Chapter 88 : Zombie Empire (2)

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‘What kind of an ability produces flowers? And black ones? Are you fucking with me?!’

Gu Nan had a fire-type ability in the original storyline, giving her a lot of firepower {ba-dum-tss}. However, she was missing the crystal nuclei needed to level up, which was why she only managed to get to the second level before she died.

‘But how come I got this never-heard-of ability???’

Shi Sheng continued testing. Every time, it resulted in the appearance of one, if not two, small black flowers. ‘Isn’t this just bullshit? What happened to that fire ability? Even if it’s a mutation, it shouldn’t be this off!!!’

Shi Sheng thought on it for a long moment, before finally recalling that she had consumed something when she was beating up that zombie. ‘Was it because of that thing? Oh Heavens, just what have I done for you to treat me so? System, hurry up and give me cheats! I want the type that lets me show off a lot!’

“AAAH!” A woman’s shriek rang through the street. A few young men and women charged into the street from around the corner. There were some zombies stumbling after them, grunting excitedly as they chased their prey.

At this moment, some more zombies, staggering around listlessly, appeared on the path they were taking. Hearing the noise, the zombies all turned to look at the group of sprinting people before excitedly heading for them.

“Yu-ge, what do we do?” A fatty wielding an axe was the speaker. They were surrounded… were they going to die?

“There’s someone upstairs!” A girl suddenly pointed at the second floor of one of the buildings. “Yu-ge, there’s someone there!”

The one being addressed as ‘Yu-ge’ lifted his head.

This area was one of the older neighbourhoods, so the building was an older construction too, meaning it had a rather large exposed balcony. Currently, there was a young woman who looked no older than sixteen or seventeen standing there. She was wearing a clean set of workout clothes and holding a white cat in her arms.

Yu Liang felt as if something seemed weird but the current situation didn’t allow him to think further. He looked below the balcony to find a rather solid looking iron door there.

All the other doors in the area were either tightly shut or had been broken, so Yu Liang could only shout towards the woman on the balcony. “Hey Miss, do you think you could open the door for us?”

The zombies were closing in.

“Open the door, hurry up and let us in!” The girl who had alerted them to Shi Sheng’s presence spoke in an unfriendly tone. “Miss, we’re all humans, so please help us out. We’ve got food that we can share with you. Miss, please hurry up and open the door! The zombies are getting closer!”

“Are you deaf?! Say something!”

But no matter what they said, the woman on the balcony remained completely motionless. Had it not been for the fact that the cat in her arms was swaying its tail, they would’ve already begun to suspect that she was just a statue and not a person.

The zombies were upon them.


The three girls in the group shrieked in terror. The two men left had to protect them while fending off the zombies, thus greatly restricting their movements.

Shi Sheng lowered her gaze to look at them. Only when they were nearly unable to hold on did she open the door.

The moment the door opened, the girls hurriedly squeezed inside with Yu Liang and the fatty bringing up the rear. The iron door closed, leaving the zombies to scratch at it. The sound of their claws on the metal was rather grating.

Shi Sheng merely swept an apathetic gaze over them before making her way upstairs without a word.

The three girls had been scared quite badly. Yu Liang and the fatty exchanged gazes before helping them upstairs.

The first thing they saw upon entering the second floor was the zombie, with half its head smashed off, in the living room. Blackish-red blood was splattered all over the place and the smell was terrible.

*sounds of vomiting*

The three girls immediately started to retch upon seeing it, their faces turned deathly pale.

“Hi, I’m Yu Liang. Thanks for just now.” Yu Liang took the initiative to speak. Shi Sheng’s palm stroked White Tiger’s back, her head slightly lowered. Her expression was as calm as usual.

Yu Liang was a bit startled. ‘This person is too calm. She’s like a pool of still water; nothing would cause ripples.’

These past three days had seemed longer than a century to him. At first, he couldn’t bring himself to attack, but now, for the sake of survival, he would take the initiative to kill the zombies. Still, seeing them would make him feel fear and disgust.

“Bro, what are you thanking her for? Just now she took so long to open the door, maybe she wanted to see us dead.” A girl in a blue skirt walked over to Yu Liang’s side, her face pale but full of dislike towards Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at her before her mouth suddenly split into a wicked grin.

Her face was already very pretty, but this smile made her look more vibrant, like the first blooming buds of spring. Yet those clear eyes that could be likened to the surface of a lake contained not the slightest smile; there was nary a ripple, like always.

Yu Liang could hear the ill intent in her words despite her lovely voice, “You guys are only alive because I opened the door. I saved your lives. Is this how you speak to someone who saved you? Do you believe I’ll toss you out right now to feed the zombies?”

“Saved us? What kind of person saves people like you do?! If you had opened the door earlier, would we have had to stay outside with those things for so long?! Bro, look at her! Look at her attitude!” Yu Jing’s face was red with anger. ‘This person dares to threaten me!’

“Why should I open the door for you guys?” Shi Sheng ignored Yu Jing’s anger as she asked doubtfully, “Do I have an obligation to? Hasn’t your teacher taught you not to open doors to strangers?”

‘Idiot, if I(bbb) hadn’t found you pitiful, do you think I’d(bbb) open the door for you? I(bbb) wonder if it’s too late to toss them out now…’

“Do you even know the situation we’re in now…”

“My apologies, Miss. My little sister isn’t being sensible.” Yu Liang hurriedly pulled Yu Jing away.

“Bro, what are you doing?! She-”

“Yu Jing, enough!” Yu Liang’s voice suddenly raised. “Isn’t the trouble you’ve given me these past few days enough?!”

Yu Jing bit her lips, the edges of her eyes reddened as she stomped her foot and ran off towards the other two girls.

“Sorry about that. My little sister’s been spoiled too much at home, so please don’t be upset. You saved our lives today. We don’t have much but we can share some food with you, if you’d like? Of course, if you—”

“No need.” Shi Sheng carried her cat to the balcony, giving no face with her words, “Just don’t let your little sister come and act crazy in front of me.”

Yu Liang looked at Shi Sheng’s back in embarrassment. Fatty patted his shoulder as the two bros exchanged a bitter smile. ‘This damned apocalypse.’

Even when night fell, Shi Sheng remained on the balcony. She had set up a deckchair, and slept in it while cuddling her cat. Yu Liang’s group didn’t bother her. Yu Jing did loudly curse at her a bit, but was quickly shut down by Yu Liang.

Yu Liang and Fatty took turns to keep watch. After Fatty and Yu Liang switched shifts, Yu Liang’s gaze wandered towards the balcony and discovered that the person lying on the deckchair had disappeared.

He immediately ran out to the balcony. The warmth on the deckchair hadn’t completely faded, proving she had left just moments ago. Yu Liang looked down at the street and just managed to catch a glimpse of a silhouette as it vanished around the corner.

Yu Liang didn’t know what he was feeling at that moment. He thought the woman was rather strange.

Shi Sheng didn’t go far. She left the area earlier and came here because she had accidentally discovered that this strange ability of hers seemed to have an effect on the zombies, hence, she came to test it out.

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