Chapter 3: Legend of Kanashi Village (Final Draft)

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Legend of Kanashi Village(Final Draft)

『The girl has completely become friends with the Bear. She is still sad that her mother isn’t there but nevertheless is happy』

Well, if I’m going to edit, this is a good place to start. Before our little Bear falls asleep, I’m nooooooot gonna let the girl be thrown off the waterfall like a bandit by an erotic doujin 1 ! I gotta make a situation that they can’t ignore.

Well, to be honest, I’m bragging about my way of solving this problem last time that created the greatest change with the least amount of effort. I think I’m proud of myself for such a clever method, but it wasn’t magic. Of course it was a joke when I said it was like Medl*re, as there’s no way that that was magic. It was a calculated joke, duh. But this time will be different. As a witch, I’ll use magic properly like a magical girl. First, please look at this way.

『The two of them went out to the forest together, and even went on top of the waterfall where it would be dangerous if they fell. And like that』


*Fwaa, Hyuun, Gorogorogorogoro, dokan. Huuu.* It’s perfect. Eh? What did I do, you ask? Well, of course, I dropped the bear daughter off the waterfall by sweeping my hips. Why do I have such power, you ask? Ha! (said in contempt) You amateurs!
“It’s better to bend than break” is the heart of the path of the weak. If you can just throw one’s center of balance off, then it’s easy to tip over someone no matter how heavy, no, because one is heavy. THIS is the great magic:『Sweeping Hips』

『And like that, the Bear who was knocked aside sweeping hips falls head-first with a slash. “Beaar!” The girl’s heartbroken scream echoes though the mountains』

「Is it me, or did the choice of words turn into a comedy-drama?」

Am I wrong? Hey, am I wrong?

『However, the Bear with her big body, only had small injuries despite being thrown into rocks and water. While sopping wet, the Bear climbed up the cliff and returns to the village together with the girl』

Alright, all according to plan.

『”What in the world happened here?” asked the middle-aged hunter as he looked at the two. When the girl explained the situation, the middle-aged hunter said. “I see. So that’s how it is,” and immediately built a secure, person-tall fence around the waterfall』

Al~right! Nice job, hunter. Handsome! You first appeared as an enemy, but you turned into the strongest ally character and will become a top-ranking regular character in the popularity contest. I don’t dislike such an old-shounen-manga-type character 2, you know.

『Afterwards, the Bear borrows a house in the backwoods of the village and hibernates. The girl had some free time since the Bear wasn’t around, so she went out to the forest to gather fruits and nuts for when the Bear wakes up. However, as it is already winter, fruits and nuts are nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, the girl works hard to look for them』

「Huh? This is the same as before, right? After I told you that much to stop copy-and-pasting」

『In the end, she couldn’t get a hold of any fruits or nuts before it became spring and the Bear woke up, but when it became spring, the two went out the forest just like last year, and played around as friends. After that, the girl didn’t ever meet the mother again. She was very sad, but as she made friends with the kind Bear, she carried on』

「Hahaah, this part, eh」

Now that it comes to this, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s ending on a comparatively happy ending. But on the contrary, I dislike this somewhat unfinished ending, or rather this feeling of incomplete combustion. I dislike how the happiness of the bear mother-and-child pair is assumed a bit earlier. Now that it comes to this, I really don’t know what I should do on the contrary.

I mean, I already solved the obviously huge problem. In the beginning, the village faced total annihilation, so it might take a change for the worse if I poorly intervene in an attempt to make the story even better. What should I do?

「……Do I use that technique? 」

It’s finally time to use that. Time for playing around with Kick〈Strong〉and Swinging Hips is over. Magicians cast magic, you know. They don’t move their body. I promise this time. I will properly use my mouth, not my body. I’ll show you that I can change the legend for the better. Write it as “serious”, I really mean it.

With that, let’s go one more time.

Author’s Notes: I think that magic should be used properly all the time.

When you see the master’s technique, you’ll almost feel like it’s been done by magic (Physical).

  1. It’s a person or a group of friends who write fan-fiction level works
  2. My guess is someone like this:
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