Chapter 92 : Zombie Empire (6)

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‘Fuckity fuck fuck fuck! This bitch wants to eat me! Where’s my sword? I want to hack it to death!’ Just as Shi Sheng was prepared to go for her sword, she felt something soft and cold brush over the tip of her finger. Her body trembled as she cast a strange look at the zombie.

He was currently licking her fingertip, his brows furrowed as if he found it not to his taste. “Huh huh!”

“?” ‘Don’t understand, speak human please.’

“Huh huh!!!” The zombie pushed her hand to her face as he started growling anxiously. Shi Sheng looked at her hand. ‘Yeah it’s very clean and pretty, I know.’

“Huh huh!”

The zombie used his finger to poke at her finger, thirst and expectation in his somewhat dull eyes. Shi Sheng also poked him with her finger. ‘What do you want huh? Would poking me(bbb) a bit poke me(bbb) to death?’

Because he didn’t know how to express what he wanted the zombie could only circle her restlessly before suddenly running off.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘So… what was that about? I(bbb) don’t understand how a zombie’s brain works ah!’

Only then did Shi Sheng have time to survey her surroundings. She was in a cave that couldn’t be considered large. She couldn’t have fallen in from above because the ceiling was solid.

‘So, that zombie brought me here? Are their IQs so high already? How scary!’

Her backpack and sword had been placed in a corner not too far from her. She figured the zombie had probably picked them up. White Tiger was sleeping somewhere off to the side.

She called out to it but it didn’t answer. It looked to be in good health, so it was probably awakening an ability right now.

Animals could awaken abilities too; it was just that the chances of one doing so was far lower than for a human. Shi Sheng checked the contents of her bag. Everything was still there, just that the food had been soaked for too long so it was inedible.

‘Qi Mingxue ah! Actually dared to plot against me…’

Shi Sheng packed up her things and walked out of the cave, only to be stunned. ‘Why is there a fucking cliff right outside this cave ah? Can that zombie fly or something?’

Shi Sheng didn’t know if zombies could fly but she soon found out how that zombie had gotten up here. ‘This fucker can teleport!’

He had just popped out of nowhere beside her. Had her self-control not been so good, she would’ve been startled off the cliff then.

“Huh huh!” The zombie handed over the white flower in his hand to Shi Sheng before pointing at her, then pointing at the flower.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Still can’t understand ah!’

She reached out her hand to take the flower before asking, “You’re gifting it to me?”

The zombie immediately shook his head. “Huh huh!”

‘If you’re not gifting it to me then what’re you giving it to me for?! To let me see how white it is? Do you believe I can let you know why the flowers are so red1

Wait, flowers? Is this fellow trying to tell me to use my ability?’

Shi Sheng hesitated before coalescing a black flower at her fingertips. The moment the flower appeared, Shi Sheng had the living daylights scared out of her. She hadn’t even had time to look at the flower properly before it disappeared.

“Huh huh!” The zombie grabbed at Shi Sheng’s hand excitedly.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘I didn’t see wrong, right? That zombie fucking ate my ability?! Fuck! Isn’t this zombie too ridiculous?!’

Shi Sheng made another flower appear and the zombie gulped it down. His ice-cold tongue licked her fingertips, causing goosebumps to rise on Shi Sheng’s skin.

“Huh huh?” The zombie tilted his head before looking at her hand then looking at her. “Huh huh!!!”

Shi Sheng discovered that after eating her ability, the zombie’s face wasn’t as pale anymore, though it was still paler than a normal person’s. His eyes also weren’t as dull.

‘My ability has a nourishing effect on zombies??? It shouldn’t be… if it was like this, then wouldn’t the zombies want to tear me apart when they see me?’

She felt like the flowers looked different so to test it, she turned and headed back into the cave before condensing another one. The zombie wanted to pounce over and eat it but Shi Sheng immediately moved her hand out of the way.

“Huh huh!!!” The zombie was slightly angry; its voice had sharpened a bit. Afraid that this fellow would pounce over and bite her, Shi Sheng pointed her sword at him as she hurriedly examined the flower.

It was larger than the flowers she had condensed before by a fold and the colour was deeper too.

‘…It evolved?’

“Huh huh…” The zombie eyed her fingertip, looking very pitiful as he did so.

(||| ¬_¬)

‘…I’m actually finding a zombie pitiful! I think I’ve gone nuts!’

“Huh huh…”

Shi Sheng was speechless. ‘So I have to be with zombies in this world?’

Shi Sheng condensed a few more flowers and fed them to the zombie. There was no choice! She couldn’t fly!

‘Have to lower your head when you’re on top of someone else’s cliff, you know…’

The zombie seemed like he would never be full as he continued eating all the flowers that Shi Sheng condensed. When her ability was half used up, she didn’t dare to continue feeding him any longer. “Huh huh your grandpa! Hurry up and bring me down or you can forget about eating any more!”

The zombie seemed to understand her words for he looked at her finger in disappointment before pointing outside. Since the zombie wanted to eat her ability, Shi Sheng wasn’t worried he’d bite her. ‘Besides, he seems rather smart… for a zombie.’

His teleportation ability didn’t seem too stable; Shi Sheng wanted him to head upwards but he brought her to the foot of the cliff instead.

Of course, Shi Sheng was more willing to believe that he simply didn’t understand her. After all, he was a zombie, so she could understand…

‘Understand your head! I(bbb) don’t want to survive in the wilderness!’

“What’s your name?”

“Huh huh!”

“How come you’re different from other zombies?”

“Huh huh!”

“Do you know where we are?”

“Huh huh!”

‘I(bbb) take back what I(bbb) said about him being pretty smart… Other than “huh huh”, this fellow doesn’t know how to say anything else! I(bbb) don’t have a zombie language translator with me(bbb), okay?!’

Other than her daily feeding of the zombie, she brought it to wander the forested wilderness. There weren’t any zombies around; there weren’t even any animals. Her food was running out.

By the time Shi Sheng finally made it out of the middle of nowhere, the zombie was already no different than a normal person in appearance. He had even learned some simple words.


Shi Sheng “…” ‘Bitch, all you know is to eat! Wait till my ability powers up; I’ll stuff you to death!’

Shi Sheng walked for a long while after leaving that cliff before finding a village. There weren’t many zombies there. After Shi Sheng had cleared out a house, she had gone rummaging for food but didn’t find much.

She didn’t have anything that kept time so Shi Sheng didn’t know how long it had been. The water and electricity had stopped working though, so it must’ve been at least half a month since the apocalypse had begun.

Shi Sheng found a few sets of clothes. Ever since that heavy downpour, the temperature had gotten colder. In the past few days, she had been clenching her teeth and forcing herself to withstand the cold.

She had placed White Tiger on the sofa. The zombie had a stiff expression as he stared at White Tiger, his fingers scratching at the sofa the cat was sitting on, clearly feeling a bit moody.

Shi Sheng hurriedly fed it some flowers.

‘Though this damn zombie won’t attack me, when he gets upset, he’ll attack White Tiger!’

[Hidden Quest: Shared Wind, A Thousand Miles]

‘You’re really not taking issuing quests seriously! And what’s with the whole “shared wind, thousand miles” thing? You want me to save the world or something?’

[Quest Target: Qian Li. Help Qian Li regain his memories and avoid the ending in the storyline. Then set up a new world order, protecting world peace.]

‘Qian Li… very good! Yet another final boss-type character! Am I stuck with dealing with those now? And you want me to protect world peace? Do I look like the world-saving type to you?

Author’s note:

Update #8.

Translator’s Corner:

Note that Qian Li/千黎 is a homophone for 千里, or thousand miles. Hence the name of the hidden quest.

  1. Popular phrase which implies violence. Blood is red. Flowers are dyed red from spilt blood. You get the picture.

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