Chapter 2: Legend of Kanashi Village (Revision Arc)

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Legend of Kanashi Village (Revision Arc)

「Ummm, this is the aforementioned forest, right?」

『Then, it found a human girl collapsed in a certain area』

「OK~. Well ain’t this a great place to start. I’m gonna use my witch powers to create a happy ending starting from here, so be prepared. Hey, Bear. Yeah, you sniffing the little girl; leave it to me. I’ll make sure you make a friend」

I approach the Bear. As the Bear was always alone, it easily became attached to me when I held out some nuts that were growing nearby. These are probably the same ones it gathers. As expected from a Bear. Too easy.

『It drew closer and tries to smell her. It seems that she’s alive. She was probably tired and fell asleep. Such a kind Bear』

*Don* Yeah? That’s the sound of me kicking the girl hard, but what of it?

『kicked the girl and just like that, she woke up』

The story line changed into the Bear kicking the girl, but that’s just a trivial issue. But if I didn’t do that, then the Bear would’ve been shot right at the forehead with brains spilling out, a completely fatal wound. Who the heck wrote ‘forehead’, ‘fatal wound’, ‘brains’, and such in a fairytale?

「Someone who doesn’t have brains, that’s for sure」

Anyhow, with this my job is finished. With the ultra-magic kick〈STRONG〉from a first-rate witch, the story should head towards a happy ending.

『It gently carried her on its back and then took her towards the nearby village. The Bear would occasionally pick up some nuts and the two would eat them together; by the time they reached the village, the two had become quite close』

Oh ho, isn’t this great? That’s it. Get along with the villagers as well. For now, get on the hunter’s good side.

『When the girl returned to the village, the villagers and the middle-aged hunter were worried about her going outside and were waiting for her. What they saw surprised them, as the two coming back, looked friendly with each other』

Yup yup yup. Keep it up. But on that note, the middle-aged hunter is quite the handsome man. Even though he’s 100% the bad guy in the Legend of Kanashi Village.

『The Bear becomes friends with everyone in the village. It diligently gathered fruits and nuts for the villagers and they, in return, shared delicious dishes with the Bear. Then, when it became winter and time for the Bear’s hibernation, the villagers prepared a warm bed for it』

Ooooooh! What great progress! Sure victory!

『The Bear is the only one who hibernates, but it didn’t feel lonely. It was because it sleeps inside the bed all the villagers prepared and the Bear is protected by them』

Happily ever aft~~e~~r~~!!

「This is great. It was worth spending enough MP to cast a Medl*re 1 level spell and sending the little girl flying with a kick, heh. A fairytale’s gotta be like this. Yup yup. The girl is perfectly headed for a happy ending, definitely. Let’s make sure」

『The girl has completely become friends with the Bear. She is still sad that her mother isn’t there but nevertheless is happy. The two of them went out to the forest, and even went to the top of the waterfall where it would be dangerous if one lost their footing. And like that, while they were playing happily, it became winter and the Bear hibernated』

「Yup, this is great. Since previously, the ghost destroyed everyone right away without waiting for winter. This is pretty good. Seriously, it’s great」

『Without the Bear, the girl became a bit bored and goes out to the forest to gather nuts and fruits for the Bear when it wakes up. However, as it was already winter, fruits and nuts couldn’t be found. Nevertheless, the girl works hard to look for them. While she is doing that, she lost her footing and fell』


『The girl stands up under the waterfall while crying from the pain. However, no matter how hard she tries, it doesn’t seem like she could climb up. The water is cold and the girl would quickly freeze. When she cried, “It’s cold, it’s cold” as she looked around, her mother who became cold was there』

『Even though the mother became cold, she wouldn’t move. She wouldn’t hug her nor comfort her. However, the girl is just happy that she could meet the mother she wanted to meet for so long, and she clung to her as she had always done』

『”Mother, I’ll always be with you from now on, okay?” The girl whispers and slowly closes her eyes. The mother and girl fell into a heap on top of each other and slept』

「What the heck is this!」

I hurled the modified book. It hits the wall and falls. *catch* *slap slap* on the desk.

「The reason why the mother died is also from falling from the waterfall!? What the heck is that! Villagers, notice! Hunter, definitely notice! It’s probably ‘cause they noticed that they went into the forest to tell her not to go! Are they idiots? Are they fools? Why the heck does the Legend of Kanashi Village randomly knock the little girl off the waterfall! Drop dead! You poop!」

I cursed for quite some time. While cursing, one thing caught my attention, so I open the book one more time.

「Why didn’t the ghost mother save the girl?」

Even though in the first story, she repeatedly said things like 『Don’t go there, you stupid fool』 twice. Not satisfied with it, I opened up the story〈The Ghost Mother〉.

『As the two became friends, the ghost mother was very content. She watched over her daughter while giving a friendly smile. And like that, it became winter. When it’s winter time, the ghost mother decided to watch over her hibernating daughter until spring』

「This fella, isn’t the girl’s mother, but the Bear’s!」

Seriously seriously surprised, I’m seriously surprised. Now that I think back upon it, the word ‘daughter’ was definitely used. So if the Bear is female, then the daughter is the Bear and the meaning of making friends with the Bear, is the bear who wants to make friends. But don’t use such a trick in the description, you idiot.

『During the winter, the girl disappeared. However, the ghost mother continued to watch over her daughter. Finally, it became spring. The daughter who woke up was told by the middle-aged hunter that since the girl went missing, they were to help search for her together, and she nods in agreement』

「The fairytale, quickly killing off the little girl again」

『The daughter tried her best to sniff out the girl’s smell, and the ghost mother told her, “It’s this way.” While saying, “Watch your step,” she guided her through the waterfall. The bear daughter found the girl sleeping on top of the mother at the bottom of the waterfall and let out a big, big cry』

『The middle-aged hunter immediately came over and guessed the situation. And, he understood the reason that people occasionally disappeared was that there are people who lose their footing. The middle-aged hunter mourned greatly.Immediately after bringing back two people from the village and holding a funeral with everyone, he built a tall and proper fence on top of the waterfall. Thanks to his efforts, there were no more people who died from falling off the waterfall』

「…………Although it’s still bitter, if you compare it to the time when the village was completely annihilated, it has become a story with some salvation」

In this case, I have to make proper preparations before going to the risky parts. This can still exist as a legend that contains a dark lesson. It can but, but.

「Perfect happy endings are my favorite though」

And with that, I once again headed inside the girl’s story.

Author’s Notes: Magicians are truly an essential part of fairytales.

I used magic. The world has changed.

  1. Medl*re is probably a reference to メドローア a spell in the Dragon Quest franchise
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