Other World Travel Diary by a Relatively Peaceful High School Student (Oneshot)

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Other World Travel Diary by a Relatively Peaceful High School Student


I have memories of my previous life.

That being said, I wasn’t an important person like a hero or royalty.

I was a normal kid born from a pharmacist and a hunter.


Even though I lived there, I didn’t remember the name of the house in the village on the countryside or the village’s name itself.

If it’s just the name, there were only the exchanges between a villager and the old peddler. Besides that, no one ever mentioned the name of the village.


Unlike this world, magic and alchemy were widespread in my previous life.

My mother was a pharmacist specializing in alchemy and my father was a hunter who hunted monsters using the wind magic he was skillful with.

When I was a child, my mother and father taught me alchemy and magic, but I only used a portion of it.


Also, the effectiveness of alchemy and magic in this world-


Alright! It extended by 5mm compared to last time!

I looked down and when I saw that the copper wire had turned gold 3cm from the tip, I struck a guts pose1 and grinned.


「Mama, (big) brother let out a creepy weird loud voice again」

We can’t help it. That’s how boys behave during puberty. Absolutely don’t open the door without knocking, okay?


Hearing the conversation between my middle school-aged younger sister and my mother, even though I sustained critical damage, I couldn’t help but grin while looking at the copper wire’s tip.

Even though I haven’t verified it, according to my previous life’s knowledge this is to referred to as Au on the Periodic Table of Elements, aka pure gold.


Because the amount of mana needed to transmute properly in this world was too thin, after several months of painstakingly collecting it ––––I created almost one gram of gold.

Good thing I persisted since that time I got into it, as I happily noted that the amount of gold gradually increased little by little each time.

Even though I knew that having a part time job will give me more money, having an ability that no one else has is more appealing to me.

「Rai! If you don’t hurry up, you’ll be late!!」

–––––Oops, that was close.

As I stored the copper wire inside the drawer, I pulled the smartphone from the charger, picked up the bag I had tossed at my feet, and leapt out of the room.


「I’ll be there!」

Now, let’s enjoy the peaceful yet boring high school life today!



Tendou Rai, 17 years old. He was a second-year student in a public high school in a local town away from the city.

He was far from having a harem to match his light-novel-protagonist like name. The only conversation he had at most was as a classmate and far from having any girlfriend. Though minor club activities in the occult research club included a cute sempai and big chested kohai, neither of them was a weirdo and flags never appeared at all.


Though he was trying to keep calm by thinking about his novel-like self-introduction, it seems it was impossible to do that any longer.


「No matter how you look at it, this is a forest……」


While I was exploring the basement of the old school, I tripped on my own foot. Then, went rolling on the slope, and exited out of the stone building straight into the nearby lights. That’s how I got to be in the forest.


If it’s senpai, she’s going to say “HERE WE COME OTHER WORLD!” with excitement 」


Even though normally she’s a quiet and beautiful person, she will completely changed if it’s about web novel.


「Mail ringtone?」

I pulled out my smartphone from my chest pocket and confirmed it.

「There’s a signal.」

Even though there was only one bar, it’s properly connected.


The mail came from my kohai and the content seems like they’ll worry if I don’t go back.

I replied by telling them the truth as for how I reached here. But the replies were a cold “Chuunibyou, Otsu” mail from my kohai and a “I’ll listen to your adventure later. A good souvenir should either be a dragon’s fang or a gold chunk the size of a human head” message from senpai. And then the messages stopped.

They’re good club activity companions.



I looked up to the sky and there was a sun just above it.

I checked the smartphone for the current time. It was 4pm. Even if you see the mail header, the incoming time was not off by a few minutes.

「It really looks like an another world.」

If I’m an overly paranoid person, I will say the sun is just painted on the ceiling. But I can tell that I’m not on the Earth I know.

There is a reason.――

「ALRIGHT! Pure gold made from 500 yen coin completed!! It’s about 30,000 yen with one piece ―― as I thought, having an abundant mana is different.」

―― It’s probably another world since this world has a lot of mana.

「Sacrificing one-yen coin and screw, it’s on to transmutation for sapphire!」

Though the components of sapphire or corundum are aluminum element and oxygen, it wouldn’t be sapphire with just those.

With iron element taken out from the screw, a blue color came out.


Since the shape of a one-yen coin is no good, I transformed it to drop type during transmutation.

「Alright. Though the diamond failed, this one went well.」

「Let’s make trial and error later on, making diamonds from a piece of wood.」



「Oh no, I have part-time after this.」

I forgot that today’s part-time shift is from evening to midnight.

When I replied that I wanted to take a day off due to poor physical condition, they wanted me to contact them in advance. They were worried about attention and poor physical condition as the contents they replied. The heart of the beautiful store manager is wonderful.

Though I felt quite guilty towards myself for skipping, it seemed like I’ll be restless and probably fail at my part-time job even if I hurried, so I decided to skip the part-time job.2


I heard a faint human-like voice.

Even though I strained my ears once again, I could only hear the leaves of the forest and the tweet of the birds. 3

「Ehhhh, I think it’s better to use wind magic in this case……」

When remembering the knowledge of my previous life, I muttered a spell from my previous life.

『〈Oh wind, gather under the guidance of mana. Oh spirit that sleep with the wind, gather here around the person who came from far away. (Choukaze Shuuon) Wind Invitation Sound Collection 〉』

Though the spell reeks of chunibyo, I was certain that was what I remembered.

I haven’t used this since it’ll worry my parents as I got this mind in this life. I still remembered the words from my previous life.


「Kyaaaa~ the silver scale wolf is coming!」

「Marienne4, don’t make a noise. It will expose our location.」

It was a female voice. Though the first person seemed to be panicking, the second person sounded quite fierce.

「Alsena5-sama, there’s also a gold one behind.」

The third person was a male. But my interest was piqued due to the mention of gold and I went straight after it.


There was a ‘Silver Scale Wolf’ in my previous life. It was a normal prey, for father and I also hunted it. There was a large-sized one called ‘Gold Scale Armored Wolf’ in the upper species or within its variants.


It was so tasty that my cheeks fell.

―― I have to hunt it.

I picked up a big stone under my feet and then ran towards the direction of the voice.

It seemed pretty far, so I casted body strengthening and sped up. I remembered father used body strengthening to chase in the mountains.

It was a technique to amplify the physical ability by circulating mana in the body. As father said, it was a basic for any hunter.



「Transmute, transmute.」

Unlike silver scale wolf, gold scale armored wolf produce barrier with mana. I used alchemy to change the stone to penetrate it. It instantly changed to a throwing weapon: “Toukiba”. The shape looked like a kunai.

Though I couldn’t train fast like this in my previous life, I could do it with this abundance of mana.


Since I saw an interesting tree fruit as I moved, I picked one as I passed by.

「Found it!」

Under the cliff, in the forest 60m straight distance, I saw a man and a woman wearing armor.

It looked like there were seven or eight heads surrounding the three of them, while a gold scale armored wolf stood behind them.

It seemed that they had a habit to tire out their prey before they made an attack

I often saw it used with deer and wild boar.


「Ah, oh no.」

The big-breasted woman tripped down due to the root of the tree and fell. The man who was running to the front ended up being caught in it, and was also thrown into the back of the bush.

With such a perfect chance at hand, the silver scale wolves jumped toward them, one after the other.

Although just wearing armor that only protected their vital point, it could block the attack of the silver scale wolf without using any magic.

「Marienne, Raz6!」

Before the leading woman looked back, the golden scale armored wolf showed up.


Even so ―― she was beautiful.

Normally, you couldn’t see the facial expression of someone at a distance. But thanks to the body strengthening magic, you could even see the eye color and eyelashes.

The beautiful lady called Alsena pulled out her silver sword.

―― Hmm?

The beautiful lady attacked the silver scale wolf by swinging down the sword, but the sword broke with a slight *kakin* sound.

If you slash without circulating mana into the sword, of course the sword will break.

Even if it was an emergency, that was too much.

Their appearance were those of professional. Are they mercenaries or soldiers??


I could hear an intense scream from the inside the bush. An impatient expression showed up on the face of the beautiful lady.



The big-breasted person screamed.

Could it be that they really are in trouble?


I crushed the sleep inducing watermelon that I picked up while moving and used it as a magic catalyst.

『〈Oh wind, gather under the guidance of mana. Oh sleeping spirits in the drop of watermelon. Let the people and beast gently sleep with the wind. (Shirube Nemuri Sofu!) Sleep Inducing Blast! 〉』

The wind carried the mist around, spreading the sweet scent of the watermelon to the vicinity of the beautiful lady.


「As I thought, the gold wolf didn’t sleep.」

In front of me, everyone crouched down and fell asleep with the exception of the gold wolf and the beautiful lady.

「Wha-what’s happening?!」

Surprisingly, the beautiful lady stayed awake

「I came to the rescue, too.」

I threw the toukiba imbued with mana toward the gold scale armored wolf whose movement was dulled

I won’t miss at this distance!


The toukiba that was stabbed between the eyes of gold scale armored wolf penetrated the skull, and went straight through the rock behind it

―― Huh?」

The rock cracked and exploded at the place where the toukiba hit.

That was weird. The toukiba shouldn’t have this kind of power.

I bet the rock was more brittle than it looked.

「Other than taking down the gold scale armored wolf with one hit, a magic that can crush even rock?!」

The beautiful lady raised her voice in surprise a little late.

Ummm, why did you point the broken sword at the person who saved you?

I thought it should be an appreciation. Or maybe a rain of hugs and kisses.

「What are you?」

Her wariness suddenly increased to the max.

「Even though I can’t feel any magic power at all, the absurd power of the magic used earlier, is it Empire’s magic tool, or Sacred country’s dark arts user7?」

I noticed that I could understand the words.

Though that detailed language or wording is different, my previous life’s words was the same.


Even so, magic power ――

Looking her from my place, the beautiful lady kept wasting her already leaking magic power.

The reason why my magic power doesn’t leak was because of the gift of training of trial and error of magic power when I was small. It was an essential skill on earth with its thin mana.

「If I dare say, a life benefactor?」

My words stopped the word of the beautiful lady.

「Pointing the sword is fine, but let me kill the silver wolf and take out blood from the gold wolf.」

The meat would be useless at this rate.

The blood of my previous life as the son of a hunter is clamoring.

「If you don’t treat that fellow too, 『Blood Loss』―― if the lost blood is too much they’ll die.」

There are few vocabulary in my previous life than I thought.

「I’ll consent it. Benefactor8-dono, please forgive my rudeness. I will give you my thanks for saving my life later9


It seemed my words finally reminded her about her comrades.

Even though there was one part of the vocabulary that I didn’t know, I bet it was about the reward of helping.

「If you’re going to give a reward, I want the meat of the gold wolf.」

Though everything was heavy and I couldn’t carry this to my home, if it was around 10 kg, I could make a grilled meat party for the time being.

Senpai and kohai might join me.

「Yo- you’ll eat the gold scale armor wolf?」

「It’s delicious you know?」

Do the people here not eat it?

By crafting a proper vine into a rope, I hang the gold wolf on a nearby tree to take out its blood.

I changed the stone that I rolled near my feet to a small blade using transmutation, and finished off the silver wolf. Since the leather from a silver wolf is expensive, I recommend to slit the throat to kill it.10

「Wha-what a fast transmutation. Moreover, with the sword you made from an ordinary stone you managed to cut the silver wolf? 」

Though, I’m glad that beautiful lady’s conceit is satisfied being surprised every time, on the other side, she’ll panic when seeing that my hands stop the hemostasis of her comrades.

For now, I want to concentrate on hemostasis for the beautiful lady.




「Nippon? I don’t know that country」

「Really? What’s the name of this country?」

「It’s Earl Muse Frontiers domain in the Mars Kingdom」


While I was dismantling, the beautiful lady finished the first-aid treatment11 and we had a chat.

After taking out the blood, I processed the internal organs.

Since the golden wolf’s internal organs were poisonous, we couldn’t eat it if we don’t prepare an antidote.

It had a delicious taste, but it seemed that even in the village I did not eat that except in my own home.


「What’s the name of the nearest town?」

「The nearest one is the trade port of Taratta town」

「He~ Trade port, huh… It seems lively.」


I had a bad feeling about the antidote recipe, so I decided to throw away the organs.

But the heart was a different matter.


「Alsena-sama, this is a good magic stone12.」

「Yes, as expected of gold scale armored wolf’s magic stone.」


I personally handed over the heart to the beautiful woman who also saw the magic stone, but a sigh easily leaked out.

For some reason, she returned it back to me..


「Don’t you want it?」

「I want to have one starting from its throat, but I don’t have enough money to purchase a first class magic stone.」

No need to, as I said earlier, my share is only the meat. You’ll have the magic stone, right?

Though I confirmed it with that in mind –––––


「Other than saving our lives, we, who didn’t even make a single slash13, don’t have the right to claim the share.」


What a modest person.

I thought she was a noble from her tone, but it seemed incorrect.

According to my previous life’s memory, the share is specified by the amount you caught. That was an unnecessary thought.


「If you really want it then take it. I don’t have any means to use this magic stone.」

She looked at me inquisitively in return.

「Even with that marvelous alchemy, you don’t have any means to use of the magic stone?」

Is that so?


In my previous life, the magic stone were sold to the peddler. The only uses that I know for its mana flow14 was to run stoves and lamps.

As I remembered, other than the useless15 magic stones that the uncle peddler sold in my previous life, you could only buy wheat and necessary products with that money.

Oh yeah. What was the kind of money they used again?

Round coins that was full of rust and rod-shaped crystal were the two kinds that I remembered.


「 To run stoves and lamps」

「There’s definitely a consequence if you use it with this kind of magic stone. With this case, I can enchant a rank 4 magic, or as a core of a complicated magic tool. It can also be used as a storage of mana even if it’s raw.16


Hohou~ Storage for mana huh.

I just heard a good story.



「Alsena-sama, you should have this magic stone as I thought. In exchange, can you teach me the ways to use the magic stone? 」

The beautiful woman who had a stupid face accepted the proposal with various hands after noticing I was serious.

It seems that that kind of magic stone is needed.17




「Delish, I never thought that the gold scale armored wolf would be this delicious」

「Raz! Can you hold back a little ––––」

Since the two unconscious people woke up when I was still grilling the gold scale wolf meat, I invited them to join us to eat. They were eating vigorously at the moment.

「I have a lot of meat here, so eat as much as you like.」

「Sure! I won’t hold back eating!」

Raz-san replied with a wide smiling face while eating the meat.


It seemed that they were adventurers.

I never expected to meet a real one just like in light novels and web novels.

Originally, the job’s objective is to investigate the new continent (apparently this is the new continent) .

Though 100 years had passed since the new continent has been discovered, it seemed the job description has been changed to demon hunting and dungeon exploring.

Now, their objective was to investigate whether there is a sign of a newly created dungeon.


「Delicious! How does it became delicious just by grilling and putting salt?」

Marrienne-san praised the deliciousness of the meat while shaking her big boobs.

It was a really healthy and blissful scene. [TN: I don’t know if he’s talking about her as a man?][EN: Me neither~ But I suspect that was the case.][PR: Yep, he’s definitely talking about her as a man]

「It’s not only salt, it’s also covered with soy sauce.」

「Soy sauce? Did Alsena-sama bring one? 」

「Don’t attach ‘-sama’. Rai-dono is the one who offered the soy sauce.」

「Eh… Is it really fine? Isn’t it expensive? 」

From the words used by Marienne-san it could be thought of as a speech from a mail order show.

「It’s because I’ve been wanting to eat gold wolf meat seasoned with salt and soy sauce.」


By the way, the salt and soy sauce were all transmuted products.

Though I already transmuted salt in my previous life, I had never thought that I’ll be able to transmute soy sauce with it’s complex molecular structure.

Of course, unlike sapphire, I didn’t know its molecular structure formula.

「Is it really fine to receive not only the gold scale armored wolf’s magic stone, but also the pelt of silver scale wolf and gold scale armored wolf? 」

「Won’t it sell at a reduced price in the armor workshop with it’s considerable value?」

Un, as Alsena-san says.



I checked the smartphone by the shade of my body.

It’s a mail from mom saying that I’m late going home.

I need to go home or else my mom would be worried.

「I’ll be going now since I’m going to meet up someone.」

Besides, I have already received the thing called “knowledge” as a compensation from Alsena.


「Since I’m planning to visit Taratta town in the future, I’ll ask you guide me during that time.」

I got up from my position and carried the shoulder bag that I got from Alsena-san on my shoulder


「See you again!」

After I waved my hand to Alsena-san and her group, I jumped onto the forest branches and ran up to the cliff.

I’m fine since I applied body strengthening now, but tomorrow I think I’ll be crying because of muscle pain.

I hurriedly went home carrying the shoulder bag with meat and the sapphire while thinking on how I will use the silver wolf’s mana stone that is full of mana.

It seems that every day starting tomorrow will be more exciting than today.

  1. Guts pose is the pose famously used by Guts Ishimatsu, a Japanese boxing champion. The word comes from the peculiar pose he struck after winning fights, where he would pump his fist up and down in the air. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guts_Ishimatsu#The_Guts-Pose
  2. サボりな自分がかなり後ろめたいが、今から急行しても浮ついてバイト先で失敗しそうなので、このままサボる事にした。
  3. もう一度耳を澄ませても、聞こえるのは森の葉擦れや鳥の鳴き声くらいだ。
  4. マリエーヌ
  5. アースェーナ
  6. ラズ
  7. 邪法士
  8. 恩人I’m having doubts between benefactor and savior
  9. キュウメイの礼は後で改めて
  10. オレは足下に転がっていた石を錬成で小刀に変え、銀狼に止めを刺していく。銀狼は皮が高価なので、止めを刺すときは喉を裂くのがお薦めだ。
  11. 応急処置 should I put emergency treatment or first-aid treatment?
  12. 魔石 magic stone or mana stone?
  13. 一太刀 it can also be read as single sword
  14. 魔力源 which of this are better: magic power flow, mana flow or magical flow?
  15. 屑 can be read as thrash
  16. 未加工でもマナの貯留用に使えるほどだ
  17. よっぽど魔石が必要だったらしい。

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