Chapter 96 : Zombie Empire (10)

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‘White Tiger’s space can hold living zombies? I remember that only Qi Mingxue had a space that could hold living stuff; every other space-type ability user couldn’t put living things in their spaces. Zombies have a lifeforce too so unless they are killed, they can’t be put in. And White Tiger can put them alive in its space…

Should I be happy or depressed? This bitch stuffs its space with zombies… Son of a bitch, just thinking about my food having shared the same space as zombies… fucking hell!’

Qian Li chased those zombies away before staring at her… finger. Shi Sheng clenched her hand into a fist before hiding it behind her back. ‘Still dare to ask for food after running away from home! Eat your head!’

“Huh huh… want…” Qian Li went behind Shi Sheng and tugged out her hand, shoving it into his mouth. The cool tip of his tongue caressed her fingertip.

Shi Sheng wrenched her hand back while ignoring Qian Li’s puppy-eyed look. “Where have you been these few days? If you don’t give me an explanation, don’t even think about eating!”

It was clear that our future Zombie Emperor-sama didn’t understand what she meant, seeing that he constantly paced around her.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Why am I trying to speak reason with this future zombie emperor with IQ problems?! My IQ will drop!’

Only when day broke did Shi Sheng discover what had changed about Qian Li.

His face was now no different from a normal person’s… if you ignored the fact that his eyes were as dull and lifeless as before. If he wasn’t looking at Shi Sheng, his eyes held no sign of life in them at all, making him a rather terrifying sight.

Shi Sheng discovered that Qian Li and White Tiger had no way of getting along. It was the type of relationship where one found the other an annoyance while the other found the former an eyesore.

They found a beat-up car in the village. Shi Sheng started it up and they were on their way; albeit a bit unsteadily. Qian Li was now able to respond with a few simple phrases, having learnt from listening to Shi Sheng speak; his IQ was clearly much higher. ‘He must’ve gone to make an advancement or something these few days. Dunno what stage he’s at now…’

Her plan was still to head for B City. The helicopters had probably been assembled when the apocalypse began. B City was the largest human base in the vicinity so it was the most likely place to find helicopters. Then she would head to the capital… to look for her mother.

If she had to go via the land route, with the situation being what it is right now, she had no idea when she’d be able to reach the capital.

On the cracked village road, the number of abandoned cars grew more and more numerous. Severed and broken limbs were strewn everywhere, mixed together with mud and fresh blood, creating a disgusting stench which made one want to puke. Shi Sheng had no way of continuing to drive from that point.

So, after keeping the supplies in White Tiger’s space, Shi Sheng brought Qian Li with her and went ahead on foot. The road was congested, causing Shi Sheng to take quite a while to bypass the obstructions. But when she finally did…

‘Son of a bitch! That’s a zombie horde right there!’

There were a few people ahead killing zombies. They had been backed into a corner, so the only thing they could do was kill zombies or get torn apart by said zombies.

Those people seemed to have noticed Shi Sheng as they started shouting at her. Only after a few moments of shouting did Shi Sheng hear what they were saying.

“Hurry up and run…”

She had thought they would call out for help.

Seeing Shi Sheng standing still, those people continued shouting. The noise they made kept the zombies’ attention on them, so the zombies didn’t notice the extra food on the other side. There were too many zombies. That group of people wouldn’t be able to break out of the encirclement unless Qian Li got rid of the zombies.

“Wait here.” Shi Sheng placed White Tiger in Qian Li’s arms before heading towards the people stuck in the horde. Their powers had long since dried up from continued use against the siege of the zombies. Death had only been a matter of time, so when they saw someone appear, they were ecstatic. However, upon seeing that these people were so young—a teenage boy and girl really—their budding hopes were extinguished. ‘We’re doomed…’

“AAAH!” Someone was grabbed by a zombie and dragged into the horde. He only had time to scream once before he died. And in this moment of distraction, two more people were dragged into the horde. In the space of a few seconds, they had lost three people…


Purple light burst out in front of them. The shockwave that followed knocked out a large swath of the zombies facing them. At the point of the explosion was a huge pit. The zombies that had been standing nearby fell into the hole, causing the remnant lightning in the surrounding area to sizzle.

‘Is this… a lightning ability? But when was it so amazing?! How much power would be needed to make such a big hole?!’

Just as they were feeling doubtful, they saw a purple ball fall from the sky and land not far from them. It burst with a bang, mowing down yet another swath of zombies.

“Get down!” They reacted quite quickly to the explosion, but could still feel a strong wave of energy shocking their bodies so much that their organs were numbed.

“Eh? Nice reflexes!” A brisk voice could be heard from somewhere above them.

One of the boys lifted his head to see that young lady from before tossing out small purple balls that were flashing with the occasional spark. They were very pretty; they looked like purple crystals. ‘That was what caused the explosion?’

“Was it nice to be so intimate with the zombies? You wanna date them? And have a kid while you’re at it?”

‘Have a kid? Quit joking!’ The three survivors helped each other up. One of them spoke, “What were you tossing?”

‘So many zombies died… just like that?’

“Heavenly lightning.”

The three people had confusion written all over their faces. ‘Heavenly lightning? The hell is that?! Is this lady a chuuni?!’

System was also utterly lost. It hadn’t known how she had survived her tribulation in the last world…

‘She actually stored all that lightning?! And I can’t tell what material she had used even after scanning it! This Host is going to ascend the heavens ah!

But I can at least confirm one thing: The Host has a space. And it seems to be high-leveled… on the level of being soul-bound.’

[Host, how much did you store?]

“Not many. Around ten thousand or so.” Shi Sheng didn’t continue to try and hide it. ‘This dummy System’s probably finally managed to guess I’ve got a space. If it didn’t, I’d really be starting to wonder about its IQ…’

‘Around ten thousand… not a lot?! Why don’t you go bomb the Milky Way while you’re at it?!’

[…This lightning is from another world. It doesn’t belong to this one. If you keep using it so casually, you will receive a punishment from this world.] System forced itself to calm down.

‘This lightning is tribulation lightning, ah, tribulation lightning! They contain the power of the Heavenly Dao in them. One world can’t contain two Heavenly Daos. They’re like territorial lions yet now you’re letting one enter another’s territory… Do you think they’ll let you off?

Once or twice might still be fine but if used too much, you’ll be found out sooner or later. A heavy punishment would be directly killing you while a light punishment would be expulsion from the world!’

“Oh. Then I’ll use it less.” Shi Sheng replied ‘in all seriousness’.

[……] ‘I’m not telling you to use it less!’

The three-man group weren’t sure why the lady seemed to have suddenly drifted off into space while speaking. They looked at each other. ‘She’s not only a chuuni, she’s a bit off in the head?

This doesn’t change the fact that she’s violent though. Just look at that hole in the ground.’

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