Chapter 91 : Zombie Empire (5)

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Qi Mingxue’s expression was warm, though in her heart, she was thinking, ‘As expected of the main character. I didn’t shut the door when I left but her luck was still this good to allow her to run all the way here!

I’ve already taken her biggest cheat though. I want to see whether this main character without her cheat can still be as powerful as she was in the book!’

“Mingxue, why are you speaking to her? She’s an ingrate!” Mama Gu grabbed Qi Mingxue and made to leave.

“Aunt, cousin’s all alone though…”

“Why are you bothering with her? You weren’t here yesterday so you don’t know what she said. From now on, I don’t have a daughter like her!”

“Aunt, we’re still family. Cousin is just going through some youthful hot-headedness, don’t be too hard on her…”

Their voices slowly faded into the distance. Shi Sheng lowered her head to play with the sword in her hands when a shadow blocked her vision. She lifted her head slightly and her gaze met a pair of cold eyes.

As the male lead, Song Shi was naturally very handsome. It was just that when compared to the out-of-this-world standards of Chu Tang and Lu Qingyun, Song Shi was only better looking than an average person.

“My team does not welcome you. Leave now.” Song Shi’s voice was like the impression he gave; cold and unfeeling.

‘Hey, what the fuck? What did Qi Mingxue say to him that made him chase me(bbb) away?’

“Boss, she’s just a girl…” Su Jiye hadn’t finished when Song Shi’s cold gaze swept over him, causing him to not dare to speak.

Shi Sheng smiled before picking up the bag with White Tiger inside and muttering his name, “Song Shi… Song-gongzi1

… Tsk…”

Song Shi slightly furrowed his brows. ‘This girl is really strange. Letting her leave is the right call.’

When Shi Sheng passed by Papa Gu and Mama Gu, she paused. “Mr Gu, I would like to have a word with you if that’s possible?”

Papa Gu looked at Mama Gu, soundlessly asking for permission. Only when Mama Gu turned her head away in disgust did Papa Gu follow Shi Sheng out of the supermarket.

“Mr Gu, can you tell me who my real parents are?” Shi Sheng got straight to the point.

Hearing her words, Papa Gu’s expression changed drastically. “Xiaonan, you…” ‘How did you find out?’

Gu Nan’s mother was called Cheng Su. She was Papa Gu’s first love. As to the identity of Gu Nan’s father, Papa Gu didn’t know at all. Back then, Cheng Su had brought the newly-born Gu Nan to his house and begged him and Mama Gu to take care of her.

Mama Gu initially wasn’t willing to but Cheng Su gave them quite a hefty sum, making Mama Gu agree. In the decade or so after that, Cheng Su seemed to have evaporated from the face of the Earth; no one had seen her since. Cheng Su was originally from the capital so perhaps she had gone back there?

The road to the capital would take her near B City. And there weren’t any flights anymore so Shi Sheng could only leave this matter for later. Since it had managed to become a side quest, it certainly wouldn’t be completed easily.

Shi Sheng left the supermarket and found an RV with a zombie inside. After tossing said zombie out, she started the car and followed Qi Mingxue’s group.

Qi Mingxue and Song Shi were both aware of her but the road wasn’t theirs. So they couldn’t very well not allow her to follow, could they?

As they left A City, Song Shi’s group lost five people. The other people in the convoy also had some losses. What was initially a group of over thirty was now less than twenty. The four SUVs were also reduced to two.

When they were leaving the city, they met Yu Liang and Fatty. The two had awakened their abilities. A pity all the girls, including Yu Jing, had died. Song Shi let them join his team.

The two were rather surprised to see Shi Sheng alive and following behind the convoy.

Apocalypse, Day 13

The team headed out of A City and towards B City.

Apocalypse, Day 20

They rescued an army division that managed to survive.

Apocalypse, Day 25

It’s pouring today. The team has been trapped in a village.

Shi Sheng stood in front of the window and watched the rain outside, her gaze obscure.

After this rain, zombies would begin to evolve. They wouldn’t just be the shambling, clumsy ones right now. They would be able to match a normal person’s speed. And quite a few of them would develop abilities too, meaning Crystal Nuclei would begin to form in their brains.

Black flowers slowly bloomed at Shi Sheng’s fingertips. It was time for her to go kill some zombies.

With the Nuclei, she would be able to increase her powers. Her power right now was just enough to get only one or two zombies to ignore her, she wouldn’t be able to do the same with more.


“She’s turned into a zombie!”

A loud shriek could be heard from the house next to Shi Sheng’s, followed closely by sounds of chaos. This type of thing had happened quite a few times already; people who had been bitten by zombies weren’t willing to tell anyone.

[Host, this rain is helpful to your ability’s growth.]

‘En? Why would System tell me this? There’s something up!!!’

[……] ‘I really was just giving a simple heads-up… Does my Host have paranoia?’

Though she felt that System was up to something, Shi Sheng still packed her stuff before putting White Tiger inside her backpack and leaving. Taking advantage of when no one was paying attention, she ran towards the other side of the village, not noticing that Qi Mingxue was following her.

Shi Sheng slowed down when she was sure she was in a deserted area and allowed the rain to fall on her. There were strands of black mist in the drops which seeped into her body as the rain landed on her. She could feel her ability surging around her body as the black mist seeped in.


A zombie charged out from a house beside her as it pounced towards Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng dodged and stabbed her sword into the zombie’s brain. More and more zombies appeared out of the darkness.

Shi Sheng found that she couldn’t use her ability at all. Though it was clearly very active, she had no way of utilising it.

‘Fuck! System, you trolling asshole!’

Shi Sheng could only manually cut them down with her sword. The zombies came in waves; it seemed like all the zombies in the village had been drawn to her.


The sound of an explosion burst out in the night. Shi Sheng only saw a bright light before she felt her body flying and her ears buzzing. The raindrops that pounded on her skin felt like acid burning her.

‘Fuck your great-grandpa! Which motherfucking idiot’s plotting against me, your grandpa!’

As Shi Sheng was falling, she was only just able to catch a glimpse of a human silhouette standing on the roof of a building not far away before darkness overtook her.

Shi Sheng was woken up by the cold. The first thing she saw was a terrifyingly pale face. The eyes on that face were pitch-black and focused on her. She could see that those eyes looked a bit dead and lost.

‘Fuck! A zombie?! No wait, apart from the face looking like he put powder on it, he looks like a normal human. His clothes are normal too.’

What little light there was allowed Shi Sheng to make out a young man who looked about 17 or 18 years old. His features were exquisite, like the porcelain dolls one would find on display behind a store window. He didn’t display any tendency to attack so Shi Sheng could only stay still.

“You…” ‘What are you, eh?’

“Huh huh.”

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Your mom, it really is a zombie!’

He was lying on top of Shi Sheng. Seeing she had woken up, he clumsily got off her before extending his hand to her and with a stiff face, grunted, “Huh huh.”

Shi Sheng pondered for a bit before carefully reaching out and placing her hand in his. The zombie immediately held her hand and pulled her up.

Apart from his hand feeling like it had been left in a fridge for too long, it felt like a normal human hand; not stiff at all.

The zombie pulled her hand towards his mouth, causing Shi Sheng to pull back in alarm, but he tightened his grip on her wrist and pulled her hand towards his mouth.

Author’s note:

Update #7.

  1. Gongzi is the term used to refer to the son of someone high ranking, like an official. So if you were speaking to the parent, “esteemed son” might be used but in this context, that sounds awkward on so many levels…

    Some people would translate this as Young Master, but since I already decided to just add the ‘shao’s as suffixes, I’ll do the same here.


Wenhui is a kind and caring translator who couldn’t resist sharing her love for novels with everyone out there. She was so eager to share it, that she went as far as to create a blog just for that very purpose. Her editor Reekahia was lured in for the ride …

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