Chapter 89 : Zombie Empire (3)

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She picked a small alley with two zombies. Placing White Tiger in her backpack, she stood in the alley and used her ability. She played around with making flowers appear when she was bored so she was now able to make three flowers appear at once. When the black flowers appeared at her fingertips, the zombies seemed to have smelled something for they turned to look at her.

But they didn’t reveal the excitement they normally would upon seeing a human. Instead, they looked sluggish… and a bit confused.

Shi Sheng tried walking a few steps closer. The zombies had no reaction as they stood there. Even when Shi Sheng had gotten within two meters of them, they still didn’t have any signs of motion.

‘Holy fuck! This power is awesome!’

“Huh huh!” The zombies suddenly moved and pounced at Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng was startled as she turned and ran. ‘Shit, ran out of juice!’

Yu Liang hadn’t thought that woman would return but a little while later, he saw her running back like the wind. She used the car on the ground floor as a stepping stone to leap up onto the balcony.

“What are you doing here?” Seeing Yu Liang, Shi Sheng furrowed her brows.

“I… I’m keeping watch.”

“The balcony is my spot, don’t try to trespass.”

After all, what was the scariest thing in the apocalypse?The human heart, of course. She wasn’t feeling in the mood to deal with these people. Killing people wasn’t illegal in the apocalypse so if these people got to close to her, she might start taking revenge on society again.

After Yu Liang left, Shi Sheng hugged her cat as she sat on a rocking chair, slowly recovering her spent power.

This ability could cause zombies to turn sluggish and even ignore her. In the apocalypse, this ability was pretty much the best for killing and stealing!

‘Can you imagine walking freely through a zombie horde of a few tens of thousands? That would look awesome! I’m getting excited now! Though I’ll have to test out the distance and area of effect.’

Shi Sheng sighed. She was a main character who had had her cheat stolen… It would be hard to counterattack ah!

The next morning, Yu Liang’s group discussed where to go next while Shi Sheng remained lounging on the chair on the balcony. That relaxed manner caused Yu Jing’s teeth to itch hatefully.

“We’re planning to collect some supplies before heading out of the city. Do you want to follow us?” Yu Liang walked onto the balcony and asked her nicely.


“Ingrate.” Yu Jing’s mocking voice could be heard.

Shi Sheng turned to look at her and spoke in an impassive voice, “I still want to live longer. I don’t want to feed the zombies.”

‘All these people know is how to attract zombies with their screams. For what reason would I follow them? To feed zombies?’

“What do you mean by that?!” Yu Jing started shouting again. “We’re only letting you follow us because we found you pitiful! Did you think we wanted you to come?!”

“Keep shouting and they’re going to come over.” Shi Sheng spoke gloatingly as she pointed at the street below. “Are you that desperate to join their ranks? If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have rescued you.”

“You—” Yu Jing’s finger pointing at Shi Sheng was trembling from rage as her face switched between green and white. Fatty and the other two girls had been attracted by the noise. Hearing the grunts coming from downstairs, the two girls paled.

“Yu-ge, let’s go. We won’t be able to leave if they surround us.” Fatty spoke out to remind Yu Liang. Yu Liang could only shake his head helplessly and drag Yu Jing away. Shi Sheng watched as they disappeared around the corner.

“Meow~” White Tiger rubbed against the back of Shi Sheng’s hand.

Shi Sheng rubbed its head as she spoke to herself, “We have to find someone with a space or water power or we’re going to have a hard time.”

Shi Sheng was used to a luxurious life so the first thing she thought of no matter where she went was to find ways to make herself more comfortable. She could mistreat anyone but not herself.

On the sixth day of the apocalypse, people were already starting to awaken powers. But the early stages were relatively weak; using it once or twice would completely deplete it.

Those with bodily enhancement powers though, had an easier time killing zombies. Shi Sheng stood at the corner of an alley and watched the people killing zombies.

She had already seen metal-, wood-, water-, fire- and earth-type powers but this was the first time she was seeing a lightning user. Though the lightning he cast was only about the size of a small thumb, it was already more powerful than those who could only make a few fire sparks appear.

There were more than ten people in the group. The man with lightning powers was the leader and they seemed to be guarding three SUVs.

Shi Sheng’s attention was drawn to the woman with braided up hair next to the leader. She was tossing out ice daggers constantly. Her ability was clearly much stronger than the others as she never seemed to run out of gas.

‘Qi Mingxue… Enemies really meet on narrow roads a lot! Then that lightning dude must be her ship, Song Shi. How about we start ship-breaking again?’ Shi Sheng smiled wickedly.

More and more zombies were attracted towards them. Several even came into the alley where Shi Sheng was standing. Shi Sheng shook the iron sword in her hand and chopped at the zombies that came close. Her movements looked casual but the zombies she attacked all lost their heads and their headless corpses fell to the ground.

System didn’t know where Shi Sheng got that sword from. It asked her but she just coolly told it to investigate for itself.

‘If I knew, would I be asking you?’

There were energy fluctuations coming from that sword but they were too weak for System to determine what the energy was.

#My Host is always pulling out strange objects#

In the time it took for Shi Sheng to finish off the zombies, the people over on that end had already managed to create an opening and pull out. With one of the SUVs as the vanguard, zombies were knocked out of the way, widening the opening.

Everyone hurriedly got in the cars, leaving Song Shi and Qi Mingxue to hold the rear. The cars suddenly stopped when they passed Shi Sheng.

“Get in!” The car door was opened and a man with a baby face shouted at her anxiously. Shi Sheng thought for a bit before getting in. ‘I want to see Qi Mingxue’s face when she sees me. This oughta be fun.’

There weren’t many people on the SUV; only three including the driver. The other two passengers were covered in blood stains.

The moment Shi Sheng got on, the three people scrutinised her.

‘Clothes are clean. Backpack’s bulging a bit though it’s not too bulky; around the size of a normal student’s backpack. It’s already been six days since the apocalypse began yet she’s still this clean. Must’ve never left the house then.’

The water hadn’t stopped flowing so being able to remain clean wasn’t as strange as it could’ve been. You couldn’t blame them for thinking this way.

“San-ge1, San-ge, there are zombies up ahead!” The baby-faced man suddenly pointed ahead. In that direction, a dense horde of zombies was heading towards them; there must’ve been around two to three hundred of them.

“We won’t be able to charge through.” The face of the man seated in the passenger’s seat sank. The two hurriedly swept the surroundings for a place to hide. They found a supermarket. Though it looked like it had already been raided, the door was still perfectly fine.

They slammed on the brakes. “Get off the car and into the supermarket. Protect the people at the back.”

Shi Sheng was pulled off the car by the baby-faced man and into the supermarket. People of both genders and all ages started getting off the cars at the back. Shi Sheng could even see Papa Gu and Mama Gu. Qi Mingxue was there so Shi Sheng wasn’t surprised to see them.

When everyone had gotten inside, several people worked together to blockade the door. Everyone’s hearts leapt into their throats upon hearing the zombies slamming against the door. Only after they had made sure the zombies couldn’t get in did everyone find a place to rest.

Several people started exploring the supermarket to check for supplies. As the crowd dispersed, Shi Sheng was revealed.

“Xiaonan…” Papa Gu was surprised upon seeing Shi Sheng though his expression soon changed to an embarrassed and guilty one.

Translator’s Corner:

How the hell did a cat just let her put it into her backpack???

  1. This means third older brother but because he was repeating it and it sounded horrible I decided to leave it in pinyin. Can you imagine him saying “Third bro, third bro!”? Though maybe it’s just me… Then there are those rare cases where his name is actually “San” or three but I’m leaning towards the former.

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