Just Another Adventure

“Raider couldn’t come back yesterday”
“Did we get back the body?”
“Nah, taken by the Yeti to their cave”
I scratched my chin. Getting eaten by yetis isn’t the nicest story to say to the family. There’s no glory in that, just gruesome death, torn apart and eaten alive. “Who’s gonna deliver the news?”
“The boss is going, since he’s a close friend. It should have been Crimson tho.”
“Oh, he came back?”
“Yeah, just him. he’s there holding on to Risa’s staff.”
“First death he’s seen I guess,” shrugging I went to the staff to take my usual quest.

Raider’s death is a pity. She just started settling down and rising up.
“Comes with the job, sadly.”
“Hmm? Yes?” The young staff was surprised by my solemn greeting. “Morning Mr. Brown. The usual boar today?”
“Yeah, just my usual Tuesday.”
“Alright, I’ve registered you for that, please stay safe.”
“Always,” I turned and headed straight to the forest. My steps showing my familiarity with my route.

Just my usual Tuesday.

I’ve made a plan to stay safe and alive, to ensure that tomorrow will exist and I’ll have another day ahead. Mondays start off nice and easy, going to the mountain for herbs. Tuesdays are for boars. Wednesdays are for some goblins, so on Thursdays I go to the lake to get herbs and magical waters. On Fridays, I do construction work and odd jobs. Saturdays are for mining and I get to rest on Sundays and only set up traps. “It’s a dangerous world, doesn’t mean I have to live dangerously.”

Arriving at the eastern forest, I went to check on the traps I laid last Sunday. This part of the forest has always been a place with many boars and a day or two is enough to catch them.

Bam. Bam.

I hid behind trees and bushes and slowly approached the sound. It’s right where I had set up my trap.


It was a young boar. Ramming the trees nearby. Suspicious, I looked up to my trap. As expected, there’s a boar there squealing at the smaller boar below it. Sigh. A mother huh. Sorry kiddo, a man’s gotta eat. I pointed my rifle at it and carefully aims for when it rams the tree in front of it before pulling the trigger.

Clack. Slip. Clack. Kachick.

Creak creak.

The rope creak from the momentum of the shot. I quickly took down the boar hanging from my trap and disassembled the trap, storing it in my bag. Bringing 2 boars will be troublesome alone, but I’ll manage. I tied the bigger boar to carry it over my back and carried the smaller one on my arm. Throwing my bag and gun on my shoulder, I headed back.

Another day, another adventure done.
And another day to look forward to, tomorrow.

Synopsis: The best way to have another day, as an adventurer, is to stay safe.

Super short story, only 480 words haha, I wanted to show how ‘another day, another adventure’ can mean a bleak life too, not just an exciting life. The character is crazy about safety, living a safe life, having a stable schedule filled with no-risk quests, and where being an adventurer is just another job. I quite like the onomatopoeia only part. It looks like lazy writing tho, but finding the word to use is actually harder than I thought. Like, what sounds would you write for opening the barrel, putting a gun in, and snapping the barrel back in, for something like a rifle (I don’t know my guns. Just saying). But it’s such a short part that more or less gave you a clear image of what happened and how fast it happened. I find it interesting, but then again I’m the author, haha~

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