Chapter 97 : Zombie Empire (11)

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The three people Shi Sheng had saved were students of the same University. They had been planning to head for the safe-zone in B City but had met zombies along the way. They ran back, only to meet with another group of zombies, and were pincer-attacked from both sides. This left them with no means of escape.

Of the three, the leader was called Qing Yu. He looked pretty handsome. The one who looked tall and thin was Lin Feng, nicknamed ‘Crazy’. And the last one was a fatty. He was called ‘Little Fatty’ by his friends.

“There are a lot of zombies ahead?” Shi Sheng heard what she wanted to and ignored the rest.

Qing Yu nodded. “Wouldn’t have run back otherwise.”

He didn’t know what was going on up there that led to so many zombies being gathered.

“Is B City in that direction?” Without any sort of navigation system like GPS or a map, she was beginning to wonder if she had gone the wrong way. Why else would she have not reached her destination after having travelled for such a long time?

“It should be.” Qing Yu spoke uncertainly.

Shi Sheng “…” ‘Rescued someone useless…’

‘So she only rescued them for the sake of asking for directions?’

#My Host’s thought process is really too abnormal#

Qing Yu broke out into a cold sweat under Shi Sheng’s gaze. ‘Did I say something wrong? She’s got strange stuff comparable to grenades on her! I don’t wanna provoke her!’

Shi Sheng turned to leave. Qing Yu and the other two exchanged glances before calling out to Shi Sheng. “Lady, Miss, we’re heading to B City too. How about going with us?”

‘She looks very clean. We’ll be safer if we go with her since she has such impressive weapons on her.’

“I’m not going to be a bodyguard for free.” Shi Sheng replied calmly.

The three people were rendered speechless. ‘Just how confident is she?!

…Okay, so maybe she has the ability to match it.’

Though the three were disappointed, they didn’t continue to harass her. Instead, they went to clean up the remains of their comrades.

“I thought we’d be able to reach a safe-zone together.” Qing Yu looked at the simple dirt mound, his expression somewhat downcast. These people had been his classmates. Before the apocalypse, they had only attended classes together and hadn’t been that close. But after the apocalypse began, they had shared difficulties together, so some comradery had developed.

“Boss.” Lin Feng patted Qing Yu’s shoulder and comforted him, “We have to continue on. Don’t be too upset.”

“The apocalypse is so cruel!” Little Fatty was a mess of tears. “I want to eat Jin Ji’s braised pig trotters… and roast duck…”

“Jesus, you’re still thinking of eating now?! Have some maturity!” Lin Feng slapped the back of Little Fatty’s head.

“I probably won’t have the chance to eat it in this life…” Little Fatty didn’t argue back like he usually would, instead gazing ahead in depression.

Lin Feng’s expression also changed and he muttered, “You will.”

He didn’t know whether these words were for himself or for Little Fatty and Qing Yu. The three of them adjusted their mentalities before giving their classmates their final goodbye. No matter what, they had to live—For themselves, for their families and for the people who had lost their lives protecting them.

The three of them had thought that Shi Sheng had already left. They didn’t expect to find her at the congested road not far from them, saying something very agitatedly.

In front of her was a young man holding a white cat. The cat was baring its teeth and crying out while constantly scratching the youngster. He didn’t let go of it though.

The girl reached out to take the white cat back, but the boy suddenly retreated a few steps before tossing the cat away and looking at her innocently. They watched as the girl pointed her finger at him; she seemed quite pissed off. In the end though, she stormed off in a huff to fetch the cat.

Shi Sheng found a car in working condition in the vicinity but there wasn’t enough oil in the engine. She looked at the large fleet of cars glumly. She had always been changing cars, so she didn’t know how to transfer oil from one car to another.

#My all-powerful Host finally has something she doesn’t know how to do. While I’m very pleased by this, it’s nothing to be proud of…#

Shi Sheng circled the car before looking at Qian Li. He was currently embroiled in a staring contest with White Tiger; both in a battle-ready state. ‘Yeah no, not happening. Can’t count on a zombie and a cat for anything.’

She lifted her head to look at Qing Yu and gang in the distance. She thought for a bit before beckoning to them. The three ran over eagerly.

“I’ll escort you guys to B City.” Shi Sheng spoke before they had a chance to, “But you guys are taking care of daily necessities.”

‘Though I don’t really like hanging out with others, there’s still that maintain world peace thing, isn’t there? I can’t do that on my own…

These three seem okay. They haven’t lost their humanity.’

The three people, completely unaware they were being treated as little bros-in-training, agreed enthusiastically before getting to work.

The three of them on their own weren’t strong enough to face zombies, so if they did meet any, only death awaited them. In their eyes, this girl was pretty much a walking ammunition warehouse; the amount of firepower she had was definitely their best bet for survival.

Because there were now too many people, Shi Sheng gave up on the car she had picked earlier and switched to an SUV. But because the SUV was blocked off by other cars, they would only be able to use it if they cleared a path. Just as the trio were about to get rid of the cars in the way, the SUV disappeared. The trio had the crap scared out of them.

Beep~ Beep~

A horn suddenly blared. The trio lifted their heads to find that the SUV had appeared in front of them at some point. The young man had vanished whereas the girl was standing outside the car next to the driver’s seat. Her hand was inside the car, giving a hint as to who had honked.

“Boss… she has a space ability?” Lin Feng swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“I didn’t see her walk here though.” Qing Yu shook his head, his brows wrinkled. Before the car had vanished she had been some distance away from them and hadn’t come over. But he had clearly seen that young man standing next to her too…

“Are you guys coming or not?” Shi Sheng, impatient from waiting, pressed the horn furiously before shouting at them. Only then did they come to their senses. They hurriedly ran towards Shi Sheng and scrambled to get into the car.

That good-looking young man was already seated in the passenger seat. The trio were very curious about this spotlessly clean young man. The weather was already so cold, yet he only wore a white long-sleeved pullover, a pair of black slacks and a pair of sneakers. He looked just like a typical student.

“Um… er, you have a space ability?” After the car started moving, Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask Shi Sheng.


Lin Feng looked at Qing Yu, who shook his head slightly. Lin Feng shut up and didn’t continue to ask. Shi Sheng observed them through the rear-view mirror. They simply sat there with honest expressions and didn’t communicate too much amongst themselves.

“The one with the space ability is White Tiger. Uh, that cat over there.” Shi Sheng spoke. The trio clearly hadn’t expected Shi Sheng to tell them. After they got over their shock, they cast an odd look at the cat lying next to Shi Sheng.

‘WTF?! The cat has a space ability?! Even an animal has such a precious power?! *cue world-view getting reformed*’

Author’s note:

Just when do you want your updates?

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