Chapter 84 : Another Type of Cultivation (33)

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From that day on, Ye Qingqiu’s life became a living hell. She didn’t know what method that man had used to keep her alive but she wished that she had died with Long Jue back then.

Not only did she have to serve him, she also had to go out to find beautiful virgins for him. He didn’t need them to have Water Spirit Veins anymore, he would go after all those who were still virgin.

Ye Qingqiu had thought of escape before, but every time she tried, she was caught by him. And the punishment for attempting to escape was beyond her tolerance range so she didn’t dare to escape any more.

Because her body had been nourished well for so many years, she was pretty much a tonic that needed to be slowly digested to him. As long as she obeyed him, her life was still bearable. The ones who had it worse were the girls she kidnapped. They had been tormented to the point you couldn’t see their former selves any more.

“A lot of women have been disappearing recently. I heard this matter was brought to the attention of the person in charge. They say people have already been sent to investigate.”

“Humph, who knows whether it’s those demons that did it…”

“Shh, do you want to die?! The Cultivation World is demon territory now! Don’t say these kind of things in the future.”

Ye Qingqiu passed by them expressionlessly. ‘Has the attention of the demons been roused already?’

When she returned to the village she was staying in, Ye Qingqiu lowered her head and spoke to the man sitting cross-legged on the bed. “The demons have already discovered that people are going missing. Should we switch locations?”

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought of letting the demons deal with him, but her life was in his hands right now so if he died, she wouldn’t be able to live either.

“Found out so quickly?” The man humphed. “Doesn’t matter. I can’t confront Jun Wuqi for the moment but once I’ve regained my strength, it’s only a matter of time before the position of Demon Lord is mine!”

Ye Qingqiu lifted her head to find the man staring at her, a sinister gleam in his eyes. Ye Qingqiu’s heart leapt as the hands at her sides clutched desperately at the hem of her clothes. The man pulled Ye Qingqiu onto the bed.

The two had to act in secret and hide from the Demon Race. Whenever the demons began to figure out something was off, they would immediately switch locations.

As the number of missing people increased, Jun Wuqi’s attention was roused. There were few females within the Demon Race so the ones who went missing were pretty much all human cultivators. The number of people missing was already high enough to affect the normal working of the Cultivation World so it was imperative that the matter be investigated thoroughly.

Jun Wuqi and that man contested with each other for a long time but in the end, it was Jun Wuqi who won.

“Don’t kill me… He was the one who forced me to do all those things… Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” Ye Qingqiu lay on the ground, dying. Her features had already aged but they were still beautiful. She looked rather pitiful when she cried so miserably.

“Ye Qingqiu, you brought this on yourself. You let that evil demon out and it was you who helped him recover his strength over the course of these few centuries.” Jun Wuqi was unsympathetic.

“It wasn’t me… He signed the contract with me, it was him… It’s not my fault, why am I being treated like this? It was clearly him…” Ye Qingqiu continued muttering the same lines.

‘It’s all that demon’s fault! He destroyed me! And Shang Shu too! That bitch! I want to kill her!’

Jun Wuqi shook his head. “Have you forgotten the reason behind the circumstances on why he was able to sign the contract with you in the first place?”

Ye Qingqiu’s twisted expression suddenly calmed down.

“You robbed someone else first, causing yourself to be hunted and then fell down that cliff. Ye Qingqiu, all of this was your own doing, you can’t blame others for it.”

‘My own doing? Hahaha, my own doing… No. That’s not right. It was Shang Shu who killed my Master, causing me to turn out like this! It’s all Shang Shu’s fault!’ Seeing the hate in Ye Qingqiu’s eyes, Jun Wuqi didn’t continue speaking as he ordered people to end her.

Shi Sheng received the news on the day of her wedding. Yes, you heard that right, Feng Ci was going to marry her… Though no one attended the wedding.

Now that Ye Qingqiu was dead, her mission was considered complete. Now her remaining time would belong to herself. And Feng Ci.

“Xiaoshu, would you like it to be more lively?” Feng Ci entered from outside as he asked Shi Sheng with a smile. “If you like, I can get people to attend our wedding.”

Even if those people weren’t willing, what he had were ways to compel them to.

“They’re not the ones I’m getting married to, why would you want to bring them here to take up space?” ‘Even if they attended, it would be out of fear and not with well-wishes. What would be the point?’

Feng Ci’s lips curved into a smile, his dark-red eyes filled with warmth and gentleness. He didn’t like letting others see his Xiaoshu. She belonged to him alone.

On the day of the wedding though, there were a few uninvited guests. The first was Jun Wuqi. Feng Ci’s expression was as dark as tribulation clouds upon seeing him.

“Weddings should be livelier! What are you two just hiding from everyone and getting married in secret?” Jun Wuqi ignored Feng Ci’s dark expression as he set down his present with a smile. “Here are the famous Nether Butterflies of the Demon World.”

Jun Wuqi opened the box and gold-patterned black-winged butterflies flew out. They flew around Shi Sheng and Feng Ci in a pattern.

“People who have been blessed by the Nether Butterflies are said to accompany each other to old age.” Jun Wuqi spoke with a ‘serious’ tone, causing Feng Ci to immediately retrieve the flames he had been planning on unleashing on the poor butterflies.

“But… these Nether Butterflies are poisonous.” Jun Wuqi gave Shi Sheng an ambiguous look before immediately escaping. “I shan’t bother you two anymore! Have a happy wedding!”

The Nether Butterflies didn’t manage to escape the fate of being burnt to a crisp in the end.

The next uninvited guests were Bai Lang and Lin Yiyi. Lin Yiyi was still as buoyant as ever; time didn’t seem to have left any traces on her.

“Junior Martial Sister, congratulations!” Bai Lang gave his well-wishes very sincerely as he handed over the wedding gift he had brought.

“Thank you, Martial Brother.” Shi Sheng smiled as she received the present.

“Martial Aunt, Martial Aunt, you’re so pretty!!! Ao ao ao! I want to marry you too!” Lin Yiyi pulled Shi Sheng into a few spins. In the end, she was pulled back by Bai Lang when he saw Feng Ci was about to start setting fires.

“…I want to ask: How did you guys get up here?!” ‘This is the Celestial World ah! How did these two non-ascended get up here?!’

Lin Yiyi blinked, “Martial Aunt, didn’t you know? Now that the Cultivation World is the territory of the Demon Race, we can enter the Demon World whenever we want. You can get to the Celestial World from the Demon World, you know.”

Shi Sheng, “…” ‘Didn’t know that route existed…’

Bai Lang and Lin Yiyi stayed to attend the wedding. The last uninvited guest was apparently Lu Zhang. He came representing the Celestial World. Lu Zhang currently had tears streaming down his face inwardly. ‘Why am I always the one being pushed out?’

The entire Celestial World: ‘Because you’re our Grand Steward! If sacrificing you can bring peace to the entire Celestial World, Steward Lu, you’re a hero!’

Shi Sheng and Feng Ci’s wedding was rather simple; it only took ten or so minutes from start to finish. Once the ceremony was done, the two slipped away, leaving the three guests to stare at each other. ‘What kind of a wedding have you ever attended where the bride and groom just leave like this?! Oi! Your guests are still here!’

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Translator’s Corner:

Translator: Anyone else feeling that part where the demon was dealt with was a bit… anticlimactic?

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