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Perfect Superstar

June Bride

Perfect Superstar Staff Interview

1) Can you sing/play an instrument? What music genre do you like best?

Yup! I like singing and I used to play piano! Not anymore tho

Sometimes I wish I can get back to it – may be leisurely. When I have more time I plan on buying a keyboard~ Music genre is probably K-Pop, but it’s not really a genre xD I like easy-listening best, but I enjoy K-HipHop (even though not so much for the American ones) Apparently I like R&B more than I remembered.

2) With 1 being a common pleb and 10 a superstar, rate your idol-ness level!

10 beach please I dub myself NUF idol

3) What’s your translation team like?

It’s very.. organized @-@ Also, it’s the biggest team! We’re like AKB48 of BlobT. Blob6 (including Lady Blooming Frost as Head Manager)

4) Do you have any planned projects after PS?

I’m planning on translating a JP one shot called In the Snowing White World (tentative name) / 雪の降る白い世界で. But well, that’s after I get more free time irl too

5) Do you have a message for your readers?

Hope you feel blobby today~ 

Perfect Superstar Chapter 25

Hey guys! Finally on time! Woooo! Enjoy the chapter! Fun one for you guys to enjoy. If you guys have any questions, please refer to the FAQ prior to asking in the comments. Also, if you’re interested in joining the Discord, many of us will be there to help answer questions. Chapter 25  Translator: DRZero

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 24

Hey guys! Sorry for the late release! I thought that this was queued up but apparently it wasn’t…  Lots of action in this chapter! Hope you guys enjoy! Chapter 24 Translator: DRZero Editor: Xiao Tian Bao Proofreader: Canary

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 5

Hey guys! Quick announcement, we have a new translator, MZDriggle, joining the ranks of translators. He will be helping translate and edit with me. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome. A long Chapter 5 for you guys to enjoy to end up the year. Some extra chapters will be incoming for the

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June Bride

Merry Christmas! I didn’t want to lose to the other teams with their Christmas specials so I attempted a one shot. It’s super short tho xD Synopsis: I wrote “I love you” on white a paper, with a white pen, about you. Go get your Christmas coal here xD Translator: Canary Editor: Innocent Puppy TLC:

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Perfect Superstar Chapter 23

MERRY CHRISTMAS BLOB FAMILY ARMYYY!!!!! Thanks for waiting for us! We’re back guys, woohoo! With a new member to our Blob6 too! So, expect a stronger performance \o/ Have you checked out our staff interview btw? Here’s the chapter you’ve been waiting for! Translator: DRZero Editor: Xiao Tian Bao Proofreader: Canary

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