect for those who don’t know} skill, he was simply invincible! It was pretty much a bug!

Some people then tried to go after Shang Shu. After all, she looked cute so she must be weak! And she was Feng Ci’s weak spot! If they were able to capture her, dealing with Feng Ci would be easy.

Only after they acted did they know how naïve their thinking was. ‘How is this person cute?!’

Since Feng Ci hadn’t allowed Shi Sheng to kill people, she rarely had the chance to attack. Now that she did, she took the opportunity to vent some of the stress that had built up over such a long period of time.

Shi Sheng’s movements as she killed people were very dazzling to the eye. From afar, it didn’t look bloody at all; she made it look like an exquisite macabre dance. However, only those who had experienced it personally knew how terrifying the strength beneath those dazzling moves was!


  1. This is an idiom. Well, the gist is that no matter how powerful you are as an individual, you can be overcome with numbers.

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  1. P-Orc · Jul 11, 2020

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