Chapter 85 : Another Type of Cultivation (34)

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On the summit of the North Mountain, two figures dressed in red stood hand-in-hand. Shi Sheng looked at the memorial tablet of the grave in front of her. Beside it was a set of clothing that belonged to Yu Xiao.

Only after the clothes had been properly buried and the gravestone properly erected did Shi Sheng give a proper bow towards the grave. Sensing that Feng Ci wasn’t moving, she glared at him.

Feng Ci looked at her innocently. ‘Why is Xiaoshu just glaring at me? Do I not look good today?’

In exasperation, Shi Sheng forced him into a bow. They stood there for a while before Shi Sheng and Feng Ci descended the mountain.

She couldn’t understand that form of deep love but respected it very much. Yu Xiao was an amazing person for being able to give up his life for someone else. By the time Shi Sheng and Feng Ci returned to their home, Lu Zhang had already left but Lin Yiyi and Bai Lang were still there.

Shi Sheng told Bai Lang about what happened to Yu Xiao. Bai Lang said he wanted to go and see Yu Xiao so he and Lin Yiyi bid them farewell.

“Xiaoshu.” Feng Ci stood beside Shi Sheng. “From now on, you’re my wife, the person I’ll use my life to protect.”

Shi Sheng’s heart skipped a beat for some reason as she stared at Feng Ci in a daze. Only when she felt warmth on her lips did she instinctively pull back. Feng Ci’s movements paused as he waited patiently for her to get used to it. After a while, Shi Sheng began responding to him.

Only the next day did Shi Sheng realise what Jun Wuqi meant when he said those Nether Butterflies were poisonous… as well as why he had given such an ambiguous look before he left.

‘His mom, that was an aphrodisiac!’ And this aphrodisiac was the type that took some time to settle in so for a long time after that, Feng Ci and Shi Sheng were stuck in the cycle of loving and being loved.

When the efficacy finally wore off, Shi Sheng immediately made for the Demon World… to take revenge!

Shi Sheng found out that Jun Wuqi liked to court death. Had he simply let her have her vengeance, the matter would’ve been over and done with. Instead, he wanted to tempt death by taking revenge back. And so, the Demon World was in a constant state of turmoil.

#The Demon Lord got the badge “Grandmaster of Building-Wrecking”#

#The Demon Lord’s being chased again#

#Saw the Demon Lord hanging on the tree outside my house when I woke up this morning#

#Was interrupted in the middle of a fuck by the Demon Lord falling from the sky… R.I.P Sex life#

#Celestial World residents send congratulations!#

#Cultivation World residents send congratulations!#

#Spirit World residents send congratulations!#

‘The hell is with the Spirit World suddenly joining in?! Oi, you guys aren’t part of the script! Get out!’

#Underworld sends congratulations!#

#Demon World residents are crying#

Shi Sheng stayed in this world for nearly ten thousand years. In this time, she had brought disaster to quite a few places. There was almost no one who hadn’t heard of her. Then there was a period where she wanted to start an inter-world war…

At the crucial point though, the leaders of the worlds agreed to not fall for it. And so, an unprecedented unity between worlds appeared.

Having failed in her plans to incite an inter-world war, she went and instigated some clans to fight each other. Yet, after she was done, she just left them to fight each other…

‘Why is there such a person?! Ah pei! Immortal! Heavenly Dao, please destroy her!!!’

Before her death, Shi Sheng released Pudding. That fellow didn’t really like her so he rarely came out. Only when Shi Sheng released him did he show one of his rare pleasant faces… before immediately leaving without so much as a glance back.

Shi Sheng cursed at it for being ungrateful. Feng Ci seemed to know that something was wrong too for he hugged her 24/7 and refused to let go. It was as if he felt that if he let go, she would disappear.

“Xiaoshu, Xiaoshu…” He called out her name over and over again.

Shi Sheng supported herself up so that she gazed into his eyes as she spoke seriously, “Feng Ci, thank you for accompanying me all this time. I won’t forget you.”

Feng Ci had never betrayed her—not even once—in all these years they had been together. Shi Sheng knew that she had long since been accustomed to his presence but… this was only a virtual world in the end.

“Xiaoshu…” Feng Ci’s voice was trembling a bit.

“Don’t be upset. Don’t be upset over me, it’s not worth it.” Shi Sheng reached out and traced the outlines of Feng Ci’s face. She spoke hesitantly, “I… actually wish for you to die together with me.”

‘See how vicious I am.’

The dark clouds on Feng Ci’s face suddenly dispersed when he heard her words. His eyes smiling, he spoke, “Okay, we’ll die together. I’ll go wherever Xiaoshu goes.”

Shi Sheng stared at him, stunned. She suddenly remembered the second thing he had said to her when they had first met. ‘He said… “You’re very special. You’ll follow me from now on.”’

Shi Sheng lowered her gaze as she leaned against him silently. ‘Feng Ci, you are the most special existence in my life.’

As everyone had hoped and prayed for, Shi Sheng finally died. Immortals weren’t actually immortal, they just lived for a long time. However, ten thousand years was actually a rather short lifespan for an immortal.

#Finally got her comeuppance!#

#Everyone, rejoice!#

When Feng Ci also died right after her, everyone was seething with joy! ‘The two disasters are finally dead? Holy shit, happiness came so unexpectedly!’

Shi Sheng was still feeling a bit dazed when she returned to the System space. Seeing the familiar yet foreign environment, she took a pause to process. Shi Sheng stood for a while before requesting for the first time to look at what happened after she left.

Her heart nearly stopped when she saw Feng Ci leap off the peak of North Mountain while holding her body. After Feng Ci had disappeared, the sound of a dragon’s roar could be heard in the distance.

‘Feng Ci… why are you so dumb?!’ Shi Sheng watched that clip over and over again before she sat down with her hands supporting her head, and stared at the screen as she went into a daze.

[Host, are you sad?]

“No.” Shi Sheng shook her head. ‘I’m not sad. I’m really not sad! Yes, not sad at all! It’s just… for some reason, I feel a bit empty. I’m not used to it.

I’m not sad, just feeling a bit stifled. He did accompany me for that long…’


System didn’t continue speaking as it displayed her information.

Name: Shi Sheng

Morality Points: -105,000

Life Points: 15

Contribution Points: 5,000

Mission Rank: C

Mission Points: 85

Hidden Quest: Complete

Hidden Quest Reward: 500 Contribution Points

Shi Sheng’s brows furrowed slightly. “How come I only got 200 contribution points? Didn’t I get at least 2,000 last time? Also, why have my morality points gone down again?!”

‘At this rate, I won’t be able to make it back ever!’

[I have already told you not to take any shortcuts. Although Feng Ci did become the Celestial Emperor, he only held the position for a day, so the Quest can only be considered finished with the bare minimum reward of 500 Contribution Points. As for the Morality Points, do think back on what you did in this world. That it only went down by 5,000 was already a result of me giving a discount.]

Shi Sheng, “…”

When she thought about how everyone rejoiced after she died, she felt a bit complicated. ‘This is what happens when my hands get itchy! Now look what happened! Those itchy hands got me in a 5,000 point debt! I(bbb) feel like I(bbb) should’ve gotten a Villain System instead…’

“Do you support changing Systems?” ‘I promise I’ll be able to complete all the quests if I get a villain system… It’s not a dream to reach the pinnacle of success!’

[Host, stop daydreaming.] ‘What do you take me for? You even want to change me? Change your grandpa!’

“Fine, don’t change jeez! What’re you being so fierce for?” Shi Sheng pouted as she continued staring at the screen in a daze.

System didn’t know how its Host had managed to find its robotic voice fierce.

[Initializing transfer…]

“Fuck your great grandpa! You left out the hypocritical questioning this time?! Next time are you going to—”

Only after Shi Sheng’s voice disappeared did System remember that it had forgotten to give her a full-body scan…

Author’s note:

#Residents of the five worlds send congratulations for this arc finally ending#

Next arc: Apocalypse setting.

All of you who have subscribed are my true loves… Come rub~

Translator’s Corner:

Editor : Any guesses of a name of the holiday celebrating Shang Shu’s and Feng Ci’s deaths?

Translator: The Day of Hope?


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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