Delicious Veranda

Just Another Adventure

“Raider couldn’t come back yesterday”
“Did we get back the body?”
“Nah, taken by the Yeti to their cave”
I scratched my chin. Getting eaten by yetis isn’t the nicest story to say to the family. There’s no glory in that, just gruesome death, torn apart and eaten alive. “Who’s gonna deliver the news?”
“The boss is going, since he’s a close friend. It should have been Crimson tho.”
“Oh, he came back?”
“Yeah, just him. he’s there holding on to Risa’s staff.”
“First death he’s seen I guess,” shrugging I went to the staff to take my usual quest.

Raider’s death is a pity. She just started settling down and rising up.
“Comes with the job, sadly.”
“Hmm? Yes?” The young staff was surprised by my solemn greeting. “Morning Mr. Brown. The usual boar today?”
“Yeah, just my usual Tuesday.”
“Alright, I’ve registered you for that, please stay safe.”
“Always,” I turned and headed straight to the forest. My steps showing my familiarity with my route.

Just my usual Tuesday.

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