Chapter 33: So Called Eye Drops

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Patiently calming Shen Jingshu’s temper, Qi furen was able to persuade Shen Jingshu to change clothes. Qi furen even applied powder to Shen Jingshu’s eyes, but it did not have much effect.

“Jingshu, in a moment, if your mother starts to ask questions, just say you fell. As for the rest, let me explain, alright?”

“Alright!” At that moment, Shen Jingshu appeared particularly lovable, she agreed to whatever Qi furen said. Seeing Shen Jingshu like this, Qi furen repeatedly explained so that nothing would go wrong later. She also called Chun Mei and Chun Xiao over and gave some subtle hints; given that these two people were not fools, they also did not say anything else.

“This, what is going on?” Seeing her daughter return to Shen fu, Dan Yuerong had been happy but after looking at her daughter’s swollen eyes, how could she not worry?

“Mom ……” With a grievance filled expression, Shen Jingshu leaned in Dan Yuerong’s embrace without saying anything. At first, Qi furen was still somewhat anxious but now she was completely relieved.

“Shen furen, I am really sorry, Jingshu fell at Yunyin temple today and cried terribly.” This was an understatement of what happend to hide the most important facts. Qi furen, this person, really looked for loopholes.

“How could this be? Shu-er, how did you fall? Does it hurt?”

“Mom, it does not hurt!” Shaking her head, Shen Jingshu appeared particularly fragile at that moment. Seeing her, Dan Yuerong felt a severe ache in her heart and it was inevitable that she held a bit of a grudge towards Qi furen. With her this way, naturally Qi furen saw it.

“Shen furen, I am really sorry, I did not look after Jingshu well.” Eyes full of reproach, Qi furen put the blame on herself so that it was hard for Dan Yuerong to say anything. After all, she had asked someone else to look after her child for the day; furthermore, her child was usually very naughty, sometimes even she could not control her.

“Qi furen must not blame yourself, this is not your fault” With Qi furen saying this, Dan Yuerong naturally had to let the matter rest.

“Today it was my carelessness that caused Jingshu to suffer. A few days ago Laoye obtain a few tonics from outside, you accept them to help settle Jingshu’s nerves.” Qi furen had already prepared these earlier, their relationship with the Shen family could not broken, today’s matter had to be handled properly.

“Qi furen is too kind, I can not accept this thing!”

“If Shen furen does not accept it then that means you are still angry with me, how could I feel at ease?”

“That is not the case, where has a child not fallen before?”

“That being the case, accept it Shen furen, I will also feel at ease.” With Qi furen insisting on the gift, Dan Yuerong was powerless, and ultimately, she accepted it. The two carried on with some polite banter for a bit. Dan Yuerong looked at Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan and could see that they were both in a wretched state. She mistakenly believed that the two were covered in dirt due to something Jingshu did. Feeling apologetic, she wanted to invite them to have a meal but Qi furen refused. Dan Yuerong had no choice but to see them off, “We have troubled Qi furen today.”

“Shen furen must not say this, I do not deserve this. I was very negligent today!”

“Today’s matter was merely an accident, do not let this thing affect our relationship, Qi furen must not blame yourself again.”

“Ai, it’s nothing. Shen furen is now heavily pregnant, do not see us off any further, I will see you again some other day!” With things finally successfully resolved, Qi furen was able to breathe easier, before leaving she do not forget to remind Shen Jingshu, “Jingshu rest well. In a few days come over to our home to play, when the time comes, aunt will make you something delicious!”

“Alright, thank you Qi furen!” Shen Jingshu had a look of anticipation on top of her face but in her mind she was sneering.

If she were really just a child and really liked Qi Shaodong and Qi Xueyan, being met with Qi furen’s coercion on the journey home, one fears that this matter would have been covered up by Qi furen.

Watching Qi furen’s perfect acting from just a moment ago, originally she was the victim but through Qi furen’s words, she had became the trouble maker. If she really followed through with Qi furen’s story, wouldn’t mom and Qi furen become even closer?

Coldly looking at Qi furen’s relieved expression, this was exactly the result that Shen Jingshu wanted. However, right after Qi furen left, Shen Jingshu was particularly silent and the rim of her eyes were red. Seeing this, Dan Yuerong felt extremely distressed.

“Shu-er, did something happen just now?” If it were the former Shen Jingshu, perhaps Dan Yuerong would have believed Qi furen’s words. But now, Shen Jingshu had changed a lot, how could it be possible that she would be so naughty and cause trouble?

“Mom, it’s nothing!” Shen Jingshu’s avoidance gave the impression that she wanted to conceal the matter. When Dan Yuerong asked and Shen Jingshu did not say anything, she finally had to summon Chun Xiao and Chun Mei. Contrary to Qi furen’s expectations, they did not try to conceal it at all. Once the the two maids arrived, they instantly exposed everything. After listening, Dan Yuerong suddenly became angry.

“Is this true?

Furen, of course it is true, Xiaojie was really terrified. Sitting in that cluster of flowers alone, what would have happened if there were a bad person? This Qi family’s Shaoye and Xiaojie are truly not concerned about our Xiaojie. Xiaojie is still small, how can she stand it?”

Just now in front of Qi furen, Chun Xiao and Chun Mei were also pretending. Otherwise, how could Qi furen feel at ease? Now, in front of their master, they both naturally revealed the truth.

“This Qi furen, I originally thought she was a good person, but I never thought … …”

Thinking of Qi furen’s words from a moment ago that twisted the actual truth to point that her own child was the mischievous one, when in fact, the people at fault was the others’ children? She was almost deceived!

Qi furen had always behaved with integrity in front of Dan Yuerong, she was playing a role all along, thus Dan Yuerong had believed her act. But now, Dan Yuerong did not know how to look at it.

“Shu-er, why did you not say anything just now? With you this way, how can mom be at ease?” If not for her daughter’s red eyes and wronged expression, she was afraid that she really would have believed Qi furen’s words.

“Mom, Qi furen said if I explained, mom would be anxious and little brother in your stomach would be lost. And in the future, I would not be allowed to go to her house to play and I can not be friends with Shaodong gege and Xueyan. When the time comes I will be alone, no one would be willing to play with me … … ”

Exaggerating Qi furen’s words, as expected, when Dan Yuerong heard, her face suddenly looked dark,”She really said this?” Between Qi furen and her daughter’s words, Dan Yuerong naturally believed her daughter!

This Qi furen actually tried to coerce her daughter, it seems she is not a good person! Previously, it was her mistake to regard her as one!

“Mom, do not blame Qi furen alright? Shu-er does not want to not have friends! I do not want to be alone!” Pulling Dan Yuerong’s hands, Shen Jingshu protested because she did not want Dan Yuerong to really become alienated with the people from the Qi family because of this matter!

She only wanted Dan Yuerong to become wary of the people from the Qi family and to no longer promise her to Qi Shaodong, that’s all. Other than that, she did not want to have a falling out so early!

She would wait for the future to give the Qi family a fatal blow!

“Alright, alright. Mom will not blame Qi furen, Shu-er must not feel anxious, alright?” Dan Yuerong was very angry, but looking at her daughter’s pitiful expression, of course she would not say anything else about being angry.

Since her daughter was still young, Dan Yuerong could not bear to let her be affected because of this matter. In the future, the people from the Qi family could not be regarded as close friends. As for that Qi furen’s wish towards marriage between the two families, she naturally would not fulfill it!

“Thank you mom!”

“This child, if this kind of thing happens in future you are not allowed to keep it from me!” Her daughter was still young, it was easy for her to be tricked by people, Dan Yuerong was really not at ease, “And you two, Chun Xiao, Chun Mei, in the future no matter how big or small Xiaojie’s matters are, report them to me. Do you understand?” Her daughter was still young and had to be slowly taught, but, her daughter could not be manipulated by others!

“Yes, Furen!”

“Mom, in the future, can I still play with Shaodong gege and Xueyan?” Looking naively at Dan Yuerong, when Dan Yuerong saw her daughter’s expression like this, she sighed in her mind. Nevertheless, her face became very gentle.

“Of course you can!” However, in the future you will not be allowed to get as close.

“Haha, mom is the best!” From Dan Yuerong’s eyes, Shen Jingshu could see that a barrier had been formed against Qi furen, Shen Jingshu knew that she did not have to worry about the marriage with Qi Shaodong now.

In this life, there was still a child in mom’s stomach, now there was not as much trust towards the people from the Qi family as there was in the past life. Because her mother loved her dearly, there would be no plans to align with the Qi family through marriage, she could relax.

Although today was a bit hard, at least her great efforts were not wasted, right?


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