Chapter 87 : Zombie Empire (1)

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“She’s fevering, we can’t bring her with us. They said people who are feverish will turn into zombies! What if she turns into a zombie while we bring her along?”

“But she’s our daughter…”

“Aunt, there’s no time, we have to hurry!”

“Eh, alright, let’s go.”

Shi Sheng listened to them speak in a state of semi-stupor. Her head was heavy and muddled; basically, she wasn’t feeling great. She wanted to open her eyes but fell back into darkness.

After an indeterminate length of time, the sound of a heavy object dragging on the floor could be heard getting closer…

An unbearable rotting stench assaulted her nostrils.


A high-pitched meow rang out and jerked Shi Sheng out of her stupor. Her eyes snapped open and she saw a dark shadow pouncing towards her, its sharp claws pressed against her shoulder.

In the small amount of light present, Shi Sheng could make out an ashen-green face that had half rotted away. One of its eyes had fallen out. Its mouth opened wide as it lunged for her neck.

‘Fuck, a zombie! Is it really okay to get a hardcore level the moment I enter?! I’m going to develop psychological issues!’

Shi Sheng grabbed the pillow on the bed to block the zombie’s mouth. Her body was currently lacking in strength. The zombie’s mouth had already made its way directly to the front of her face. A cool liquid dripped on her face. It smelt horrible.

‘Your mom, you’re testing my patience!’

“Huh huh!”

‘Huh huh your head!’ Shi Sheng kicked the zombie in the belly, causing it to tilt. The cool liquid flowed into Shi Sheng’s mouth. There wasn’t any strange taste though it was particularly cold. She felt like she was going to freeze.

It spread too quickly for Shi Sheng to react. The zombie clambered back up with more grunts as it once again lunged towards its prey. Without sparing any time to think about what it was she had just eaten, Shi Sheng flipped over and fell onto the ground. The zombie landed on the bed and then began crawling instinctively towards Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng shook her body as she hurriedly stood up. Her gaze swept over her sides quickly. On her left was a chest that wasn’t too big. She rushed over, grabbed it and began smashing it down on the zombie’s head.

The zombie continued grunting. With every hit Shi Sheng landed on it, it continued to make “huh huh” noises, as if it was cheering her on.

‘This dumb zombie.’

Shi Sheng tossed the chest aside as she looked at the now-still zombie. She shook her sore hand. ‘This body’s damn weak!’

Taking a few heavy breaths, Shi Sheng rubbed her rumbling tummy. She ignored looking at the plot and headed outside… to look for food!

‘I’m(bbb) going to starve to death if I(bbb) don’t eat something!’

The door was wide open. There was blood tracked all over the place, which looked like it had been caused by zombies. From where she was standing, she was just able to make out a zombie heading towards her. Shi Sheng hurriedly shut the door. The noise further attracted the zombie, since it started scratching at the door.

Rummaging through the place, Shi Sheng only managed to find two packets of biscuits. After barely filling her stomach, she finally began to take a look at the original storyline and this body’s memories.

This was a counterattack novel set in an apocalypse. Qi Mingxue was originally a female supporting character in the novel who didn’t last beyond 50 chapters. But someone transmigrated into her body. This someone just so happened to have read the book and now, Qi Mingxue had turned from the side character to the main character.

Shi Sheng’s current body was the original main character, Gu Nan.

Qi Mingxue made use of the fact that she had read the whole book to seize a lot of opportunities. Before the apocalypse even began, she snatched Gu Nan’s cheat. Afterwards, she started snatching Gu Nan’s resources and her man. Basically, she was awfully joyful at snatching stuff from the original MC.

Perhaps the author had wanted to make their main character look more awesome, for they had given her all the good stuff. The end result: the main character became greedy for all the good stuff, leading to her no longer being someone whom readers would look up to.

Without her cheat(s), Gu Nan no longer had her main character halo. On the road to B City, she was tainted by a few people and though she managed to make it to a safe area in the end, she still didn’t have it good.

After B City fell, she moved to the capital’s base but she was still in the business of selling her body. It didn’t take long for her to be tormented to death.

Qi Mingxue, on the other hand, did quite well for herself. By the end, she managed to build her own base and became the ruler of an area. She led humans to defeat the zombies and was an all-around winner in life.

Gu Nan had met Qi Mingxue before her death and learned all this from Qi Mingxue.

She wasn’t willing to accept this! What basis did Qi Mingxue have to steal that which was rightfully hers?! She was just an outsider who had stolen her stuff based on the fore-knowledge she had.

Gu Nan wanted revenge. She wanted to thrive and live even better than Qi Mingxue in the apocalypse. After Shi Sheng had finished looking over the storyline, she was a bit stumped. She had arrived rather late; the apocalypse had started three days ago.

Qi Mingxue had already snatched her cheat from her. The cheat came in the form of a pearl that had been given to her by her maternal grandmother. Supposedly, it had been passed down for generations.

The cheat was the standard for an apocalypse setting: A space, cute pet(s), and a spirit spring.

Qi Mingxue was Gu Nan’s elder cousin. She was the daughter of Gu Nan’s mother’s younger sister.

Gu Nan wasn’t as well received as Qi Mingxue, unlike what one would expect, given that Gu Nan was the biological child of her parents.

In the Gu household, Gu Nan was like an outsider. Her mother treated her like an enemy so there was no doting or pampering. Her father was henpecked and followed her mother’s lead, so every time he only shook his head and sighed, as if he had let her down, but never took any action.

So, at the start of the apocalypse, Qi Mingxue had brought away Gu Nan’s parents, who had been rather good to her, leaving behind Gu Nan to awaken her ability on her own.

She had even left the door slightly ajar on purpose as she exited. As long as a zombie smelled the scent of the living, they would enter sooner or later, which was what she planned to let happen. And it did happen.

Shi Sheng recalled the fuzzy voices she had heard when she first came here. That must have been the time they had abandoned Gu Nan.


A furry feeling rubbed up against her leg. Shi Sheng looked down to see a white cat squatting beside her. Its jewel-like eyes shone with an otherworldly light in the darkness of the night. Seeming to have detected Shi Sheng’s gaze, it purred ingratiatingly as it rubbed its head against her leg.

Shi Sheng found the cat’s name in the memories she had inherited and called out awkwardly, “White Tiger?”

‘As expected of a main character… even her cat’s name is so special… actually called a cat “White Tiger”…’

“Meow~” White Tiger happily rubbed up against her leg.

Shi Sheng picked it up and petted it. Its fur felt very smooth.

Just now it had been this cat that had woken her up by calling out, otherwise, she might have only awakened when the zombie had bitten her. Shi Sheng didn’t hate cats so she decided to keep this one.

It had so far been three days since the start of the apocalypse, and her cheat had already been stolen by Qi Mingxue, which caused Shi Sheng to feel very grumpy. ‘Oh wait, I still have my ability even if the cheat got stolen.’

She had felt a strange energy inside of her when she woke up. Now that she focused, that feeling grew more pronounced. She attempted to use it and a cooling sensation could be felt at the tip of her finger before a small black flower appeared there.

‘The fuck is this?’

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