Chapter 83 : Another Type of Cultivation (32)

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Even though the Celestial World’s crisis had been resolved, no-one knew if they should be rejoicing or worrying. ‘Where did the previous Celestial Emperor go? And where did the Grand Steward go?’

Shi Sheng got them to prepare a simple coronation ceremony. The next day though, everyone found out the position had changed hands again… No wait, it returned to its rightful owner.

The Celestial Emperor was feeling very sullen. He had never seen such weird people before.

“Your Majesty, bad news! The Demon Race has completely taken over the Cultivation World!”

The Celestial Emperor, “…” ‘For some reason, I feel like abdicating!’

Due to the celestial troops having no one to lead them, they were pretty much being beaten up by the demons the whole time. Half of them had been withdrawn to help out with the internal crisis too so they weren’t of any use.

‘So those two were just stalling for time for the demons?’ The Celestial Emperor felt like he had uncovered the truth but damn if it wasn’t a terrible one!

The Demon Race sent a messenger to invite the Celestial Emperor over for negotiations. Due to the South Sea revolt as well as the fact that they hadn’t recovered yet and definitely wouldn’t be able to beat the demons in a fight, the Celestial Emperor had no choice but to go.

After some unknown bouts of negotiation, the Celestial Emperor handed over jurisdiction of the Cultivation World over to the Demon Race and the Demon Race would help him deal with the South Sea rebellion in return.

The South Sea was completely annihilated in the end. However, Ye Qingqiu and Long Jue went missing towards the end.

Jun Wuqi went to see Shi Sheng after everything was over.

“Ms Shang, you had enough of the position of Celestial Emperor after a day?” Jun Wuqi looked at Shi Sheng with laughter in his eyes. Back when he first heard it, he nearly collapsed from laughing too hard.

‘Just how bored is she to snatch the seat of Celestial Emperor? And for a man at that…’

Just thinking about the Celestial Emperor’s face when he said this caused Jun Wuqi to want to laugh even more. ‘I should be thanking the heavens she didn’t take a liking to my position as Demon Lord!’

“If I can snatch even the position of Celestial Emperor, who would dare to cause trouble for me anymore?” Shi Sheng answered with a straight face.

Jun Wuqi had nothing to say to that. ‘Might be blunt but it got the point across!’

“*ahem*… I’m here to tell you that Ye Qingqiu and Long Jue are currently in the Cultivation World. Do you need me to help you with them?” This was his attempt at selling her a favour so she wouldn’t go and mess up his Demon World when she got bored.

‘Shang Shu isn’t as harmless as she looks. In reality she’s more ruthless than anyone… and more confidently arrogant too…’

“People who offer up their services for free are up to something.” Shi Sheng had an expression of distaste on.

Jun Wuqi, “…”

Currently, the escaped Ye Qingqiu and Long Jue were at a corner of the Cultivation World. Long Jue seemed to have aged quite a bit, there was none of the former handsomeness on his face. Instead, he looked rather dull and lifeless. He simply lay there on the bed and allowed Ye Qingqiu to do as she wished.

He had never expected to one day change from the Young Master of the Dragon Clan to a wanted criminal of the Celestial World.

Ye Qingqiu hadn’t changed much; she looked as good as before. It was just that now there was a hint of dark qi hovering around the centre of her brows, though she didn’t seem to notice it. Ye Qingqiu lost her interest very quickly without Long Jue’s participation. She stopped moving and looked down at Long Jue with a hint of distaste in her eyes.

Long Jue seemed to be able to feel her distaste though, for the flames of rage suddenly burst forth in his chest as he flipped over to press her beneath him. His hands grabbed her around her neck and with a dark glower, he spoke, “What? Now you dislike me? Didn’t you say you liked me before?”

‘It’s all this woman’s fault! If it hadn’t been for her, I could’ve persuaded father not to attack! Then I wouldn’t have ended up like this! This woman threatened me and then went on to seduce my father and even my brothers…’

The more he thought, the angrier Long Jue got and his fingers tightened around Ye Qingqiu’s neck.

“Long Jue…” Ye Qingqiu was injured too. She had already taken most of the strength she could from Long Jue’s body, but it wasn’t enough for her to recover, so she didn’t have the strength to fight back. “You’re crazy! If it wasn’t… *cough* … If it wasn’t… for me… you… you… you’d be long dead…”

“Dead? That would be much better than the fate I’m suffering right now! We’re dying together you bitch!” Long Jue’s fingers tightened even further. Ye Qingqiu’s brain started to run out of oxygen and strength began to leave her limbs.

She suddenly felt regret. She didn’t know why she had wanted this man so badly back then and even tied their lives together…

Ye Qingqiu’s consciousness weakened but her will to survive only grew stronger. Her hand fumbled around by her side before finally touching something cold. She didn’t know what it was but she thrust it towards Long Jue’s abdomen on instinct.

Long Jue’s body stiffened momentarily before his fingers lost their strength and slipped off Ye Qingqiu’s neck.

He lowered his head to look at his abdomen before looking back at Ye Qingqiu. A moment later, he lowered his head again and repeated this movement several times, disbelief in his reddened eyes.

Only then did Ye Qingqiu clearly see the object she had thrust into Long Jue’s abdomen. It was an abnormally shaped, roundish object with a strange symbol carved on it. It looked rather strange and sinister.

Even more strange was that the blood leaking out of Long Jue’s wound was being absorbed by the object.

The speed of absorption got faster and Ye Qingqiu watched as Long Jue’s body started to dry up. His eye sockets deepened, causing his eyes to bulge from their sockets. Those blood-filled eyes were filled with fear.

He opened his mouth as his chest heaved quickly and some strange whines came out of his mouth. His voice though, got weaker. In the end, his head suddenly sagged into his chest and he breathed his last.

In just a few seconds, a living, breathing person had been turned into a dried corpse. Someone seemed to have hit the pause button on Ye Qingqiu; she just stood there staring at Long Jue in a stunned state. Only when Long Jue’s body fell towards her did she get startled awake and leap off the bed.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she could feel a heart-burrowing agony begin to spread from the area around her heart. Her body twitched as she half-knelt on the ground. ‘Fuck! My life is bound with Long Jue’s! Now that he’s dead, I’ll die too!

No! I can’t die! I still have to take revenge on that bitch Shang Shu! I can’t die!’

Ye Qingqiu took out all sorts of bottles and containers and, her hands trembling, shook out the contents. Without taking the time to differentiate them, she tossed them all into her mouth. “I can’t die here… can’t die…”

Ye Qingqiu didn’t notice that the black fog behind her was gradually getting thicker. Eventually, it formed the outline of a person. It silently pulled out the object in Long Jue’s body and gradually came to reform his own body. “Keke… After all these years… I finally have a body.”

Ye Qingqiu’s body stiffened as she turned around abruptly. She saw a man with sharp features standing behind her, a thin layer of mist surrounding him. Just looking at him gave people an uncomfortable sensation.

“How are you-” Ye Qingqiu’s gaze landed on the round object in his hand. “You killed Long Jue!”

“How was it me? It was you ah, my little lady.” The man bent his waist and lifted Ye Qingqiu’s chin, lust flashing in his eyes. “After all these years of nourishment, I can finally enjoy your body…”

“No…!” Ye Qingqiu retreated in fear.

“This isn’t up to you. The reason I taught you how to steal other’s vitality was not for the sake of letting you live a carefree life.” The man picked Ye Qingqiu up and tossed her on the bed. She just so happened to land facing Long Jue’s corpse. Ye Qingqiu cried out in surprise as her body retreated. She bumped into an icy cold embrace.

“You weren’t like this when you killed people. Though, I like this you even more…”

*sounds of clothes shredding*

Author’s note:

Come and vote! Is it because the book is hitting the shelves that you guys don’t love me anymore? T^T

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  1. P-Orc · Jul 11, 2020

    [The Celestial Emperor, “…” ‘For some reason, I feel like abdicating!’] HAHAHHAHAH POOR EMPEROR.

    [ “Long Jue…” Ye Qingqiu was injured too. She had already taken most of the strength she could from Long Jue’s body, but it wasn’t enough for her to recover, so she didn’t have the strength to fight back. “You’re crazy! If it wasn’t… *cough* … If it wasn’t… for me… you… you… you’d be long dead…”

    “Dead? That would be much better than the fate I’m suffering right now! We’re dying together you bitch!” Long Jue’s fingers tightened even further. Ye Qingqiu’s brain started to run out of oxygen and strength began to leave her limbs.] Kinda makes me think of Onikiri in Onmyoji killing his owner after finding out he was used to kill his own brethren lol.

    DAMN. His end was brutal. (Didn't care much for Ye-whatevs ending lmao. She deserved it more).

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  2. PurityByDarkness · Nov 20, 2018

    Oh wow... what an ending ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

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  3. Anonymous · Mar 1, 2018

    If that demon kill/consume YQ then would MC's quest be completed?

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  4. Alina Moktan · Jan 5, 2018

    I come late to comment

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  5. kirindas · Dec 31, 2017

    Ouch. Now the karma comes into play. It's funny that Long Jue let things get that far in his relationship with Ye Qingqiu considering he knew she was sleeping around previously.

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  6. Anonymous · Dec 31, 2017

    Now that's what you call KARMA IS A BITCHHHH!!!HAPPPY NEW YEAR TRANSLATOR TEAM!!; <3

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  7. Pizuya · Dec 31, 2017

    Oh, damn, unfortunate ending for the two of them, I suppose. The plot doesn't really allow her to die, but once it's strayed enough, lord plot can't help much.

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